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Dragonball Z Kid Goku and Shenron Wallet

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Dragonball Z Kid Goku and Shenron Wallet

Introducing our limited edition "Kid Goku and Shenron" wallet! This wallet features a vibrant and detailed print of one of the most iconic moments in Dragon Ball Z history. In this scene, Kid Goku has summoned the mighty dragon Shenron to grant his wish for the dragon balls. Kid Goku is a character that is loved by many fans due to his innocence, pure heart and his pure martial arts spirit. He is known for his energetic and curious personality, and he quickly becomes a powerful warrior

The wallet is made of high-quality materials and has plenty of storage space for your essentials. The durable design ensures that this wallet will last for years to come, making it the perfect accessory for any Dragon Ball Z fan. Don't miss out on this exclusive design, get your "Kid Goku and Shenron" wallet today!

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Dimensions: width 11.5cm, height 9cm