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My son is a dragon ball z fanatic! These guys have literally everything! I got my son everything from bed sheets, shorts, and even an air pod case. I think I like the products more than my son lololol

Joohee Sin

The level of customer service of DBZ store is unmatched. I had an issue with my order and emailed support to get my issue solved within the hour. I’m pretty happy with my purchase and their rep Paul’s help with my order.

Rick Sin

Purchased a goku ring, goku figures.
The quality is amazing.
I am so excited to buy more!
This is just great for everyone who loves Dragon Ball!
Highly recommend!

Michael G

Amazing customer service.

I have purchased over 10 times from dbz-store. One time, I accidently made a mistake in my order. Even though the mistake was 100% on my fault, the representative kindly understood my situation, and offered the 100% refund with the fast reply. The service is just on another level here!

Jack Lu

The quality of clothes is amazing and the design is fantastic. The action figures looks so real. Mostly, the price is really cheap. I never regret buying products from here.


Amazing. Just truly amazing customer service. 5stars+++++

One thing I hope is that the delivery time can be improved. However, the quality of the product is just great.

Patrick L

I have been a fan of Dragonball for over 1 years. Especially I have Vegeta, and I had always wanted to have a Vegeta shirt. From DBZ store, I purchased the Vegeta's badman shirt, and I literally wear it every week. The look is so great. The color doesn't fade, and it just feels awesome!!

Luke Estrada

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