Dragon Ball Z Figures

Discover below our collection of Dragon Ball Z Figure that will satisfy everyone, from seasoned collectors to casual Dragon Ball Fans. Available only at DBZ Store, most of our figures are limited editions figures ideal as collectibles. We have two types of figures: Action Figures represent DBZ characters performing some of their mythical action.

Simple figures represent Dragon Ball characters as DBZ figure toys. Whether you want to store them in your Collection Showcase or simply on a piece of furniture, your Dragon Ball figures will remain stable and resplendent...

Why get your figures at DBZ store?

As Dragon Ball's fan ourselves, we want to provide fans with the most unique and qualitative figures!

We make sure that our figures are of the highest quality. Super Saiyans Vegeta or Goku, Legendary Broly Figure and even Master Roshi figure, you'll find them all in our Dragon Ball Z Toys collection!