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How to choose your Dragon Ball Z Figure ?

How to choose your Dragon Ball Z Figure ?

As a figure collector, you face many dilemmas when choosing your newcomers. Your progress in collecting leads you to choose a miniature rather than a life-size figurine, or a female rather than a male. You can also decide between a nice character (Goku) and a rather evil one (Frieza).Either way, your investment as a statue lover will make you choose carefully your future purchases.

That's why you should take into account a number of factors before acquiring a new Dragon Ball Z figure. Either way, your investment as a specialist in figures will make you choose carefully your future purchases.

The most important thing is the quality of the figurine. Whether it is made of resin, PVC, or stone, you must pay attention to the robustness of your purchase and the perfection of its design. At DBZ store, we pay particular attention to the quality of the figures we sell, we make sure of their esthetics in order to satisfy our customers.If you're looking to buy a Dragon Ball Z Figure , you are at the right place. The control of the details and the color of the statue is central to ensure that the object deserves its place in your DBZ collector's showcase.

Secondly, the rarity of the figure is important to some collectors. Among Dragon Ball Z fans there are masters who collect only limited editions. These are hard to find and are sometimes at high prices. The average fan is more likely to buy unique but reasonably priced figures.

The price of the item is an important factor to take into account when deciding to build a collectible cabinet. Among dragon ball z fans there are specialists who collect only limited editions. These are hard to find and are sometimes at high prices. The average fan is more likely to buy unique but reasonably priced figures.

Price is an important factor to take into account when deciding to build a figure collection. It is the proof of the important value of the object. The Dragon Ball Z figures have an important value in the DBZ family. Then, the size of the statue is to be taken into consideration. Indeed, depending on your glass cabinet or your storage desk, you will not be able to put forward figures of similar size. If you don't have a display case, you should go for smaller figures so that they are not cumbersome to move depending on your space. On the other hand, if you are a seasoned collector, you will certainly have room to praise your dbz figures and make them comfortable in your display case.

Now, after having informed you of the elements you need to consider before buying a figure, it is time for us to present you our selection of Dragon Ball Z Figures from DBZ Store, trending at the end of the year 2020. Among these are new and exclusive items that cannot be found elsewhere. Hang up your belts dear Saiyan friends and let's fly away to discover our selection for you!


 10. Android 21 Action Figure : the female fighter

Android 21 Figure

Originally, she is a member of the Android race inside dragon ball z. Presented as a scientist with glasses, she only appears in her real form when she turns. Often seen as the female form of Buu, her transformation is represented in this unique Action figure. Available mainly in the Dragon Ball FighterZ video game, Android 21 in its pink form is like the characters under the Majin's control. She is evil with long curly hair. Her figurine represents her in full action ready to fight.

If you want to embellish your collection with a female character, this one is the perfect match.


 9. Gogeta SSJ4 Action Figure : Kamehameha attack

Gogeta SSJ 4 action figure

Appearing in Dragon Ball GT, SSJ4 Gogeta is the result of the fusion of Vegeta and Son Goku using dance fusion. The mergers of the two most famous Saiyans form either Gogeta or Vegito. This fusion is considered by the greatest specialists as one of the most powerful characters in the history of Dragon Ball. Gogeta SSJ4 combines the destructive power of the evil Vegeta with the thirst for justice of the powerful Son Goku. The SSJ4 form is one of the most advanced forms of transformation among the Saiyans, Gogeta has a monkey's tail and a hairy torso. 

The fusion took place in order to challenge the diabolical Syn Shenron which was the result of the transformation of crystal balls into an evil ball.

Buy this SSJ4 Gogeta figure if as Gogeta, you like to challenge authority.


7 – 8. Chocolate Gohan Figure and Chocolate Vegeta Figure : by fans for fans

Chocolate Gohan FigureChocolate Vegeta Figure

This figurine is part of the fans exclusivities. Indeed, Chocolat Gohan never appeared in the manga of Akira Toriyama. It is one of the many variants of collector's items created from scratch by fans of the Japanese series. Gohan as well as his father's rival, Vegeta, are the two main protagonists of the Chocolate by-products of the series. Both are dressed in black outfits with dark hair.

If you want to stand out from the classic DBZ fans, purchase and add these very rare figures in your collection.


 6. Goku Genkidama Figure : a destructive attack

 Goku Genkidama Figure

His Goku is known to master a large number of extremely destructive attacks. Among these, there is teleportation, kamehameha but especially the one called Genkidama in Japanese and which is translated as Spirit Bomb. Goku uses this technique as a final option in extremely critical moments. He calls upon the power of the universe and all that can help him to form a ball of energy above his two hands raised to the heavens. Brightly colored, this ball is of almost infinite power depending on its size. This figure of Goku represents the moment when he used the Super Spirit Bomb against one of his toughest opponents, Kid Buu. In his fight against Buu's childlike form, Goku used the immense power of the Bomb to defeat Kid Buu for good.

 The art of defeating his enemies with force is the specialty of our beloved Saiyan Goku. Get this figure representing one of his favorite attacks.


 5. Piccolo Action Figure : the Instant Transmission (Teleport)

Piccolo Action Figure

Because of its bright green color, it is easy to deduce the deep nature of Piccolo. He is a member of the Namekian community. Known for his fighting spirit and his skill in duels, he was at the beginning an important enemy of our beloved Son Goku. His quality as a warrior is no longer to be proven. In this figure, Piccolo is wearing his white cape, characteristic of an ongoing trial.He has his two fingers on his forehead. This technique is a specialty of the inhabitants of the planet Namek. It consists in teleporting himself instantaneously from one place to another in order to surprise his opponent. Instant transmission is mainly used to travel very large distances, for example from one planet to another as Goku did many times in the Dragon Ball Z saga. The action figure Piccolo is placed on a sturdy plastic base keeping her standing and proud.

 If you, too, want to get to the battlefield in a second, buy the Piccolo figure in action.


4.  Black Goku Scythe Figure : Energy blade attack

Goku Black Scythe Figure

Goku black is the result of the theft of Son Goku's body by the evil Zamasu. His first appearance is in the saga of future trunks. As an antagonist, Black Goku uses the attacks and powers of the real Goku to defeat his opponents. He wears the Potara earring present on his left ear. This one allows Zamasu to keep control of Goku's body. Dressed in black, Goku Black was named by Bulma because it is an evil Goku controlled by the forces of evil. Its Super Saiyan form is the SSJ Rose, a form that only Goku Black can reach.This allowed the author of Dragon Ball Super to distinguish between normal Goku and its evil form. The Energy Blade attack consists of the use of a pink energy sword from the warrior's arm. Not specific to Goku Black, this technique is formidable.

If you are a fan of hand-made figures (Do It Yourself), you will enjoy building this statuette. Its uniqueness makes it desirable.


 3. Majin Vegeta And Trunks Figure: the love of a father

Vegeta and trunks figure

In spite of belonging to an evil group, a father always stays close to his son in order to protect him. Vegeta became Majin when he joined the followers of Babidi. Vegeta realizes his loss of strength in combat, he makes the decision to join Babidi as Majin. Vegeta obtains by this way the power of Babidi who makes his slaves very powerful warriors. Vegeta's thirst for strength and power leads him to submit to a creature as demonic as Babidi. However, in spite of this, Vegeta retains her fatherly love for her son Trunks as seen in this figure. Vegeta wears the M of Majors on her forehead, Trunks discovers it and is extremely surprised. This figure rests on a pedestal to be stored on a desk or in a display case.

If for you too are affected by the love of such an evil father, get this Majin Vegeta and Trunks Figure.


2. Golden Frieza Action Figure : the ultimate antagonist

In the continuity of the sagas of Dragon Ball, that is from Dragon Ball to Dragon Ball Heroes, the main antagonist of Goku has always been Frieza. His presence in the beginning of Dragon Ball Z reflects his importance in the Japanese series. Throughout his confrontations with the Z Fighters, Frieza has taken many forms. His most successful and powerful form is Golden Frieza. As its name suggests, Frieza is dressed in a golden suit with protruding muscles and a long tail. This shape was achieved by Frieza through intense and rigorous training. This is the first transformation of Frieza, in fact it is not permanent. Frieza reaches its Golden shape by transforming itself in the image of the Saiyans. Frieza sees Goku as his eternal rival, he has been training relentlessly in order to defeat Goku. Golden Frieza faced SSJ Blue Goku in an epic battle with an uncertain outcome. See for yourself below this short excerpt of the fight!

 If you collect Dragon Ball Super figures, join the forces of evil with this Golden Frieza Figure.


1. Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku Figure : The Winner

Mastered ultra instinct goku figure

Unlike the Super Saiyan Rose transformation, the Ultra Instinct transformation is not specific to Goku. Indeed, the angel Whis or Beerus are also able to reach it. However, this form remains the most powerful formation reached by Goku. It is the result of Goku's almost perfect mastery of his body and mind. In its most advanced form, Goku is shirtless, with grey Super Saiyan hair.Her upper clothes are torn by the power of transformation, which also damages her pants as shown in the figure. The figure is made of plastic and is worn on a black display.

 Master the Ultra Instinct too by getting this best seller Goku Figure.

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