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Tattooed Goku Ultra Instinct Blanket

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Embark on a journey of cosmic power and mastery with our Tattooed Goku Ultra Instinct Blanket. Inspired by the awe-inspiring Ultra Instinct form of Goku, this blanket is a fusion of comfort and iconic Dragon Ball Super style.

Crafted from high-quality, velvety-soft material, this blanket provides a luxurious feel that's perfect for cozying up on chilly nights. Whether you're binge-watching your favorite episodes or just seeking warmth, this blanket is an homage to the untamed strength of Goku in his Ultra Instinct state.

The tattooed design captures the essence of Goku's heightened instinct and transcendent power, creating a unique and eye-catching aesthetic. The intricate details, from the shimmering silver hair to the intense energy radiating, make this blanket a true representation of the Ultra Instinct experience.

Measuring generously, this blanket ensures full coverage, allowing you to wrap yourself in the might of Ultra Instinct. Whether you're lounging on the couch, in bed, or at a Dragon Ball Super marathon, this blanket is the ultimate accessory for fans who want to embrace the warrior spirit.

Make a bold statement in your home and showcase your love for Dragon Ball Super with the Tattooed Goku Ultra Instinct Blanket. Whether you're a seasoned fighter or just a fan of epic battles, let the power of Ultra Instinct accompany you in warmth and style. Elevate your comfort with the unstoppable force of Goku's transcendent abilities!

  • Made from quality polyester fabric, soft, comfortable and warm.
  • Lightweight and soft for all-season use to use as blanket at office, home, on-the-go etc.
  • Also can be used as a bed sheet in winter. Can keep you warm.

Size Guide

inch(height*width) 43.3*55.1 51.2*59.1 59.1*78.7 70.9*70.9 70.9*78.4 70.9*90.6 78.7*90.1
centimeter(height*width) 110*140 130*150 150*200 180*180 180*200 180*230 200*230