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SSJ3 Goku Dragon Ball Z Bed Set

Original price $65.72 - Original price $91.10
Original price $71.02
$99.90 - $109.90
Current price $104.90

Transform your bedroom into a Dragon Ball Z haven with our SSJ3 Goku Bed Set. This set is a dream come true for any Dragon Ball fan, featuring Goku in his awe-inspiring Super Saiyan 3 form.

Made with high-quality materials, this bed set is designed for comfort and durability. The vibrant, full-color design showcases SSJ3 Goku in all his glory, making this bed set a standout piece in any bedroom.

But this bed set isn't just about style. It's a celebration of the Dragon Ball Z legacy, allowing you to express your love for the series and its unforgettable characters. Whether you're settling down for a good night's sleep or binge-watching your favorite Dragon Ball Z episodes, this SSJ3 Goku Bed Set is sure to enhance your experience.

So, gear up, dive into this bed set, and get ready to dream of epic battles and adventures with Goku and the rest of the Dragon Ball Z crew. After all, in the world of Dragon Ball Z, the sky's the limit!

  • Made of 100% Polyester
  • TWIN size include one quiltcase and one pillowcase, the other size are one quiltcase and two pillowcases

Size Guide

inch Quiltcase 68.1*89.7 78.7*90.1 90.1*90.1 103.9*90.1
cm 173*228 200*229 229*229 264*229
inch Pillowcase 20.1*29.5 20.1*29.5 20.1*29.5 20.1*29.5
cm 51*75 51*75 51*75 51*75
Product measurements may vary by up to 1~3cm