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Kid Goku & Chichi Flying on Golden Cloud 3D Blanket

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Embark on a whimsical journey through the clouds with the Kid Goku & Chichi Flying on Golden Cloud 3D Blanket – where the magic of Dragon Ball comes to life in the coziest fashion imaginable!

This enchanting blanket captures the essence of Kid Goku and Chichi soaring through the skies on the iconic Golden Cloud, a scene that echoes the nostalgia of their playful adventures. The 3D design brings this beloved moment to vivid reality, with the characters seemingly leaping off the blanket, radiating joy and the carefree spirit of their youth.

Crafted with the utmost precision and attention to detail, this blanket is made from high-quality, plush materials that offer a touch of luxury and unbeatable comfort. It's not just a blanket; it's a portal to the Dragon Ball universe, where the warmth of the material mirrors the warmth of these cherished characters.

The vibrant colors and intricate design remain captivating, wash after wash, ensuring the blanket retains its extraordinary charm. Whether draped over your bed, or couch or displayed as a wall tapestry, this blanket is a statement piece that adds a burst of energy and fandom to any room.

Perfect for snuggling up during a Dragon Ball Z marathon or as a unique gift for fellow enthusiasts, the Kid Goku & Chichi Flying on Golden Cloud 3D Blanket is a celebration of love, adventure, and the enduring magic of Akira Toriyama's creation. The generously sized blanket is not only a cozy accessory but also a visual spectacle that will ignite the imaginations of fans young and old.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Dragon Ball with this extraordinary blanket – order yours today and let the golden clouds of nostalgia lift your spirits!

  • Made from quality polyester fabric, soft, comfortable, and warm.
  • Lightweight and soft for all-season use to use as a blanket at the office, home, on-the-go, etc.
  • Also can be used as a bed sheet in winter. Can keep you warm.

Size Guide

inch(height*width) 43.3*55.1 51.2*59.1 59.1*78.7 70.9*70.9 70.9*78.4 70.9*90.6 78.7*90.1
centimeter(height*width) 110*140 130*150 150*200 180*180 180*200 180*230 200*230