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Goku Evolution Shirt

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Original price $29.99
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The Goku Evolution Shirt – A Dynamic Tribute to a Legendary Hero's Journey!

This shirt takes you on a visual journey through the incredible evolution of Goku, the iconic hero of the Dragon Ball series. From his humble beginnings as a young boy with a monkey tail to his ascension as a Super Saiyan and beyond, this shirt celebrates Goku's enduring growth and transformation.

Starting with a young and innocent Goku, the design gradually transitions to showcase the various phases of his development, including his Super Saiyan forms and ultimate transformations. Each phase is a testament to his unwavering determination, constant training, and the challenges he overcame.

Crafted from high-quality materials, this shirt offers both comfort and style. The classic fit and soft fabric ensure a comfortable wear, making it an ideal choice for casual outings, social events, or simply displaying your admiration for Goku's character.

The Goku Evolution Shirt is a must-have for dedicated Dragon Ball fans who want to showcase their appreciation for Goku's remarkable journey. Whether you're drawn to his unyielding spirit or simply love the blend of nostalgia and fandom, this shirt lets you proudly display your passion for the iconic anime and its legendary hero.

Embrace the journey and growth of Goku with the Goku Evolution Shirt. Wear it as a badge of honor, celebrating the enduring legacy of Dragon Ball and the heroic evolution of one of anime's most beloved characters.

Get your Goku Evolution Shirt now and add a touch of Saiyan pride and Dragon Ball flair to your wardrobe, showcasing your unique style and love for the series!

  • Fabric: Birdseye ( 100% polyester)
  • Regular fit
  • Classic round neck
  • Fabric Weight: 145 g/m².

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Shoulder 14.6  15.7  16.9  18.1  19.3  20.5  21.7  22.8  24.0 
Bust 32.3  36.2  40.2  44.1  48.0  52.0  55.9  59.8  63.8 


centimeter XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL
Length 68.0  71.0  74.0  76.0  79.0  81.0  84.0  86.0  88.0 
Shoulder 37.0  40.0  43.0  46.0  49.0  52.0  55.0  58.0  61.0 
Bust 82.0  92.0  102.0  112.0  122.0  132.0  142.0  152.0  162.0 



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