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DBZ Saiyan Master Roshi Turtle Academy Logo Print Sweatshirt

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Embark on a training journey with our DBZ Saiyan Master Roshi Turtle Academy Logo Print Sweatshirt, a fusion of comfort and Saiyan style that pays homage to the legendary Master Roshi and his renowned Turtle School. Crafted with passion, this sweatshirt is more than just apparel; it's a statement of your commitment to martial arts and a nod to the Dragon Ball universe.

The sweatshirt features a bold and intricate Turtle Academy logo print that captures the essence of Master Roshi's teachings. Made from premium materials, it provides a cozy and warm embrace, making it perfect for chilly days or post-training relaxation.

The rich detailing and vibrant colors of the logo add a touch of authenticity to your outfit, allowing you to showcase your love for Dragon Ball while exuding a sense of martial arts mastery. The comfortable fit ensures freedom of movement, whether you're perfecting your Kamehameha or simply navigating your everyday adventures.

Wear it with pride as you channel the wisdom of Master Roshi and the discipline of the Turtle School. The sweatshirt seamlessly blends streetwear aesthetics with the iconic Dragon Ball elements, making it a must-have for fans who appreciate both fashion and martial arts heritage.

Elevate your style, embrace the spirit of the Turtle School, and let this sweatshirt be a symbol of your journey towards Saiyan greatness. Join the ranks of the Turtle Academy – where comfort meets character, and adventure meets mastery. Grab yours now and elevate your wardrobe to legendary status! 

Size Guide

Inch S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL
Length 26.4 27.6 28.3 29.5 30.1 31.3 32.3 33.5
Bust 40.2 44.1 48 52 55.9 59.8 63.8 67.7
Shoulder 16.5 17.7 18.9 20.1 20.5 22.4 23.6 24.8
Sleeve 26.4 26.8 27.2 27.8 28 28.1 28.5 28.7


Centimeter S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL
Length 67 70 72 75 76.5 79.5 82 85
Bust 102 112 122 132 142 152 162 172
Shoulder 42 45 48 51 52 57 60 63
Sleeve 67 68 69 70.5 71 71.5 72.5 73