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Blue Goku Kamehameha Dragon Ball Super Bed Set

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$65.72 - $91.10
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Introducing the Blue Goku Kamehameha Dragon Ball Super Bed Set – a dynamic and captivating fusion of comfort and power that brings the electrifying energy of Goku's Kamehameha to your bedroom!

This bed set features a striking design showcasing Goku in his iconic blue aura as he unleashes the powerful Kamehameha attack. The fusion of the action-packed scene with the comfort of a bed set creates a visually stunning and powerful statement that celebrates your love for Dragon Ball's legendary battles.

Crafted from high-quality materials, this bed set ensures both comfort and style. The set includes a comfortable duvet cover and pillowcases, guaranteeing a cozy and restful night's sleep while showcasing your passion for the series.

The Blue Goku Kamehameha Dragon Ball Super Bed Set is a must-have for devoted Dragon Ball fans who want to infuse their bedroom with the energy of Goku's attacks. Whether you're captivated by the intensity of the Kamehameha or simply appreciate the fusion of action and comfort, this bed set lets you boldly display your passion for the iconic anime and its legendary characters.

Embrace the power and excitement of Goku's Kamehameha with the Blue Goku Kamehameha Dragon Ball Super Bed Set. Transform your bedroom into a haven of Saiyan strength and make a bold statement that celebrates the enduring legacy of Dragon Ball!

Get your Blue Goku Kamehameha Dragon Ball Super Bed Set now and add a touch of electrifying power and Dragon Ball flair to your bedroom, showcasing your unique style and love for the series!

  • Made of 100% Polyester
  • TWIN size include one quiltcase and one pillowcase, the other size are one quiltcase and two pillowcases
  • Feature:Healthy Printing and Dyeing

Size Guide

inch Quiltcase 68.1*89.7 78.7*90.1 90.1*90.1 103.9*90.1
cm 173*228 200*229 229*229 264*229
inch Pillowcase 20.1*29.5 20.1*29.5 20.1*29.5 20.1*29.5
cm 51*75 51*75 51*75 51*75
Product measurements may vary by up to 1~3cm