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Who Is Piccolo And All Of His Best Fights

Who Is Piccolo And All Of His Best Fights

Who Is Piccolo And All Of His Best Fights

We are sure you have heard and read about Goku or Vegeta lists, full of their more amazing fights. Sometimes the lists that include a Dragon Ball villain are not as expected. Listen up. Today, we will talk about a character who appeared in Dragon Ball that might not have been the fans' favorite the first time he appeared. Of course, he was a villain. But as the series progressed, he managed to win people's hearts. Do you know who we are talking about? He is green, he's a Namekian, and he wanted to kill Goku. Or at least, his primary mission was to kill him. (Besides stealing the Dragon Balls, of course). Piccolo might be easy to forget since Goku has countless enemies, and every enemy and villain has their own arc. Those enemies include demons, Super Saiyans, and even Gods. It's easy to overlook the first rival Goku had: Piccolo.

Where Did He Come From?

Before he began the "wanting to kill Goku" narrative, Great Demon King Piccolo was locked up. He was dangerous, and it was better to keep him in some kind of jail. For that same reason, he kept being locked up for years. Then, Pilaf let him free with one mission. Pilaf needed Demon King Piccolo's appreciation to help him dominate Earth. So, of course, Pilaf liberated him.

The thing is that Pilaf was wrong about how Piccolo would react. After all those years of being in jail, basically, Piccolo wanted the best for his own. He wasn't going to help Pilaf just that easily. As soon as Piccolo was free, he searched for the Dragon Balls. Even a Great Demon has plans and ideas, don't get us wrong. Piccolo's main objective was straightforward, at least in theory. He wanted the Dragon Balls for his own benefit, that is clear.

That way, the Dragon Balls could grant him youthfulness. If he was young, he could keep up with his wrongdoings as much as he liked. Still, it didn't matter that much. Did you guess why? Because on Earth, we have Goku. Goku ended up killing him. This is where things get a little more complicated. Right before Great Demon Piccolo died, he left part of him on Earth. You could call it his "essence," and that same thing is what reincarnated later on. After a while, we learn that Piccolo was a Namekian.

When Did Piccolo Appear?

He appears in one of the World Martial Arts Tournaments. In the 23rd one, specifically. Then, he lies about his name, saying that he is called Majunia. There, he fights great warriors like Krillin. 

At the end of the tournament, Goku and Piccolo fight with each other. It is at that moment when Goku reveals that he is actually Piccolo. The horror is evident and invades everyone. It doesn't affect the outcome because Goku wins, but he also helps Piccolo heal. Piccolo says he will take revenge, but this also aged poorly (or richly. However you want to see it). It is known that years later, Piccolo is the one that trains Goku's son, Gohan. With that, Piccolo is considered to have come to the good side.

What Are Piccolo's Best Fights

Being a villain and later on being a hero of the good side, he's a character that has engaged in lots of fights. We will summarize some of his best ones, giving you some context and explaining the best things about them.

When he fought against Android 20

First, we will give you some context. Piccolo needs to fight Android 20 right after the Z-fighters make Android 19 unable to do so. The funny thing about this battle is that the Z-fighters were about to fight Android 20. However, Piccolo steps up and claims he wants to be the one to fight Android 20. It's completely valid if you ask us. At that moment, Vegeta doesn't really care if Piccolo is the one to fight Android 20 or not. Besides, Android 20 thinks he will have an easy win. With both sides wanting to fight each other, the battle occurs.

One of the reasons this fight is so significant is that Piccolo keeps up with Android 20. On top of that, he makes it look easy. Even if it's not that easy since Android 20 is an actual modified human. Of course, Piccolo being the reincarnation of the Great Demon, it's almost nothing for him.

During the battle, Piccolo only wants the conflict to have an ending. That's one of the reasons he decides to fight Android 20.

Also, even if Piccolo is not a Super Saiyan by this point in the anime, he is near the power of one. This is what makes him able to fight Android 20.

When he fought Frieza (more specifically, his 2nd form)

We believe Piccolo is that type of character that isn't afraid to fight anyone if that means doing it for a greater good. Maybe this statement would be hard to believe if we were talking about the villain Piccolo, but now, it is easy to believe it if we talk about Dragon Ball Z Piccolo. Before this fight, Piccolo was brought back to life by the Dragon Balls. The common thing to do would be to live a peaceful life and avoid villains, at least for a while. Like, Piccolo, you just died. Let's have some peace for a while, should we? However, he is not the one to do that type of thing. As soon as he is revived, he will fight Frieza. Nothing else matters, and he will do it. What else could go wrong?

The best thing about this fight is that Piccolo wants to take revenge for his fallen Namekian comrades. He is a Namekian, and this is something he needs to do on his own. Also, when the fight starts, it is obvious that Piccolo has an advantage over the ultimate villain.

When he fought Cell

Piccolo has his own opinions about the monster encounters in Ginger Town. He was sure something was happening, and he was making it stop. That's the best thing about Piccolo! (Besides being green and all that). At this moment is when we see Piccolo actually scared. Then, he meets Cell. Suddenly, it is not crazy that Piccolo felt that way. Cell seems dangerous, and it is not something to take lightly. In fact, Cell gets his own saga, and his arc is considered one of the most impressive ones in Dragon Ball Z.

Piccolo immediately hates Cell. Piccolo might have a past as a villain, but he is not the one to kill a whole town just because. Piccolo is not someone to wait any longer, and he decides to fuse with Kami. This makes him a Super Namekian. It is something special at that moment in DBZ.

When he fights Raditz

When we, as viewers, get to know Raditz, it comes as a shock to us. Apparently, he is Goku's brother, and he wants revenge. The reason why he hates Goku is kind of weak, and it's a funny plot device, but we still enjoyed Raditz as a character. Since Piccolo wanted to achieve Earth domination (or something like that), he is mad that someone else wants to destroy Earth. Who dares to destroy Earth if Great Demon Piccolo wants to dominate it? Exactly. It is weird reasoning, but it works for Piccolo.

We loved this fight because Piccolo and Goku worked together as a team, and it was the first time we saw Piccolo being "good".

Piccolo also kills Goku, but not for the reasons you might think. It is part of a huge sacrifice, and Goku agrees to it. Still, we believe it was fun for Piccolo to actually do it. Another good thing about the fight is that Piccolo uses the Special Beam Cannon technique.

When he fights Nappa

What makes this fight unique is that Piccolo was alongside Krillin and Gohan. Not necessarily the best partners to fight a Super Saiyan. Still, Piccolo is not a quitter, and he wants to defend Earth. 

Nappa finds his way through Piccolo and causes him a lot of damage. One curious thing is that there isn't another fight where Piccolo had received this much damage before. We also loved this fight because of the meaning behind it. Piccolo sacrifices himself for Gohan, and that is something we will never forget. It is something that gives Gohan the necessary energy boost to keep the fight.

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