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Who's the cast of Dragon Ball?

Who's the cast of Dragon Ball?

Dragon Ball is a Japanese media franchise created in 1984. The creation started with a manga.

1. Goku

Goku is a pure hearted being that just wants good for everyone. Goku has the strength to lift up cars and move at an alarming rate. However, as his grandfather Gohan passed away at an early age. Goku’s weakness is his tail. He also flies on a golden cloud called nimbus, which only works on the pure hearted.

2. Bulma

Bulma is a teenage girl on a mission to collect all seven Dragon Balls in order to finally wish for her dream boyfriend. During her adventure for the second dragon ball she encounters goku. She persuaded Goku to come along and find the remaining dragon balls. Bulma is an outgoing, promiscuous girl that will do just about anything for some Balls.

3.  Master Roshi

also known as the Turtle Hermit and God of Martial Arts, is a god at martial arts. He is also a pervert that creeps on women. In the first few episodes Master Roshi trades a dragon ball in exchange for a peak at Bulmas No-No Square.

These three characters are the most important pillars to understanding the world of Dragon Ball.

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