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What Is The Vegeta Badman Shirt And Why Every Dragon Ball Fan Wants One

What Is The Vegeta Badman Shirt And Why Every Dragon Ball Fan Wants One

What Is The Vegeta Badman Shirt And Why Every Dragon Ball Fan Wants One

As happens with every media, there are certain pieces of accessories or clothing that the main characters wear. This is particularly true in cartoons or anime, where it's easier to draw the same outfit every time. We, as avid fans, want to wear them too. This gets even more real when the accessories can look like everyday daywear.

We like to put Harry Potter as an example since it is one of the most famous franchises ever. And almost everyone that grew up in the 2000s has watched the Harry Potter movies or even read the books. Even now, it's common to see people with snitch keychains or Hufflepuff scarves. We completely get it. Mainly because those look like everyday items for people who don't get the reference, and those who do get it will think it is excellent. (We doubt a millennial would not get a Harry Potter reference, but you never know).

The thing about wearing those clothes is you are almost doing cosplay without actually wearing a costume.

Fans always want to have something that shows their love for a specific book, series, or TV show. Believe us when we tell you that anime fans are as enthusiastic as any. So, what's the famous outfit that everyone wants?

It's unique and one of the main reasons everyone loves accessories like the potara earrings or the one shirt we are about to talk about right now.

This shirt is the Vegeta badman shirt. If you are not a Dragon Ball, it might sound crazy. Why would anyone want a specific shirt from a character? Is it an exceedingly good-looking outfit? Does it have distinctive abilities? Let's get into it and find out why everyone who is a Dragon Ball Z fan seems to want one.

What Is The Vegeta Badman Shirt?

First, we have to give you some context. Usually, in cartoons or anime, the most common thing is that characters always wear the same clothes. The reason behind it is that it's easier for the illustrators to draw the characters with the same clothes instead of having an entire team dedicated to making up whatever the character will wear in one specific episode. Can you imagine all the work? In TV shows, there are whole departments for this task.

Dragon Ball Z has 291 episodes. (And that is without counting the original Dragon Ball or the subsequent new season: Dragon Ball Super). Of course, the most logical thing was to draw the characters using the same clothes. In Dragon Ball, the most common time the characters change their appearance is in special episodes (the famous beach episodes, for example) or when the characters achieve a specific transformation. They also tend to change clothes at the end of a saga or arc. That doesn't happen that often.

Most of the time, characters like Goku have their training clothes, and the viewers are used to that one orange suit. So, what happens with characters like Vegeta? He usually wears his blue and white armor. (And he tends to change it a lot through the series. He is very fashionable).

Still, at one point in Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta wears a pink shirt that, even if he wore it momentarily, made the fans go crazy. Today, it's considered one of his more iconic looks.

The Vegeta pink shirt or the Vegeta Badman shirt is part of an outfit Vegeta wears with some yellow khakis.

Where Did This Shirt Originate From?

There are different theories, and we will be more than happy to explain any of those.

In Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta has to reunite with Frieza. The villain suddenly appears out of nowhere. And for plot reasons, Vegeta didn't have or couldn't find his classical white and blue armor. On her part, Bulma had not yet made the new armor. What happens next? Not showing up wasn't an option, so Vegeta had to wear casual clothes. Here is when the pink shirt makes its first appearance.

The theories on why he had that pink shirt, or if he actually bought it, are very diverse. Some fans said that the most logical thing is that he bought it himself. Makes sense that someone as arrogant as Vegeta wants to look good, and to achieve this, he has to wear the latest trends. This makes sense since Vegeta seldom used the pink shirt, but today, it is one of his most iconic looks among Dragon Ball fans.

Some other theories lean more toward the fact that it was probably Bulma who gave it to him. It also makes sense since she was supposed to offer him the new armor, but it wasn't ready. If the shirt was a property of Bulma or not, that is a whole other debate. Some say the shirt was Bulma's since it was pink. But it doesn't make much sense since Bulma and Vegeta are not identical sizes. The other theory says that it was probably Yamcha's shirt since he was Bulma's ex-boyfriend. It is common to have the clothes of your significant others while you are dating them. Some others say it was Dr. Briefs.

Whatever the case, it's funny that Vegeta showed up wearing a pink shirt when he was about to reunite with an enemy that literally killed him. It was funny without even intending it to. That's what makes the shirt even better. (It also was matched with very bright yellow pants, making it more amusing).

Does It Give The Wearer (Vegeta) An Ability?

Well, not that we know or Vegeta knows of. It seems to be a pretty casual pink shirt that Vegeta had to wear because he didn't have his armor available. Maybe he thought, "if I don't have my armor, at least I have to show up looking exceptional". And he did. Today, it's one of Vegeta's most iconic looks ever. It is also one of the most searched items on merchandise sites.

It would be funny to read a story about how the pink shirt actually had powers, just for fun. Still, even without any magic strengths, the pink shirt made an outstanding appearance in Dragon Ball Z. One that endures until this day. With powers or not, the pink shirt opened its way into one of the most loved items among DBZ fans.

If you are looking for Dragon Ball accessories with specific magic advantages, there are the potara earrings. Those allow the wearers to perform the Potara fusion. Those earrings are highly wanted in the Dragon Ball universe and among fans, but that is totally another story.

Why Does Every Dragon Ball Fan Want It?

Fans will always want something that brings them closer to their favorite characters. Vegeta, on his part, it's one of the most loved characters in Dragon Ball. His arrogance and how he always wants to be the best have a lot to do with that. 

It would not be as fun to wear literal Vegeta armor when going out. That'd be a cosplay, and it's the type of outfit more suited for a con or something of that sort. In those events, people are dressed up as their favorite characters. In those cases, it's hard to look out of place. 

But the magic of the badman shirt is that everyone can wear it whenever they want. Even today, it's a shirt that looks extremely casual and trendy. And the pink color makes it look very nice too.

The fact that even after all those years, fans find a way to get the badman shirt for themselves speaks volumes. We also love Vegeta in his badman shirt, don't worry.

I Want One. Where Can I Find The Vegeta Badman Shirt?

This may be your lucky day because our store has it! It comes in two different designs, and you can pick the one you like more. We have the Vegeta badman shirt and the Vegeta badman t-shirt. It also comes in various sizes. This includes Asian and American sizes, so you would not have to worry about the shirt not fitting right. 

Our customers love it, we have free shipping, and it's practically identical to the one Vegeta wears in Dragon Ball Z. What are you waiting for? You can buy it for cosplay, but it can also work as an everyday shirt. That's the main reason we love it so much. 

That's everything for today! If you didn't remember Vegeta wearing the pink shirt in DBZ, now you do. If you are a fan of the shirt and didn't know where it came from, now you know! Vegeta's badman pink shirt gives him a unique and funny look that we are sure Toriyama never intended to be that iconic. Today, we are sad that he didn't appear with the shirt way more, but we also understand that part of the attractiveness of the shirt is how little he used it

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