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What Is A Time Ring And Why Does Every Dragon Ball Fan Want One

What Is A Time Ring And Why Does Every Dragon Ball Fan Want One

What Is A Time Ring And Why Does Every Dragon Ball Fan Want One

The good thing about franchises is that there are always accessories and items the fans would like to get in real life. This item can be anything, from a crown to a bracelet. Sometimes, the fans want that one thing because of the powers the item has in the universe. We would like to put a famous example, as we always do: Harry Potter. We're sure you have heard about snitches as keychains or the favorite Hermione time turner necklace. A Harry Potter fan would like to get those since it is something that symbolizes their love for Harry Potter without making it too obvious. It's not the same to wear a whole Hogwarts uniform as just having a snitch keychain. We think every franchise has its own items and the fans would go crazy to buy them. In Dragon Ball, those items are varied.

We have already talked about the potara earrings and the Vegeta pink shirt. You already know why people love those items. (If you haven't read them, we invite you to do it!). In this article, we will focus on the time rings. What do they do? Who gets to wear them? And most importantly, why does every Dragon Ball fan want one?

What Are Time Rings?

With the potara earrings, the name doesn't tell you exactly what they do, but the time rings are more straightforward. The time rings make the person wearing them able to travel in time. Similar to the potara earrings, the Supreme Kai are the ones who get to wear them. (And we get it, traveling in time it's not a suitable task for everyone). The Supreme Kai uses the rings to see events in the near future without getting involved in them.

One of the reasons why everyone prefers the time rings to time machines is that the time rings allow the person who wears them to go back to their timeline like it was nothing. Another device you can use in Dragon Ball to travel in time is the time machine (like the one Trunks from an alternate universe uses to go back in time). The bad thing about time machines is that they create new timelines. The time rings don't do that.

However, the Capsule Corporation made the time machines to avoid one big flaw in the time rings. The flaw is that the time rings only allow the wearer to travel to the future. That's another difference between the two!

Besides, if you wear a time ring, you will have acasuality. In simpler words, whatever you do while time traveling that could potentially affect your actual self will not affect it. You will be able to travel in time but without one of the most feared consequences of time travel.

In the Dragon Ball Universe, if someone wants to wear a time ring, they have to also wear a potara earring and share it with a Supreme Kai. As you see, not everyone can wear the time rings just as smoothly.

Are There Different Types Of Time Rings?

According to the Dragon Ball wiki, there are two types of time rings: color gray or silver and green. The green ones are the ones that represent the creation of another timeline. Every time someone in the Dragon Ball universe travels to the past, a new green ring appears. When we see the rings for the first time, there are four green rings. This means several different timelines. 

Wearing the silver ring would allow that person to travel to any other timelines already created. (According to Dragon Ball, there are 4). Later on, a new green one is made when Zamasu appears, resulting in five green rings and the original silver one.

How Does The Time Ring Work?

If someone has everything needed to activate the time ring, like the time ring and the potara earring, they will be good to go. The ring will create a portal allowing the wearer to travel to the past or future if he wants to. The main disadvantage of the time ring is that it only allows the person to travel in time for a short time. It's not like you can hang out for a long time. Once the portal goes back to normal, the effect is reversed, and the person who traveled in time is brought back to his original timeline. That's the primary reason why the Supreme Kai only used those rings as a way to see the future instead of seeing the past that they can't change anyways because of the causality.

If we listen to what Whis says, the only way to use the time rings to travel in time is to travel to the future. He says that going back in time should be impossible, but there is an occasion in Dragon Ball when it happens. With the creation of the time machines, the timelines seem to get disheveled, breaking some rules about what's allowed to do with the time rings and whatnot. The time rings are weirdly used in Dragon Ball, so the rules about them are not as solid as other accessories.

What Do I Have To Do To Travel In Time?

The main thing is to have a time ring, something difficult because only the Supreme Kai are fully allowed to wear them and use them to travel. If a character has a time ring, they can travel with someone else, and the procedure is manageable. The other person who does not wear the time ring has to touch it with a fist. Then, the two have to say out loud how many years they want to travel.

In theory, you can't go to the past while wearing the time ring. However, if someone uses a time ring, this will create some type of contracture in time and space. It assembles some kind of light portal, and if someone wants to use it to travel to the past, they can do it. At least until the ones wearing the time ring return to the present. 

Anything Else I Need To Know About The Time Rings?

There are some things! For example, the rings have an infinite symbol imprinted in them. It makes sense since they're supposed to allow time travel. It is also worth noting that the time rings are some of the forms used in Dragon Ball, but it is not the only one. The first device that allowed characters in DB to time travel was an actual time machine. Another way to time travel is the Time Scrolls, but those are limited to the Time Patrol, and the use of the scrolls is way more limited than the time machine and the time rings.

At first, we learn that apparently, the only ones that can wear the time ring and use its properties are the Supreme Kai. However, there are ways to trick the time rings into thinking the one wearing it is a Supreme Kai. Any person can do this if they wear a potara earring. The explanation is that the ring will believe it's in the presence of a Supreme Kai.

Who Has Used The Time Ring?

In Dragon Ball, the time rings are a curious and powerful accessory. Even so, it is hardly used. The only known users have been Goku Black, Zamasu, Fused Zamasu, and Gowasu. In the manga, Shin also uses one.

Why Does Every Dragon Ball Fan Want One?

The reason behind this is way easier. We all want something that reminds us of that one book, TV show, or anime that we love. As we said at the start of the article, it is not the same to wear a complete Goku uniform as just wearing a specific accessory. Accessories are still recognizable by any fan, and it's not like you will be doing cosplay or something like it. The best thing about accessories is that you won't catch excessive attention during the day. Of course, there are events where we are sure the best thing is to do cosplay and go all the way for it without the shame of looking like you did too much. 

If you don't like cosplay, or if you don't feel like someone who likes excessive attention, those little details like time rings or potara earrings car work perfect for someone like you.

That is everything for today! We learned what time rings are, who uses them, and how you can use them. Along with the potara earrings, the time rings are part of those accessories that only the Supreme Kai should wear. (At least in theory, because other people wear them too through the series). It's the perfect accessory to wear if you like Dragon Ball, but you would also like to be discreet. What are you waiting for to get it? You can find the time rings and other things in our store. Feel free to check it out!

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