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What Are Fusions In Dragon Ball And Top Fusions We All Loved To See

What Are Fusions In Dragon Ball And Top Fusions We All Loved To See

What Are Fusions In Dragon Ball And Top Fusions We All Loved To See

Every piece of media has its own things that make it original and memorable. As time has passed, it's been difficult for any author to actually make the tropes in their books, series, or TV shows original. Almost everything has been done at this point, and it's like the more you try to be authentic, the more frustrated you will get. When we talk about a trope, we refer to a recognizable visual cue present in a movie, book, TV shows, anime, manga, videogame, etc. If it's a piece of media, it has tropes.

Especially in earlier works, using a specific trope could start a revolution. It could even make it the trademark not only of that piece of media but also of a genre.

We think that Dragon Ball inspired lots of the shonen manga and anime that came after that. Fights in the sky, explosions of energy, and fusions. Sure, not every shonen has all three because we're sure that would be too similar to Dragon Ball, and nobody likes to see a cheap copy of your favorite show. Still, it's common for today's anime to have some of those elements, and it's completely valid.

Today, we will talk about one trope that has characterized Dragon Ball. Besides, all fans love it. (Seriously, I haven't met a Dragon Ball fan who doesn't like fusions).

What Are Fusions?

As the name plainly suggests, a fusion is when two characters "fuse" with each other, making a new person with characteristics of the two original ones. Most of the time, this is achieved by the Fusion Dance. However, as the series progresses, Toriyama introduces the Potara earrings, an accessory used by the Supreme Kai that allows its users to fusion.

Today, talking about fusions is like talking about Dragon Ball. Even if the first time we saw one was in Dragon Ball Z and not before. 

Independently of the type of fusion, the two characters will get a new personality and combination of their names. There are iconic fusions that happen throughout the series, and today we will talk about some of those. But first, let's explain the two types of fusions that already exist.

Fusion Dance or Potara Earrings?

When we understand the concept of fusion, the anime tells us one way to achieve it is through the Fusion Dance. However, it is not that easy since there are specific rules you have to follow to make it work.

In the Fusion Dance, both parties have to have similar power levels and similar heights. If they are too different, they will never be in sync. Being in sync is a condition to make the Fusion Dance work. This way to make the fusion only lasts 30 minutes, which is also a disadvantage.

On the contrary, you can fuse it with the Potara earrings. This fusion will last about 1 hour. One of the participants has to wear one earring in one ear, and the other one will do the same but with the opposite ear.

Another funny difference between the two is that in the Potara fusion, the characters will also fuse their clothes, a thing that doesn't happen in the Fusion Dance. Last but not least, the Potara fusion can be permanent if someone connects with a Supreme Kai. Any other questions?

What Are The Top Fusions In Dragon Ball Z

Of course, every top fusion list depends on the criteria of the one that writes the list. Here, some of the fusions are made with the Fusion Dance. Some of those are made with Potara earrings. We also only included fusions that happened in Dragon Ball Z.


Members of this fusion: Goten and Trunks

Type of fusion: Fusion Dance

We might be biased here, but this fusion was one of the first ones we ever saw in Dragon Ball Z and the Dragon Ball franchise. Besides that plot point, we see the sons of the two main characters, so it's only fair that this fusion was as hyped as it was the moment we saw it. Since it was one of the few firsts fusions, we could see how incredible this technique was. It also made us think about what could be the other possibilities of this new thing Dragon Ball was offering.

Sure, Gotenks didn't win the fight, but the revelation of fusions as a plot tool almost made us forget about it. It happened in the Majin Buu saga, and Gotenks were one of the last resources our heroes had to defend Earth. We appreciate what they did! Gotenks is still a great fusion.


Members of this fusion: Yamcha and Tien Shinhan

Type of fusion: Fusion Dance

This fusion appears in the DBZ: Budokai. We don't know if it would necessarily be considered canon since it appears in video games. We think this fusion appeared as a way to mock both of those characters, but it is fun, so we're not really in the position to complain about it. Don't you think? Two wrongs don't make a right? What do you think? In this case, two of the most irrelevant characters made a fusion. With it, they are recognized as one powerful character in the universe.

As we said, we don't complain. Yamcha and Tien had their time to shine, even if it was in a video game.


Members of this fusion: Members of Universe 3 (Borareta, Pancea, and Koisukai)

Type of fusion: Unknown. Created by Paparoni

Okay, we get it. Maybe an alien that looks like it came straight out of Ben 10 isn't the best choice ever. But hey, he looks badass, and what's better, he is a fusion of three members instead of two. Sure, the conditions are not the same, but we thought Agnilasa deserved a place on the list.

This weird-looking fusion appears in the Tournament of Power, and it takes all of our heroes' teams to try and bring him down.


Members of this fusion: Kale and Caulifa

Type of fusion: Potara earrings fusion

There are different reasons why she is so great. First, female fighters are not abundant in Dragon Ball. Most good fighters tend to be men, and we are okay with that. The appearance of Kefla changes this. We believe she is one of the unique fusions where the final form is a girl.

Another thing that makes it exceptional is that it's a fusion made with Potara earrings. She wanted to kill Goku and almost did it! The Goku vs. Kefla fight is one of the best ones in DB history. Literally, Goku had to use his Ultra Instinct to defeat her. It was nice.


Members of this fusion: Vegeta and Goku

Type of fusion: Potara earrings

We will help you to not lose track. There are two Goku and Vegeta fusions. The main difference is that Vegito is the one made with the potara earrings, and Gogeta is the one with the Fusion dance. The introduction of the Potara earrings was incredible, and seeing the main characters be a part of it it's something that we waited for forever. We are talking about a character that combines all of the qualities of Goku and Vegeta, including the outfit. What could go wrong?

Fused Zamasu

Members of this fusion: Zamasu and Goku Black

Type of fusion: Potara earrings

This fusion is one of the most horrible ones, especially because it created someone immortal and seemed almost impossible to defeat. Even after the physical form was defeated, Zamasu perdured through time. He could even jump between timelines. All of this is just to achieve his objectives. If you ask us, he is one of the best villains in Dragon Ball Z, and the fact that he is a fusion with a character that came from another whole dimension makes it even better.


Members of this fusion: Goku and Vegeta

Type of fusion: Fusion dance

Sure, Gotenks and Vegito look fabulous. But Gogeta is the best one of them all. If you want a skilled fighter, the best one is Gogeta. Why? We are talking about the best two warriors in Dragon Ball! We think it is the best fusion, and it came as a surprise when Vegeta let Goku fuse with him. It was a great moment, and since then, they have given us different moments to pick from. Goku and Vegeta fusion is still the best one ever.

That is everything for today! We hope you liked this blog post. We talked about what fusions meant in Dragon Ball and the different types of fusions the characters could make. Until now, the two ways to achieve a fusion are through the Fusion Dance and the Potara earrings. Both have their own characteristics, pros, and cons.

We also saw some of the best fusion characters during Dragon Ball Z. Which one did you like more?

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