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Vegeta's Outfits In Dragon Ball Z

Vegeta's Outfits In Dragon Ball Z

Vegeta's Outfits In Dragon Ball Z

If we talk about Vegeta, we talk about one of the most popular characters in Dragon Ball. We could say he is the second one right after Goku, but that's also up to debate. Vegeta is the type of character every shonen enjoyer would like: he's ambitious and greedy. He's not scared to fight, and he wants to be the best at everything. He is also a Saiyan Prince, which makes him one fascinating character. Of course, Toriyama had the best plans for him.

This Prince starts in Dragon Ball being a villain. He was always angry. Vegeta also kind of hated Goku. (To not say that he hated him completely). Still, the viewers always saw Vegeta as one rival rather than a complete enemy. Because of that, his arc of redemption wasn't that hard to achieve. The viewers already loved him, and making him part of the "good side" made everything better.

Now, if we are gonna talk about his best outfits, we have to make a breakdown.

What Kind Of Clothes Does Vegeta Wear?

All Dragon Ball characters have their distinctive clothing. In cartoons and anime in general, it's pretty typical for the characters to have one and maybe two changes of clothing. That way, the illustrators don't have to work extra hours thinking of what the following outfits should be, episode after episode.

Vegeta, believe it or not, it's a fashion entity that Dragon Ball fans admire. Of course, fans already would die for him because of how cool and badass he is. But what about his outfits? Have you considered that those are still as loved? Maybe not, but that's the case for Vegeta.

Most of the time, he wears blue and white armor. As the series progresses, he changes his outfit almost every time he enters a new arc. If you are talking about Dragon Ball fashion, this implies talking about Vegeta and his steady and curious wardrobe changes. Because of that, today we will show you some of his outfits, including the Vegeta badman shirt we all love. (We won't tell you it is one of the best ones, but it is). 

Also, we will warn you, some of the fashion choices Vegeta made throughout the series weren't the best ones. But that's what we're going to discuss. Let's get started!

Vegeta's Second Armor

Sometimes it might look like Vegeta's Saiyan outfits got worse over time, but that depends on how you look at the clothing. The main difference between that armor and this one is the tremendous things he wears on the shoulders. Wearing gold on his shoulders makes him look way more like a villain, and maybe that's one of the reasons Toriyama took them away in later outfits.

We like that he looks badass with them, but maybe they were too difficult to draw, or Toriyama grew tired of them. Still, we are not mad that his armor doesn't look like that anymore.

Vegeta's Third Armor

We think this is one of the less iconic ones. For starters, there isn't even the blue and white characteristic Vegeta armor we all love. Here, the blue is turned into black. That is enough to wonder why someone thought this would be a good idea. Fans believe it looks "ugly" because the shoulder pads are missing, but we are not so sure. (Maybe the entire armor is ugly, and that's it). 

In the DB universe, we get the information that the armor is outdated, and honestly, it makes sense. What were you thinking, Vegeta?

Clothes For Training

It's funny because when we see Goku, he is always wearing his training orange clothes. That's fine because he is Goku and we are used to seeing him like that.

In Vegeta's case, are few and far between the times he shows up with training clothes. Still, this has an explanation. Mainly because most of the time, he just trains in his armor. We are telling you, Vegeta's armor is very iconic and his trademark. Still, that doesn't mean he is absent from wearing training clothes. When he does, it's rather simplistic, like sweatpants and a tank top. Sometimes he just wears shorts.

It's not one of his best looks, but it's refreshing to see him in a more laid-back type of clothing from time to time to time.

Any Casual Outfit

Let's face it. There is something special about looking at a mighty warrior in casual clothing. When warriors do this, sometimes they look out of place or like they don't belong, but Vegeta makes this work perfectly fine. Most of the time, Vegeta's casual outfits include colors white, blue, or black. He is a Saiyan Prince, but don't expect him to know how Earth fashion works. We forgive him because he is Vegeta.

If you look at Dragon Ball Z now, you may think the outfits are disarranged. If you remember how many years have passed since DBZ aired, this is something that makes sense. Vegeta is not outdated; he is just using another decade's fashion trends.

Young Prince's Outfit

Listen. Vegeta has made some funny and questionable things in the fashion area in DB. But that definitely doesn't include this outfit.

Look at Vegeta, all full of rage and wanting to destroy! We even get to see him with the family logo and a cape. The flashbacks where we see kid Vegeta are intriguing in that part because he actually looked like part of royalty. It's a subtle way for Toriyama to remind us that Vegeta is truthfully a Prince, and his family dressed him like one when he was a kid.


You could say this is cheating. Among all of the outfits Vegeta wears, this is an enjoyable one. The main reason is that now we are not only talking about Vegeta but also Goku.

You have heard about the potara earrings. One of the most drastic differences between the fusion when wearing the earrings and the fusion dance is that the clothes of both individuals will be fused. This, of course, opens a whole new universe of possibilities and a new wardrobe. Toriyama loves drawing new clothing because he puts a lot of that in his works.

Vegeta's Fifth Armor

Listen up. Again. We know that some fans didn't like this outfit. The main reason was that it strays away from the blue color we are used to seeing in Vegeta's armor. This is probably one of the few ones, if not the only, that gets away with not being blue.

First, Bulma made this armor. That's already amazing, and we appreciate her for that. We might be biased, but Bulma's creations never go wrong.

Besides that central fact, the grey color actually looks good. It makes Vegeta look way more elegant, and it brings back the royal look he had in his childhood. Believe us, we would put this armor higher on the list, but the next ones are even more amazing. You will see.

Vegeta's Fourth Armor

You already know how this armor looks, so we will be brief. This is probably the best Vegeta armor ever. Bulma made it, of course, and even if that is one of the reasons, it's not the main one. We are talking about the trademarked armor of Vegeta. The blue with white one is the one that he wears the most during the anime. You look up "Vegeta" in Google Images, and this is the armor you will see first. We can't blame anyone for loving this armor because we feel the same way.

It's classy, and the colors are great. (Besides, Bulma made it).

Vegeta Badman Shirt

We said that the best armor was the fourth one, but that's not the best Vegeta outfit. If you are a Vegeta fan, you already know what this is. It's the Vegeta pink shirt! The one and only.

The context behind this shirt is funny because at the moment, Vegeta didn't have his armor, and Bulma was about to make him a new one. When Frieza shows up on Earth, he needs to wear something. And what could be better than a pink shirt that says Badman on the back? Exactly. It is an iconic look that he didn't wear a lot. Still, it managed to become a fan favorite in the Dragon Ball fanbase.

And that's everything for today! Are you wondering where you can get the Vegeta pink shirt? Look no more. In our store, you will find the badman shirt! Still, that is not the only thing our store has to offer. You will find way more DBZ merchandise. Some of those include Goku statues, potara earrings, and Dragon Ball Z posters. Everything together in one place and for you. Feel free to pick anything you like.

We hope that you have liked this list of Vegeta's best outfits! He will continue being one of the primary fashion icons in the Dragon Ball universe and outside of it too.

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