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Top Vegeta's Best Moments in Dragon Ball Z

Top Vegeta's Best Moments in Dragon Ball Z

Top Vegeta's Best Moments in Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball is one of those anime that everyone has heard of. Even if anime isn't your favorite thing or you don't actually watch anime right now. Dragon Ball was part of a lot of people's childhood and it is something you cannot deny.

With a rising fanbase during the 90s and the 2000s, Dragon Ball kept gaining fame after the premiere of Dragon Ball Z. We kind of see why everyone loved it: there are powerful characters, action, and even suspense. Dragon Ball was a huge inspiration for fans, but it also served as an example to follow for a whole generation of new mangaka.

Today, it is almost impossible to talk about anime (especially fighting anime) without talking about the huge hit that is Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball revolves around Goku, but different characters have won our hearts. Today, we will focus on Vegeta and his top moments during Dragon Ball Z as someone who started being a villain but ended up being part of the good side.

Vegeta sacrifices himself

In general, heroes in Dragon Ball like to give the best of themselves. Most of the time, our heroes maintain their hope when fighting opponents. Dragon Ball tends to be lighthearted in this sense, and it was for the best since most of their audience are children.

Still, when Vegeta was fighting against Majin Buu, things got worse. Nobody knew how to stop him, and they needed to because otherwise, the catastrophe would happen. 

At that moment, everything was chaos. The team runs out of ideas, and Vegeta does something heroic: he sacrifices himself. His plan was to release his energy and hopefully, take Majin Buu out with him. This was an act of selflessness coming out on Vegeta's part. One of the most heart wrenching parts of this moment it's when he gets away from his son, so he doesn't get to see him that way. 

Vegeta kills Nappa

When Vegeta arrives on Earth, he comes with Nappa. Nappa is presented as a huge danger, and for a while, Vegeta lets Nappa be when he attacks our team.

Goku, being as powerful as he is, neutralizes Nappa. But then, surprise, surprise: it is Vegeta who kills him. Even if they were partners before, Vegeta realizes that he doesn't need him anymore. This act talks a lot about Vegeta's character. You can accuse him of disloyalty, but this act alone shows how little Vegeta cared about that compared to powerfulness. As soon as you're useless to him, he won't hesitate to take you down when needed.

He annihilates Frieza's minions on the planet Namek

When viewers learn about Namek, we are left astonished. Apparently, there is a planet called Namek, and it has its own set of Dragon Balls. Different powerful characters gather in Namek, and characters like Krillin, Piccolo, and Gohan have lots of work while Goku is gone.

But don't worry, there is nothing difficult enough for Vegeta. In fact, he doesn't need anyone else for this task. He is his own army, and there is not much you can do about it. 

While he's at Namek, Vegeta gets a large amount of Dragon Balls, but he also takes out Frieza's top security. Vegeta is a different kettle of fish, indeed.

Vegeta making his debut as a Super Saiyan

Legend has it that to obtain the power of the Super Saiyajin, it is necessary to have a pure heart and an attack of anger. Even so, Vegeta showed us that it is possible to obtain it only with anger and training. After Goku is the first one to get his Super Saiyan form, Vegeta gets furious. Still, this wasn't Goku's fault. Even less when he achieves other forms like Super Saiyan 2. (Gohan and other characters also achieve this, but at the moment, it was one of the first times the viewer saw that transformation). 

Vegeta eventually masters his Super Saiyan form. Still, part of this transformation is triggered by some type of self-hate and angriness at himself. After he transforms, he starts to think he is better than Goku, and he starts calling himself Super Vegeta. Vegeta truly feels invincible right before the Android Saga.

Vegeta works with Gohan and Krillin

When the series ends, Vegeta becomes one of the most valuable characters in Dragon Ball Z. Still, at the beginning of the anime, he serves as a villain for a long time. Vegeta and the heroes of the series find themselves in a stalemate when they confront Frieza's Ginyu forces.

This is an opportunity where Vegeta puts aside his differences and works with our heroes for good. Gohan and Krillin fight well against the weaker members of the Ginyu Force, but Vegeta leads the attack and what he does ends up being vital to their survival. It's an important event that shapes Vegeta's character and how it develops through the next episodes.

Vegeta dying

Maybe you think his death is a weird moment to put in this article, but the thing is, Vegeta is not only a fighting machine. He has feelings, and when the series starts, there are few of those moments.

Frieza is part of Dragon Ball Z's famous villains, and even after he dies, he always returns to terrorize our heroes. Frieza completely destroys the heroes on Namek. Not only that, but he is also responsible for the destruction of Krillin and the end of Vegeta.

Vegeta's death is particularly brutal because it shows the character at his lowest point. Vegeta fails to bring justice to his fallen people and defeat the enemy. Besides, Frieza mocks him for one particular reason. Vegeta is taunted for not being the super-Saiyan he thought he was. The reality check is part of what makes Vegeta a better hero. Besides, it was good to see Frieza's second form.

Vegeta starts a family 

Dragon Ball Z is action-packed, but the series offers more than just endless battles. One of the most notable changes in Akira Toriyama's series is the characters growing up and starting families. It's a bit shocking when this happens to Goku, but even more shocking when Vegeta starts a family with Bulma. This makes Vegeta reevaluate his life choices and think about the essential things in life.

Some people even said that he ends up being a better father when compared to Goku, but that depends on the personal opinion of each person.

Vegeta and Goku fusion

It's common for the characters in Dragon Ball to often manage their problems by reaching new heights of power through different transformations. When Majin Buu appears, we learn he is that much of a threat since even the power of Super Saiyan 3 is not enough to defeat him.

Fusion is a taboo topic in Dragon Ball Z. Even so, it is something that allows two fighters to mix their strengths and abilities into a single hybrid warrior. Vegeta is against this process since it's supposed to be forever, especially in Goku's case. Eventually, their fusion separates, but the most shocking thing is that Vegeta is willing to cooperate with such a concept as a sign of his progress.

Vegeta trains with Future Trunks

Future Trunks will play a crucial role in Dragon Ball Z's fight against the robots and later against Cell. Having an extra Super Saiyan will never be bad, but it also helps Vegeta's character development as he bonds with the adult version of his own son.

Rather than being intimidated by this strange phenomenon, Vegeta is excited about the opportunity to fight alongside Trunks and help him become even stronger. The time before the Cell Games is important, as it seems that Vegeta and his son hold the key to Earth's survival.

Vegeta admits Goku is better than him

Vegeta is definitely one of the most selfish characters in the Dragon Ball universe. Still, this can be explained in several ways. He's a prince and comes from a past where he was unreservedly respected. Vegeta battles Goku and both of them fight for supremacy to this day.

It may not look like it, but it's a great revelation of Vegeta's character when he admits that Goku was stronger during his duel with Buu. Thanks in large part to this admission, Vegeta evolves as he progresses through Dragon Ball Super.

As you can see, Vegeta is a complex character. From Vegeta's shoes through the rest of his body, he's been an arrogant and narcissistic character. Or at least he started being one.

Then, part of it being Goku and part of it the lessons Vegeta learns through the series, he starts leaving his villain side.

Dragon Ball has very endearing characters with whom you identify yourself. Even if the success of the series had to do with the plot, it also had a lot to do with growth. Everyone has seen Goku grow up, fall in love, have children and grandchildren. It's an anime that develops stories as time passes, and this is something fans love to see in their favorite characters.

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