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Top Strongest Saiyans in Dragon Ball

Top Strongest Saiyans in Dragon Ball

Top Strongest Saiyans in Dragon Ball

Since becoming Super Saiyan during the battle with Frieza on the planet Namek, our hero Goku pushed the limits of his power many times. He has invented many new forms and defeated some of the most powerful opponents in the 12 universes.

You probably know this by now, but our main protagonist is the strongest Saiyan, but even so, he is not the only existing one.

In addition to the Saiyans living on Earth, others live in alternative timelines, universes, and galaxies. And if that wasn't enough, some like Broly and Trunks from the future have always been with us. Still, some others have only recently joined the series. They may not be on the level of Goku, but they are strong. Today, we will talk about the top strongest Saiyans in Dragon Ball. Let's get started!


Even if it seems hard to believe, Raditz was once the most powerful villain in Dragon Ball. However, his abilities are somewhat ridiculous by today's standards, and whenever he appears, he doesn't stick around very long. Back then, however, Goku's brother was a credible threat. When this happens, neither Piccolo nor Goku were able to defeat Raditz. Even though they eventually defeat him, this comes with a price. At the moment, it seems like the best decision for Goku is to sacrifice himself. 


Despite all their training, Nappa Z's fighters looked like helpless kids, and it kept being that way until Goku appeared. Nappa utterly destroyed Piccolo and Gohan in battle and even managed to survive Chiaotzu's heroic self-destruct-style attack with only a few scratches.

Like Raditz, Nappa doesn't last long, and his power is ridiculous by modern standards. His impact on the series is huge the moment he appears. It perfectly sets the stage for the strongest antagonists that will follow.


Recently, Dragon Ball fans have become much better acquainted with Goku's father, Bardock, as this once mysterious Saiyan has appeared in Dragon Ball movies. He proves to be a very skilled fighter, though he never becomes a super Saiyan.

Even if he had this limitation, he managed to improve his fighting skills during the years he spent in the service of Freeza's forces. By the time of the destruction of the planet Vegeta, he was one of the more powerful Saiyans. It is possible that the ruler at the time was his equal, though King Vegeta's combat abilities have never been explored.


Although Goten grew up with a mother and a father who lived far away, he became one of the strongest warriors on Earth. In the anime, he can transform into a Super Saiyan at the age of seven, though the Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury manual says he achieved the transformation when he was three years old.

Although Goten is a strong fighter, he lacks the experience and maturity to use his powers to the maximum. 


Like Goten, Trunks can become a superstar at a very young age, and the thing that slows him down it's his immaturity. He often gets sidetracked when fighting and is overconfident for someone with little experience. As in the case of his dad Vegeta, his arrogance can sometimes have serious consequences.

As for the strength of kid trunks and Goten, there is little to choose between them. Although Trunks has an advantage due to the time travel elements, the Future Trunks proves that a young guy will reach much higher levels, while Goten's true potential kept a mystery.


Cabba is one of three Saiyans from Universe 6, and they are all named after vegetables. It may not sound like it, but this Saiyan is strong and learns quickly. He overcomes the SS transformation without much guidance, and in this form, he holds off strong opponents during the Tournament of Power.

For some reason, Vegeta took a great liking to Cabba, and he agrees to train him after their battle on a nameless planet. Cabba may become stronger in future series and compete with other Saiyans of Universe 6.


When you compare her to Cabba, Caulifla is a way more experienced fighter. She almost immediately managed to go from Super Saiyan 1 to SS2. Right after Goku helps Caulifla master her second form in the Tournament of Power, Caulifla becomes more powerful, though she still has a long path to walk if she wants to challenge the best ones.

Even in her strongest form, she's no match for Goku, who teases her for most of their battle. Despite shifting into super Saiyan form to fend off a strong attack, he spends most of the fight restraining his own powers, suggesting he could easily beat her if he wanted to. She is more of a problem when teamed up with Kale. Even then, she can't beat Goku.

Future Trunks

Future Trunks is the second character in Dragon Ball to become a Super Saiyan. He has also mastered many other forms since then. Still, he has to reach the level of Super Saiyan 3, although the form of rage he takes in the Future Trunks saga is arguably just as strong.

Counting with the power of a planet and his sword, he manages to split the united Zamasu in half. This eventually leads to the final victory over the villain and even kind words from his dad, Vegeta. Unfortunately, he dies before the Tournament of Power, although he returns briefly during the "Universal Conflict" saga.


While writing Dragon Ball, Toriyama wanted this character to replace Goku as the main character. The thing is, fans never liked him as much as Goku. Still, the young Gohan was in the spotlight during the Cell saga. He is still a successful fighter today.

He has achieved different forms over the years. What is even better, his strongest form remains to be his unleashed potential. We are almost sure that he could master part of the most powerful Super Saiyan forms if he wanted to. Still, as his training progresses, he is more interested in focusing on being human.

Goku Black

Black Goku appears after Zamasu goes back in time and steals Goku's body with the Super Dragon Balls. This way, he seems to get more of himself and the Saiyan, and evidence of this it's the mastery of Rose's Super Saiyan form. She is strong enough to take on Goku, Future Trunks, and Vegeta, and with some help from Potara's earring, his powers continue to grow.

When he teams up with the current Zamasu, he gains immortality, making him nearly invincible and one of the few villains in the series that Goku and his close friends have not been able to defeat on their own. It will take Zeno's intervention and the annihilation of an entire universe to end this.


Kale is the strongest of the six Saiyans, mainly due to her incredible berserker transformation. In this form, he is one of the most powerful fighters in the twelve universes, although his immense strength comes at a high price.

Her rage makes her as dangerous to her friends as her enemies, making this transformation unpredictable and risky. When we talk about brute power, however, few can match her. Evidence of this it's her devastating rampage during the Tournament.


Much to the chagrin of this Saiyan prince, he was always a few steps behind Goku when it came to mastering his new transformations. Right now, his strongest phase is Super Saiyan Blue, which means he's still a bit behind his longtime rival. But if anyone has the drive and stamina to surpass Goku, it's clearly Vegeta.

With the return of Campbell and Broly, his status among the strongest Saiyans has been greatly diminished, and he simply won't stand for it. Judging from the story, Vegeta may gain superpowers shortly.


Cumber is relatively new to Dragon Ball, but he is already making a big impression on fans. As a Super Saiyan 3, he can defeat the almighty Jiren without breaking a sweat. He is an extremely strong fighter, but he is by no means the best.

Like most fighters, Cumber is no match for Goku's Ultra Instinct transformation. However, as the character's power continues to grow, there's a good chance that the Saiyan will eventually defeat the Earth Defender in an upcoming arc. He needs to master more transformations to try to get close to Goku's level.


Goku has always been at the forefront of using new transformations and remains so in modern times. In the first season of the anime, Goku was the first to reach all four Super Saiyan levels, and he recently gained superpowers in the Tournament of Power saga.

Although he has not fully mastered this form, he can use it in moments of danger, always there when he needs it. When Goku uses his superpowers, Goku can be the most mighty fighter in the twelve universes. It is said that he is virtually unstoppable except for the gods.

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