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Top Saiyans Collection for the Summer

Top Saiyans Collection for the Summer

Top Saiyans Collection for the Summer

Saiyans are what makes the Dragon Ball series rock. These guys are almighty fighters who would just not give up during the battle. Time and time again, we have seen these warriors break their limits and go beyond what others perceived as impossible. In some ways, these Saiyans aren't that different from us humans after all. We too love to test our limits time and again. Whenever possible we also go beyond the established norms. That's why we love these superheroes because in some way they inspire us in all walks of life. They challenge us and inspire us to strive for more. This upcoming collection of 10 shirts is a tribute to those Saiyans and that never say die attitude. They will not only inspire you to be more, but they'll also make you feel the swagger of these Saiyans within you. 

10- Goku and Vegeta Best Friends Shirt

Goku and Vegeta Best Friends Shirt - $24.99

Goku and Vegeta are the best of friends. They also are the most competitive duo you will ever find. They started off on the wrong foot though, as they were arch-enemies when they first met. Vegeta, who was the prince of Planet Vegeta was one of the leaders of Frieza's Galactic Army when he first came across Goku. During their first meeting, Vegeta called Goku by his real name, Kakarot. Goku could not understand why Vegeta was calling him by that name and hence Vegeta told him that his real name was Kakarot and that he was sent to Earth to destroy the planet. Goku by then had accepted Earth as his home and its people as his friends. Goku fought Vegeta and that's how their friendship began. Over the years Goku and Vegeta fought many a battle side by side and became what we call frienemies. But Goku never saw Vegeta as an enemy after Vegeta became his friend and an important member of his friend circle. Vegeta though still considers Goku as his biggest rival though now he doesn't have any ill feelings against Goku. All Vegeta wants is to become stronger than Goku. That's his mission in life now. This image on the shirt where we see Goku and Vegeta knocking fists is straight out of the Dragon Ball Super Anime intro sequence. It's one of the best shirts you can choose if you love both these guys and root for them. It comes in a variety of colors and thus you can pick and choose whichever you like the most.

9- Kid Goku Relaxed Shirt

Kid Goku Relaxed Shirt - $24.99

The summers are just on the horizon and this is the time when we bring out our best T-Shirts and shorts and head for the beach. If you are planning for beach time yourself and looking for an ideal shirt to give you a relaxed look there aren't many shirts better than this one. Kid Goku just chilling on the beach with his adorable smiling face and red-framed goggles is certainly a banker. The palm trees in the background and flower garland around his neck tell us that Goku loves some beach time himself. After all, saving the world time and time again takes a lot out of you and the vacation Goku seems to be having in this image is well deserved. And a vacation is due for you as well. After all, the past few years have been hard on everybody, and a little bit of beach time just to relax and blow off some steam is only going to help. So if you are planning to head out to those tropical regions and enjoy a bit of sunbathing then go ahead and bring this cute little Saiyan with you. After all, you deserve all the fun you can have. 

8- Dragon Ball Z Goku Dab Shirt

Dragon Ball Z Goku Dab Shirt - $24.99

Talking about fun, Saiyans do have a lot of cool moves. We have seen Goku perform the fusion dance many a time and that sure is a lot of fun to watch but if you are looking for some cool poses then Goku doing a Dab is as good as it gets. Wearing his classic kame Gi and doing a Dab in his Super Saiyan Blue form is what Goku enjoys the most. And he also looks pretty amazing while doing so. If you too are heading out to party with your friends and looking for an ideal shirt to go with your mood then let me tell you there ain't any better shirts than this one in the market for you. This 100% cotton, white shirt with Goku performing a Dab is the perfect party shirt. It goes with all kinds of bottoms such as jeans, trousers, cargoes, and Bermudas. This is a crew neck, regular fit T-Shirt which is not just for guys but for gals as well. And because its machine washable, you can rest assured that maintaining this shirt and using it more than once is not an issue. So take advantage of our free shipping worldwide and get one of these bad boys because when it comes to parties, no one does it better than our Saiyans do. 

7- Vegeta Dad shirt

Vegeta Dad Shirt - $24.99

Becoming a father is one of the most amazing experiences that this life has to offer. If you are expecting to become a father soon or you are already one and looking for a cool T-Shirt to wear while taking your son out for a ride then this shirt is an ideal choice for you. Vegeta as we all know is not just a normal dad. He is way too cool to be called normal. And that's why Trunks, his son, basically idolizes him. It's not because Vegeta showers Trunks with all the love and affection he has for him in his heart, that's what Bulma is there for. Vegeta makes sure that Trunks trains as hard as he possibly can and become the strongest warrior he can become. And Vegeta does set some high bar because there ain't any fighter stronger than Vegeta around. And that's why Trunks loves Vegeta so much and wants to be like him because Vegeta leads by example. Vegeta isn't much of a talker but when it comes to taking the matters into his own hands, well, leave Vegeta to take care of it. If you too want to show off being a Super Saiyan dad and bring a smile on your kid's face in the process, then look no further. The image on the shirt with Vegeta in his Super Saiyan form, hugging Trunks who is also in his Super Saiyan form is captivating. And the text which says I am a Super Saiyan Dad, just like a normal dad except much cooler is pretty eye-catching. We bring you this design in multiple color choices and all sizes so you basically are spoiled for choices. But whichever color you choose, you can't really go wrong with this one. Get this 100% cotton shirt for yourself and maybe also get a Trunks shirt for your kid and make a day out of it as a perfect duo. Who knows, you might end up wearing these most days of the week and if you do, we will completely understand. 

6- Goku Super Saiyan 3 Shirt

Goku Super Saiyan 3 Shirt - $24.99

Saiyans as we have already talked about are known to break the power barriers and achieve the power levels that many think are impossible for a mortal to attain. This transformation is one such example. Super Saiyan 3 is what you achieve after you have mastered the Super Saiyan 2 form and then have trained your heart out. It wasn't easy for Goku to achieve this form either as he had to train for several years in the Other World before he finally managed to achieve the Super Saiyan 3 form. On Earth, during the fight with Majin Boo, when Goku finally achieved the Super Saiyan 3 transformation the energy blast was such that it created shock waves on the entire planet. The clouds started gravitating towards Goku and its effects were felt even in the sacred world of the Kai which is pretty far away from the planet Earth. Even Gohan was scared when this happened. This shirt is simply a perfect depiction of the Super Saiyan 3 form of Goku. His long yellow hair and energy sparks surrounding him tell you the amount of energy Goku is radiating right now. If you want to buy a shirt that not only looks badass but also gives you something extra from within you then this shirt is what you are looking for. Not only will you feel like a Saiyan wearing this shirt, but you will also make your friends gravitate towards you just like clouds gravitated towards Goku when he attained this form. Summers are always very draining and you need all the energy you can get to survive the day. When you have a Super Saiyan 3 Goku hanging out with you during the day, be rest assured you you will have as much energy at your disposal as you need. Maybe even more. 

5- Vegeta Its Over 9000 Shirt

Vegeta Its Over 9000 Shirt - $24.99

Talking about crazy power-ups, Vegeta too is known to have a few aces up his sleeve. In this print, we see Vegeta in his classic Frieza Galactic Army uniform yelling about Goku's energy level which is over 9000! This is a classic scene from the Dragon Ball anime and has been made into thousands of memes worldwide, all of them funny. What's happening here is that Nappa is just not able to believe that Goku can have such a massive power surge and he asks Vegeta what might be the power level of Goku right now to which Vegeta replies while yelling, It's Over 9000!. This dialogue comes straight out of the Dragon Ball Z episode The Return of Goku. This dialogue is so popular on the internet right now that its clip on youtube has received well over 15 million views. And the views of spoofs of this clip can't even be estimated because everyone loves memes and this one is simply a classic. If you are looking for a shirt that is a bit different and which also can find its reference in the folklore then you have come to the perfect spot. This Black shirt with Vegeta in his classic uniform yelling it over 9000 is as good as it gets. This 100% cotton crew neck shirt is available in all sizes and is your ideal pick for your summer collection. 

4- Dragon Ball Z Kid Goku Kamehameha Shirt

Dragon Ball Z Kid Goku Kamehameha Shirt - $24.99

Saiyans are as popular as anything when it comes to the world of anime. But even in Saiyans, there's one guy whose popularity reaches beyond borders and continents. Yes, you got it right, that's Goku. Goku is so popular and so in demand with his fans that people find it hard to get a shirt of his whose design they have never seen before. This shirt is one of those rare gems. Because this is fan art and hasn't come straight out of any anime scene or manga, finding a print like this is near impossible. Talking about the print itself, this is just brilliant. Goku standing as a black shadow with his awesome hair and build is cool enough but within the shadow, we see Kid Goku using a Kamehameha to light up Goku's logo, Go. It couldn't get any better than this. This shirt comes in a variety of colors and thus you can pick up your favorite one which can go with your favorite pair of jeans and you are sorted. This is an ideal wear for a casual day outing and if you are expecting to meet a few friends just to hang out and maybe watch a few episodes of the Dragon Ball series together. This shirt is made out of 100% cotton so it's forgiving to wear during the hot summer days and because its machine washable you don't need to worry too much about it. 

3- Goku Pocket T-Shirt

Goku Pocket T-Shirt - $29.99

Fan-arts make some of the best designs for a casual wear shirt simply because they are so uncommon from the regular stuff that people wear. And if this fan art is of your favorite Saiyan and also can make you laugh your guts out, you know you have stumbled upon a rare gem. I mean, what's not to love about this design! Our favorite pocket-sized Super Saiyan trying to hold on so he doesn't fall out of your pocket! That's as good as it can get. Look at this cute little Goku and how afraid he is of falling out. If I came across someone who was wearing this shirt I'll make sure that I pass on the remark that dude, please take care of your Goku! He might fall off! This white shirt will go well with your black or blue jeans and a pair of sneakers. We provide free worldwide shipping for this 100% cotton T-Shirt and thus you are only a click away from getting one for yourself.

2- Goku Evolution Shirt

Goku Evolution Shirt - $24.99

Now we are at the business end of our Top Saiyans Collection for the Summer and we bring you a shirt that just can't be ignored. We love Goku in his base form. We love him in his Super Saiyan 1 Form. We love him twice in his Super Saiyan 2 form. And talking about Super Saiyan 3 with those long yellow hair and crazy energy sparks, there ain't a number that can accurately define the awesomeness of the form. But why do you want to choose one form over the other? Especially when you can have all four forms of Goku on your shirt! With this Saiyan Evolution Dragon Ball Z shirt, you get the best deal possible because you get all forms of Goku in one single shirt. I urge you not to choose, just get all four of them together and let us ship it for you without paying for the shipping costs. We offer this shirt in all sizes so be rest assured, there is one for you that will fit you and make you feel like a Saiyan yourself.

1- Dragon Ball Z Over 9000 Shirt

Dragon Ball Z Over 9000 Shirt - $29.99

We were only just talking about that iconic moment when Nappa asks Vegeta what might be the Power Level of Goku right now to which Vegeta yelled, it's over 9000. This is what Vegeta saw when he yelled those iconic words to Nappa. In this shirt we see Goku powering up and reaching levels of over 9000. Just look at the heat that surrounds Goku. Everything here is radiating red because of the massive power surge that Goku is Going through. Over 9000 written in classic game fonts just adds to the epicness that is this shirt. Talking about the top Saiyans Collection for the summer, it ain't getting any better than this folks. Goku performing kaioken that he learned just a few days back and making Vegeta aware that this will not be an easy fight for him is why we love Dragon Ball so much. This 100% cotton crew neck shirt is comfortable to wear and the print is straight out of the anime. So don't think too much. You simply can't go wrong with this Shirt. 

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