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Top Goku Moments We All Should Watch Again

Top Goku Moments We All Should Watch Again

Top Goku Moments We All Should Watch Again

We like to describe Dragon Ball as that one anime that changed an entire generation of kids. It might look crazy or totally not like it. But before Dragon Ball, anime was something mostly made for the Japanese audience. Again, it might sound crazy since today's anime is engraved in the culture. Almost everyone has watched an anime at this point!

One thing about anime is that it has changed over time, and there are so many genres to choose from. Maybe you don't like fighting anime, but you like romance or sci-fi. Of course, there is also something for you. 

Still, you can think and say whatever you want about Dragon Ball, but if you like action anime, your favorite anime author probably got inspiration from Toriyama. The use of energy balls, fights in the air, and crazy hairstyles. All of those seem like typical tropes now, but Dragon Ball was that one anime that put them to value.

Why Do People Love Goku So Much?

We already know how this goes. Sometimes a series is good enough on its own. The fights are interesting, and the plot seems to move forward, but something is missing. Sometimes, the main character is unliked by the audience.

We have all seen this happen in famous franchises like Neon Genesis Evangelion. Sure, it's one of the best anime ever, and only recently has it come to an end. During this time, it maintained a massive fanbase. However, there has been a problem that has chased the author and the fans of this series. Almost everyone seems to hate Shinji. You could say it's also present in a more modern anime such as Shingeki no Kyojin.

Yet, Dragon Ball doesn't have this problem: everyone loves Goku! It might be because he is kind-hearted, but also because he is someone who trained to be where he is now. Sure, he might be the most powerful Saiyan in Universe 7, but he got there with lots of training. (Don't get us wrong, because he already had lots of talent before he started his training, but it was something half and half, we believe).

What Are The Best Goku Moments?

Dragon Ball is a long series with different anime divisions, including Dragon Ball Z, DB Super, and Dragon Ball GT. It's challenging to choose what are his best moments because of how long it is. Besides, Dragon Ball tells us Goku's story from the moment it started. We see him as a kid and then an adult as he forms his own family. Still, we will make our best attempt to summarize some of his best moments. Keep up with us!

When he goes to Namek

We all love a significant entrance! That is one of the reasons we believe this moment is worth reviving. Before going to Namek, Goku had been training with an objective in mind: to destroy the Ginyu Forces. They are the ones that hurt his son, Gohan! He needed to do something. When he arrives on the planet, we see that his training was actually fruitful. He breaks the floor where he lands, and without any more saying, he is ready to fight.

We loved this moment because first, it does have a good entrance. But it also has something we always will like to see in Dragon Ball: when characters get more powerful than we were used to seeing them. It's always impressive to see the results of a character's training!

When his Kamehameha fights another known technique: the Galick Gun

The best part of this is that we finally see Vegeta's technique with Goku's. And well, not necessarily working together, but more like against each other. One of the most iconic rivalries in anime ever gets defined by these two techniques clashing each other. When Goku strikes with the Kamehameha, his eternal rival, Vegeta, follows him closely with the Galick Gun Beam. We are talking about the most powerful Saiyans throwing their most potent attacks. 

It is a moment that occurs in DBZ, and from that on, we knew we didn't have to underestimate that season.

When he defeats Piccolo

Sometimes what makes a moment really striking is not necessarily what happens at that exact point but the background behind it and what happened before. At this moment, Goku was having a sour time because of the deaths of people akin to him, like Master Roshi and Krillin. That left Goku debilitated not only physically but also emotionally. Even so, he manages to fight Piccolo and even win! Goku really is one strong fella.

The only bad thing about this is it repeats a common trope already used in Dragon Ball: the fact that lots of fights end up badly for side characters. This is especially true when they wait for Goku to appear. Still, it is a memorable moment.

The creation of the Dragon Fist

We're used to seeing Goku's Kamehameha since it has been his trademark, and there is not much to say about it. If you think about Kamehameha, you think of Goku and Dragon Ball. However, that technique wasn't created by Goku but by one character that guided Goku on his way to becoming the best of Saiyans: Master Roshi.

Goku wasn't the type to create his own techniques, but the Dragon Fist is recognized as one of his own. It's a powerful attack, also! It kind of summons a dragon made of energy with the ability to shoot right through something. What an outstanding technique! (And Goku was the one who created it).

The Dragon Fist and how our hero uses it goes down in history as one of the best Dragon Ball moments.

When Goku helps Gohan (at least in spirit)

The battle with Cell enters this list for one specific reason. After Goku is not there, the characters seem to be in despair for a while. What can they do if Goku isn't there to save them? All the hopes are put on Gohan. Can he be as strong as the team needs him to be? We hope so! Here, Gohan shoots a Kamehameha, and Gohan wasn't expecting it, but what seems to be Goku's spirit tells him he can do it. Goku is dead, but he keeps supporting his son! It's a pretty emotional moment and one of the reasons we put it on this list.

His sacrifice to save the entire world

First, he steps out to leave the grace to his son and help him defeat Cell for one and all. After that, everyone believed the villain was gone, but this was far from the truth. Cell actually had another plan that could only be defined as suicide. He preferred to destroy the Earth instead of letting Goku and his friends win. However, Cell didn't think that Goku was one of the most selfless main characters ever. At that moment, Goku transports both of them to another planet, so the explosion occurs far away from Earth.

When he does that one Kaio-ken

You know what we are talking about! That one time when Goku mixes his Super Saiyan Blue with another technique of his: the Kaio-ken. We put this moment on the list because it had the surprise factor. At that time, SS Blue was the more powerful Goku transformation. The surprise comes with the fact that he decided to combine it with this almost forgotten technique was a shock for all fans.

When he achieves the Completed Ultra Instinct

There are two moments where we see the Ultra Instinct. On the first occasion, our hero hadn't achieved it totally. But don't worry, it's Goku we are talking about. He soon did. The mastered version of this transformation is one of the best moments in Dragon Ball. Fans like to describe it as "epic," and some say this one is even better than the SS3 transformation. What do you think?

When he achieves the Super Saiyan 3

We believe every Goku transformation should have a place on this list, but let's take a moment to appreciate Goku's SS3 form! His hair is the craziest thing we have ever seen. On top of that, he doesn't have any eyebrows. It sounds funny. However, when we saw it, we didn't think it was. It was more terrifying than he kept on screaming for that long. It might not look like it. But do you have an idea of how long this scene is? We are talking about five minutes of pure screaming where the Earth shakes, and everyone is too stunned to literally speak.

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