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Top Gohan Best Moments In Dragon Ball Z

Top Gohan Best Moments In Dragon Ball Z

Top Gohan Best Moments In Dragon Ball Z

Epic battles, heartbreaking sacrifices, and other moments remain tattooed in our memory. Dragon Ball Z became one of the biggest pop culture phenomena among the public during the 90s and 00s. In all those years, its fame only continued to spread as the anime reached the screens of the rest of the world's nations, bringing us throughout 291 episodes all kinds of moments that remained engraved in the collective memory. It is a direct sequel to the Dragon Ball series, which adapts the remaining 324 chapters of Akira Toriyama's manga.

Unforgettable fights, heartbreaking sacrifices, comic moments, and emotional sequences brought tears to our eyes. 

Fans all over the world loved Dragon Ball Z, especially since this sequel had Gohan as the main character. Here is a compilation of some of the most memorable moments of Gohan. Which one is your favorite?

He achieves Super Saiyan 2 (and defeats Cell)

Dragon Ball Z allows its characters to have victories in different ways. Since it's an action anime, Akira had to get creative about how to make the fights without making them monotonous.

Sometimes it is easy to attribute Dragon Ball Z's greatest achievements to the Super Saiyan transformations and who achieved it first. Since Goku was the first and usually leads the pack in this regard, it's nice to see Gohan become the first Super Saiyan 2. Makes sense when you think about it since he is Goku's child. What do they say? Like father, like son.

This new power was not wasted, and the subsequent destruction of Cell Juniors and then Cell is one of Gohan's biggest achievements. Super Saiyan 2 Gohan in this Gohan vs Cell fight was something all fans loved about this sequel of Dragon Ball.

Gohan's fight against Raditz

Dragon Ball Z is more mature than its predecessor from the start when Raditz arrives on Earth. He is a new villain, and unlike other villains in the previous season of Dragon Ball, Raditz is a real badass. He threatens Goku and top of that, his family. This villain is a tremendous threat, and he forces Piccolo and Goku to have a fight together. We remember Piccolo as an archenemy of Son Goku, but later they allied together in the fight against Raditz. Piccolo loses an arm in the process.

Goku must sacrifice himself to be successful. At the time of this traumatic encounter, Gohan is still a child, but he delivers a huge blow to Raditz that predicts his bright future. It was an incredible moment. The viewers knew that in different circumstances, Gohan would have defeated Raditz.

He survives on planet Namek

This is an important turning point in Dragon Ball Z. The characters fly to the planet Namek in search of the Dragon Balls. For the first time, Dragon Ball left the confines of Earth. At that moment, Frieza is the greatest evil force in this encounter. Still, the superior members of Frieza's army and Ginyu's forces are responsible for significant losses.

Gohan's suppressed anger and hidden potential always came out in battle. It was impressive that he survived against all these enemies. Others also died, including Krillin and Vegeta. Kid Gohan lived, and that says a lot about his character and how powerful he is. From then on, we know Gohan has lots of potential.

Gohan has the spotlight

In the very first episode of DBZ, the anime hints at how Gohan will be more powerful than his father and become the main character. Dragon Ball Z recognizes this dream after Goku dies a second time at the hands of Cell.

While this happens, Goku stays in the Other World, and Gohan becomes the new focal point this anime season, where he dominates the streets being the Great Saiyaman and keeps honing his powers. In this part of the series, Gohan becomes the main character of a Dragon Ball Z opening.

Gohan attacks Garlic Jr.

Gohan made a significant contribution to battles as a child, but he inevitably falls short when he is compared to his father. When we talk about Garlic Jr., we refer to the most remembered villain because of a Dragon Ball movie, but he also plays a role in the filler saga after Freeza's defeat.

Gohan confronts Chesson Jr. on two of those occasions. In a second confrontation, he emerges victorious. Piccolo and Gohan become the leaders in this fight against this villain and his Spice Boys. All of this while the world falls victim to Garlic Jr.'s insidious Black Water Mist.

Gohan takes the Z sword

In Dragon Ball, it doesn't take too much time for a villain to emerge from the shadows. All different kinds of threats are always invading Earth, and it is difficult to keep up with all of them. Still, Majin Buu has the title of being the biggest antagonist and threat in the series. Our heroes use different strategies to defeat Buu.

For a while, it seemed the path to success was training Gohan. Gohan proves himself worthy of using the Z Sword, frees the ancient Kai, and receives a powerup.

Piccolo saves Gohan from Nappa

Dragon Ball Z is full of amazing moments and incredible battles, but Piccolo's emotional sacrifice to save Gohan's life remains the undisputed highlight of the series. Granted, this act of kindness says a lot about him since he used to be a villain, but this act also says a lot about Gohan.

Piccolo knows that Gohan is the future of Earth and that his apprentice's survival is essential, even more than his own. It's proof of Gohan's full potential. Piccolo's sacrifice only encourages Gohan to work much more.

Gohan destroys Bojack and his mercenaries.

Most Dragon Ball Z movies aren't groundbreaking, but they often feature spectacular battles and highly villains. Dragon Ball movies are enjoyable, but some of them can have a repetitive structure in which Goku is the one who defeats the main enemy.

However, there is a film called Bojack Unleashed. It is worth watching since it takes place during Goku's time in the afterlife. In this movie, Gohan is the hero who destroys Bojack and his galactic soldiers. It is what DBZ could have been like if Gohan was the protagonist.

Gohan inspires future Trunks

The appearance of Future Trunks changes Dragon Ball Z in an absolutely fundamental way, and time travel suddenly becomes an everyday occurrence. Future Trunks is one of the fan-favorite characters, and his story tells of his harrowing origin before time travel. He is from an alternative reality where Vegeta is absent, meaning all the Vegeta and Trunks moments they have in the reality we know are greatly appreciated in both parts.

Future Trunks wouldn't be who he is if Future Gohan hadn't guided him in his own timeline. This connection is even the reason for Future Trunks' initial transformation into Super Saiyan. Sure, he's a different version of Gohan, but Trunks and Gohan are the only characters left in their timelines.

Fighting Super Buu

Majin Buu is one of the villains of Dragon Ball Z, who has a terrifying reputation that even Kai is afraid of him. Buu goes through different transformations and fights a powerful combination of heroes. High hopes are placed on Gohan's ability to beat Super Buu after he experiences Old Kai's final evolution.

Gohan's first fight with Majin Buu is a favorite moment for Dragon Ball Z fans. It highlights the appearance of Gohan's final form, which fans refer to as Mystical Gohan. Gohan's arrival, the promise to kill Super Buu, and the ensuing battle are epic. But that's about it.

Gohan's final battle with Super Boo is one of the best fights in Dragon Ball Z, and we get the feeling that Gohan is ready to save our world. Unfortunately, Gohan becomes fuel for Super Buu, making this villain an even bigger threat to the other heroes on Earth.

Dragon Ball Z is the type of anime that can be repetitive at times, but the fights and plot make up for it. Besides, people started watching Dragon Ball while they were kids, and it's easy to ignore the flaws of a show you watched in your childhood. Still, Dragon Ball has transcended generations, and we love it for it.

Many of the characters in Dragon Ball have potential, and some of them never get the opportunity to show their skills. You can have brute strength, but it's also important to develop a solid strategy, work together as a team, and recognize your opponent's weaknesses. The thing is, Gohan has this. As the series progresses, these abilities come in handy when defeating different villains.

Gohan is much more modest and the first to distract. He is happy to let others take responsibility for his own achievements and hides behind anonymity. Too much ego could really mess with his priorities, and we're relieved that Gohan doesn't care about such praise.

Gohan is one amazing character, and we hope you enjoyed this list of his top moments during Dragon Ball Z.

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