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Top 10 Dragon Ball Hoodies in 2022

Top 10 Dragon Ball Hoodies in 2022

Top 10 Dragon Ball Hoodies in 2022

Hoodies never go out of fashion and when you have a hoodie with Dragon Ball Z characters printed on it, you most certainly will never go out of style. We at the DBZ Store make sure that you get a variety of Dragon Ball Z hoodies and we have come up with a list of Top 10 Hoodies for the upcoming year that will make you feel like a Saiyan yourself. Check out our list and pick one of these for yourself and let the Ki work its magic for you.

10- Angel Goku Eating Dragon Ball Z Hoodie

Angel Goku Eating Dragon Ball Z Hoodie - $54.99 

We have seen Goku in many forms and even dead and alive. When a character dies in the Dragon Ball Universe they get a Halo on their head. But if they have friends like our Dragon Ball gang, they can always be revived back to life with the power of Shenron. This season, treat yourself with this amazing hoodie where you would see Goku with a halo over his head munching away his favorite rice ball. Goku is dead, but that doesn't mean he can't get hungry. There's always room for food in Goku's belly and let me tell you, there's always room in your wardrobe for an Angel Goku Hoodie. This is a perfect gift for you to either gift yourself or your friends. This hoodie is made of springy mixed polyester material and its very durable. Be rest assured it will stay with you for many seasons to come. This hoodie comes with a drawstring so you can tighten or undo the hood any time you want. And this amazing print on the white hoodie just blends in perfectly. If I were you I would add this hoodie to the cart right away before someone else grabs it for themselves. 

9- Angry Evil Goku Black Rainy Background Dragon Ball Super Hoodie

Angry Evil Goku Black Rainy Background Dragon Ball Super Hoodie - $54.99

Evil Goku might have tried to destroy Earth in the future timeline but that doesn't stop us from loving this guy in your present. After all, villains too are awesome. The rainy background suits our angry Black Goku perfectly and it would look amazing on you when you walk on the streets wearing this adorable villain. This 3D print with Black Goku's arms in his classic purple color reaching the pouch pocket makes for an amazing design for a hoodie. When you wear this thing and put your arms inside the pouch pocket this image will come to life and look as if its not Black Goku's arms but yours. A little visual trickery never hurts anybody. Wear this hoodie and go out at night like the badass you are and be rest assured nobody will dare mess with you. We make sure that you always get the best collection available and we have picked this one out, especially for you. Wear this hoodie, and blend in the rain this upcoming season like our Black Goku and make a day out of it. You know you would love the experience. 

8- Angry King Piccolo Cape Dragon Ball Z Hoodie

Angry King Piccolo Cape Dragon Ball Z Hoodie - $54.99

King Piccolo was a terrifying villain that tormented the planet Earth much before the events of the Dragon Ball Z Saga. He is sometimes referred to as the Great Demon King or Daimao. He was only stopped when Master Roshi along with his master used the Evil Containment Wave and trapped the Great Demon King in a rice bowl cooker. Master Roshi then threw this rice bowl in the depths of the ocean so The Great Demon King will never be released from his captivity. But this was not an easy feat as Master Roshi lost his master forever in the process of performing the Evil Containment Wave. If ever released from his bondage Evil Demon King will again bring Hell to the peaceful planet Earth and he might even give our protectors a hard time tackling him again. But that doesn't stop us from appreciating the fact that this Daimao looks awesome and this print on our hoodie will be something that will certainly roll a few eyeballs. If you are planning to chill with your family or friends make sure you go out in style wearing this hoodie and be the center of the conversation. This 3D print is so rich that it seems as if the Great Demon King will jump out of the hoodie any moment now but even if he does, I'm pretty sure he won't hurt you. After all, you are the one who released him from his eternal captivity. If anything you will earn yourself the favor of a very powerful friend. 

7- Anime Black Goku Pouring Tea Dragon Ball Super Hoodie

Anime Black Goku Pouring Tea Dragon Ball Super Hoodie - $54.99

Black Goku loves creating chaos. But every once in a while, he also fancies a cup of tea. If you fancy a rich cup of tea yourself, then make this Black Goku your tea partner! Imagine how amazing it would be if you have made plans to meet with your friends for a cup of tea and you turn up wearing this hoodie. You will certainly steal the show. It might also instill a little bit of fear in your friends. I mean just look at Black Goku's piercing eyes while he pours some hot tea in his kettle. If I were one of your friends, I would certainly be a bit skeptical. After all, you can never trust what's brewing inside the funny little head of this bad boy. Or what's brewing in his kettle. At least the black crows seem to trust him. But that wouldn't fill me with any confidence. Because if given a choice I would trust Black Goku more than I would trust those black crows. Talking about the hoodie itself, its 3D print on the springy mixed polyester fabric is of the best quality possible and will certainly make for good evening wear. Head out of the house wearing this hoodie and a pair of black jeans and lo-and-behold, you have got yourself a perfect getup. 

6-Bardock Dying In Sea Dragon Ball Hoodie

Bardock Dying In Sea Dragon Ball Hoodie - $54.99

Bardock is the father of Kakarot. He is a member of the Galactic Army of Frieza and commands a small platoon. He is a very efficient warrior but is considered a low-class Saiyan Mercenary. Bardock is not like the typical Saiyans of his time. While other Saiyans take pride in creating mayhem, Bardock feels a bit differently. In Dragon Ball Super movie named Broly, Bardock confesses that he would like to change his ways. He says that all his life, he has been constantly fighting and destroying stuff. For once in his life, he would actually like to save something. Something which is considered as low class as Bardock is. Like his Son, Kakarot. No wonder Goku turned out to be so different from other Saiyans. The seeds of being a hero were sown in him by his father. This hoodie is a tribute to the Great Saiyan Warrior named Bardock. The image printed on the hoodie might make you sad, but Bardock's memory must live on. Talking about the print itself, this ocean blue color hoodie is has a very high-quality 3D print. And the scene is straight out of the anime. For the die-hard Dragon Ball fans, this hoodie is certainly a keeper and will serve them well. We have this hoodie in all sizes and you will certainly find one which fits you perfectly. We provide free shipping worldwide so if you are ordering this hoodie from any corner of the globe be rest assured this one will be light on your wallet and serve you for many seasons. 

5- Bardock Hoodie

Bardock Hoodie - $49.99

Whenever we talk about Bardock we always mention the fact that he has such striking similarities to Goku. This Father-Son power couple looks like a mirror image of each other. Even Goku's brother Raditz and Frieza can be seen talking about this in the Dragon Ball Series. And the similarities simply cannot be ignored. Apart from the facial scar that Bardock carries, there simply isn't any other difference. If you make Bardock wear Goku's classic Kame Gi, he will pass on as Goku with no problem whatsoever. In this image we see Bardock sitting in front of a mountain top probably wondering why he is being an accomplice in Frieza's dirty deeds. When you wear this hoodie and walk out on the streets, be rest assured that most people will tell you how good your Goku hoodie looks. It's just what it is. But that shouldn't stop you from getting this one for yourself simply because this print is so rich in quality that it looks awesome. Wear this with a pair of black jeans and you will grab a lot of attention. And if it's a little cold outside don't you worry. This hoodie is cozy enough and has got you covered. And anyway, even if the chilly winds try to make you uncomfortable, the warmth of Bardock's heart will always protect you. 

4- Basketball Kid Goku Camouflage Dragon Ball Hoodie

Basketball Kid Goku Camouflage Dragon Ball Hoodie - $54.99

Kid Goku looks awesome in every avatar. And he loves playing a game of basketball with his friends. There is never a dull moment when you team up with Kid Goku for a basketball game. If you plan to head to the basketball court anytime soon make sure you arrive there in style. And what better way to make a statement on the court than with this Basketball Kid Goku Camouflage Dragon Ball Hoodie. This hoodie will bring a spring to your feet as you have never felt before. And that will certainly help you score a few 6 pointers. Camouflage print is already so popular everywhere and when you team it up with a Kid Goku on the chest, you will certainly emerge as the MVP of the game. Just look at the way kid Goku is jumping. His eyes are wide open expecting a pass. Give the ball to him and let him roll. This 3D printed hoodie is made of springy mixed polyester fabric and will give you all the comfort you need. And if the winds are a bit chilly, then simply use the drawstring to tighten the hoodie. The pouch pockets especially are a godsend on those chilly days when your hands are freezing. If, you are planning to go on a road trip, do make sure that you take this Kid Goku hoodie with you. After all, there's nothing wrong with arriving in a bit of style and swagger. Treat yourself this season with this hoodie and you will have spent your money well. Even if you don't want to buy one for yourself and are looking for a gift to give to your friend, this hoodie will work just fine. And your friend will love you for gifting this to him. After all, everyone loves Goku, and if it is Kid Goku that they are getting gift wrapped, that's one of the best days ever. 

3- Beerus Fighting SSJ Goku Dragon Ball Super Hoodie

Beerus Fighting SSJ Goku Dragon Ball Super Hoodie - $54.99

Now that we have arrived at the business end of our list, we bring you one of the best anime prints ever on a hoodie. We all love the Universe seven's God of Destruction Beerus Sama. This guy is so insanely powerful that even his sneeze results in a planet getting exploded into oblivion. In the Dragon Ball Super animated series, Beerus Sama and Goku had one of the most epic fights of all time. And if it wasn't for our planet's tasty food, Beerus Sama would have destroyed our planet with a single word, Hakai. This 3D print is straight out of the anime series and its detailing is simply mesmerizing. Looks like Super Saiyan God Goku with his read hair is no match for this God of Destruction and is having a hard time getting an upper hand in the battle. Even after mastering the Ultra Instinct, Goku would have found Beerus Sama handful so without Ultra Instinct power-up, Goku simply has no chance. There aren't many hoodies around which can match the print quality of this one and this hoodie sits proudly on the third spot of our list of the Top Dragon Ball Hoodies in 2022.

2- Black Goku Performs Power Ball Attack Dragon Ball Super Hoodie

Black Goku Performs Power Ball Attack Dragon Ball Super Hoodie - $54.99

Black Goku is one of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball Universe. He is also one of the most in-style characters. Black Goku knows purple suits him the best and he makes sure that he is surrounded by a purple aura wherever he goes. And when the day comes when he needs to face an opponent on the battlefield, Black Goku simply performs a Kamehameha and the battle is won. This hoodie with Black Goku wearing his potara earrings and ready to launch a massive Kamehameha is certainly a keeper. The purple color with green aurora on the sides is a sight to behold. Wear this when you are going out to party with your friends, and you will be showered with as much attention as you can handle. Maybe even more. Just make sure you wear a pair of black jeans and your favorite sneakers and you will be the heart of the party. We deliver our hoodies without any shipping charges and thus you can order them from anywhere around the planet be rest assured you will receive this hoodie in no time. Dressing up has never been easier, especially because, with Black Goku on you, you don't need to worry about anything else. 

1- Black Goku SSJ Rose Half SSJ1 Goku Dragon Ball Super Hoodie

Black Goku SSJ Rose Half SSJ1 Goku Dragon Ball Super Hoodie - $54.99

The first spot of our Top 10 Dragon Ball Hoodies in the 2022 list, features a no-brainer hoodie. Black Goku is already awesome enough. But when you team him up with a Super Saiyan 1 Goku, things turn for the best. With this hoodie, you get the best of both worlds. You get your iconic Super Saiyan 1 along with the devastating Black Goku. The yellow hair and eyebrows on one side and pink hair and eyebrows on the other are a sight to behold. This all-black hoodie is a no-brainer because it will go with all sorts of jeans, trousers, and cargoes. You simply cannot go wrong with this one. The springy mixed polyester fabric keeps you cozy during low temperatures and ensures that the 3D print will last longer than you expect it to. The pouch pocket with space to store both hands will make sure that your hands are as cozy as you are. Go to the game night with your friends wearing this hoodie and you might even ensure the victory of your favorite team, such is the ki of these two Goku's. With them on your side, anything is possible. 

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