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Things You May Not Know About Dragon Ball's Main Couple: Goku And ChiChi

Things You May Not Know About Dragon Ball's Main Couple: Goku And ChiChi

Things You May Not Know About Dragon Ball's Main Couple: Goku And ChiChi

You can have your own opinion about Dragon Ball, and we get it. Every anime fan has ideas about what they like and do not. Some people like anime charged with bloody fights, and some do not. The good thing is that anime has changed a lot since it began, and today it is common to see glimpses of comedy, romance, and action in anime regardless of the principal genre or demographic.

When Toriyama started writing Dragon Ball, he maybe didn't have in mind to write romance. This is especially true because shonen anime tends to be for young boys, and most of the time audiences prefer to see fights over emotional couple scenes. Still, when writing the manga equivalent to Dragon Ball Z arcs, Toriyama wanted Goku to have a family. It's easy to see that he desired Goku's son to take over the world and be even better than Goku. He obviously wants Gohan to be the new main character. Still, it didn't sit that well with fans. Even after Goku died, fans didn't accept Gohan and not because he was a bad character, but because they missed Goku. But that is a whole other point.

You may ask, why are we telling you this? The only way Goku could have a son was to first have a romantic interest. Toriyama needed to include a bit of romance, at least. Even if he doesn't like to write it. And even if he didn't plan for Dragon Ball to have romantic scenes. He had to give Goku a girlfriend.

Goku And ChiChi's Early Days

They have known each other since they were kids. It could be romantic, but the fact is that Goku barely paid attention to her. He was primarily focused on training all of the time. She seemed to like him way more and even made him promise her that they would marry at one point once they were older. Imagine all that. Fans say that Goku didn't even know what a wedding was, so he accepted.

Goku grew older and kept training while traveling the world. ChiChi was a truly hopeless romantic, so she prepared herself while waiting for Goku. We imagine that she wanted to be valuable to him and that Goku served as an inspiration for her to train in the martial arts. 

They eventually married, but not every fan was satisfied with the outcome. Goku didn't seem like the type of guy that would wed one day. He seems to think about training all of the time. As the years passed and they had children, Goku barely paid attention to them. Fans speculate that the marriage only served as a plot device for the creation of Gohan and that Goku didn't want to marry in the first place.

You see, Goku and ChiChi are a curious couple. Today, we will remind you of some fun facts about them. We're sure at least one of those will come as a huge revelation for you.

Their relationship started as a friendship

ChiChi was practically in love with Goku since she first saw him, but it was not the same for him. At least not right away. At that time, he didn't know anything about romance or marriage or kids. He was a solitary kid, and the fact that he had a new good friend was as good as anything else for him. She had to be a little bit more direct, though. She had to tell him she wanted to marry him one day.

ChiChi was the one who wanted to marry Goku all along

Maybe the most shocking revelation of this couple is that maybe if ChiChi didn't show any romantic attraction to Goku, he would have never approached her first. They were twelve, and she wanted to share some information. Even at an early age, she knew she liked him, and she wanted to marry him at some point. Until that moment, Goku did not know what marriage was, and we think he had never felt romantic feelings towards anyone either.

Their first date was anything but romantic

One of the things that fans most criticize about Dragon Ball is that most romantic interactions between characters seem to happen off-screen, and it's not the exception for Goku and ChiChi. We know how their first date was way later when Gohan was already born.

In Dragon Ball Z, ChiChi tells her son that the first date with his husband was a battle. It's one of the less romantic things anyone could think of, but ChiChi was fine. Goku and ChiChi had a fight as worthy as anything else.

She never forgot Goku, but he kind of did

Since she made him promise that they would eventually marry, she never forgot about the promise or what Goku meant to her. She trained hard to surprise him with her abilities one day. When they fought against each other, of course, Goku was the one to win. He didn't recognize her at first, and she was about to get really mad at him.

Then, he recognized her, and we all know how this ended. They got together and got two kids. Maybe things didn't even be as bad for her as you would think after this encounter! 

She doesn't like it that he fights all the time

One of the main reasons ChiChi gets mad at Goku is that he wants to fight all the time. She would prefer him to have a "normal" job and to spend more time at home. Still, Goku can't change. He likes to fight, and he will keep doing it since that doesn't mean he loves his family any less. 

ChiChi seems to let him be, at least most of the time. She worries a lot about the money, but since her husband seems to bring enough from time to time, she isn't that harsh with him.

Goku's past inspires ChiChi to give her sons a prosperous future

Sometimes we forget how harsh Goku's life was. His silly demeanor makes us forget, but the fact is that it is something that has always been there. He lost his grandfather, and later Master Roshi was the one that took care of him. He wasn't like any other kid at his age: he never experienced a day in school. On the contrary, he was trained to fight and be the best at fighting. Even if that training turned him into a great fighter, Goku lacked basic knowledge about real life and simple things like how money worked or what marriage was. Because of those reasons, ChiChi always wanted her children to have a proper education.

After all, ChiChi is still a princess, and she has his father's help

Gyumao was the one that could help Goku and his family during tough times. Sure, being the main Earth's defender sounds like a fantastic title. Still, that doesn't mean you get all the money you might need to survive, especially if you have a family with two kids. Besides, Goku is always training, and even if it would be nice if he could get some money for it, it's not the case. Gyumao behaved very well with ChiChi and his family, lending them money when they needed it.

Even if she doesn't like that he is fighting all the time, ChiChi is a supportive wife

Sure, she understands that Goku is one of the leading Earth defenders. Yet, that doesn't mean that she likes it at least one bit. She would be happier if he could stay at home more frequently. Still, she supports him in everything he does. Goku is lucky to have a wife like her.

She supports his fights, and she's always looking for ways to help him.

Krillin thought ChiChi was beautiful

Here is a fun fact not everyone remembers. In the Tenkaichi Budokai #23, a mysterious heroine appeared out of nowhere, and everyone was speechless. One of the main reasons everyone talked about her is that she fought similarly to Master Roshi and his disciples. It seemed like she was trained by some of those people, but nobody knew where she had come from.

Krillin thought she was beautiful, but he didn't mind when she said she was engaged with Goku. It's a fun fact to consider that Krillin felt attraction toward ChiChi.

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We hope you liked this recount of some facts about Goku and ChiChi you didn't know or didn't remember!

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