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The Role of Majin Buu in Dragon Ball Super: A Look at His Return

The Role of Majin Buu in Dragon Ball Super: A Look at His Return

The Role of Majin Buu in Dragon Ball Super: A Look at His Return

The world of Dragon Ball Z was revolutionized with the introduction of Majin Buu, a powerful and enigmatic villain who proved to be a formidable adversary for Goku and his friends. But what happens to a character like Majin Buu once his time as a villain is over? In this blog, we'll explore Majin Buu's return in Dragon Ball Super and his role in the series.

The Return of Majin Buu

After the events of Dragon Ball Z, Majin Buu was thought to be gone for good. However, in Dragon Ball Super, we see his return in a surprising way. In the universe of Dragon Ball Super, there are twelve universes, each with its own god of destruction and attendant. In Universe 7, the god of destruction is Beerus and his attendant is Whis. One day, Beerus and Whis visit Earth to find the strongest warrior for Beerus to fight. They end up battling Goku and the other Z Fighters, but ultimately decide not to destroy Earth.

However, during the course of their visit, they learn of Majin Buu's incredible power and decide to recruit him as the fifth member of their team for the Universe 6 vs Universe 7 tournament. This is where we see Majin Buu return to the series as a key player.

Majin Buu's Role in Dragon Ball Super

In Dragon Ball Super, we see a different side of Majin Buu. He's no longer the evil and destructive force that we knew from Dragon Ball Z. Instead, he's now a lovable and quirky character, with a childlike innocence and a sense of humor that often provides comedic relief to the more serious moments in the series.

One of the biggest changes to Majin Buu's character is his newfound dedication to protecting his friends and loved ones. This is evident in the tournament when he sacrifices himself to save Mr. Satan from a dangerous attack. It's a moment that shows just how far Majin Buu has come from his days as a villain.

Another important aspect of Majin Buu's role in Dragon Ball Super is his relationship with his former enemy, Goku. While they were once bitter enemies, they now have a mutual respect for each other and work together as teammates. It's a testament to the power of friendship and the idea that even the most unlikely of allies can come together for a common goal.


Majin Buu's return in Dragon Ball Super was a pleasant surprise for fans of the series. While he was once a villain, he's now a beloved character with a heart of gold. His dedication to his friends and his newfound sense of responsibility make him a key player in the series, and his relationship with Goku serves as a reminder that even enemies can become allies.

Overall, Majin Buu's role in Dragon Ball Super is an example of how a character can evolve and change over time. His return to the series may have been unexpected, but it was a welcome addition to the Dragon Ball universe.

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