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The Android Saga Is One of The Best Sagas In Dragon Ball Z, And We Will Tell You Why

The Android Saga Is One of The Best Sagas In Dragon Ball Z, And We Will Tell You Why

The Android Saga Is One of The Best Sagas In Dragon Ball Z, And We Will Tell You Why

In an anime as long as Dragon Ball, there are a lot of arcs, also called sagas. They have the main objective to divide the plot into different parts. Each part has its own villain or a specific task the characters have to achieve. Sometimes a saga doesn't connect with the main plot, and sometimes this division serves as the introduction for a new character.

Dragon Ball is an anime about fighting, but can you imagine if the characters were always behind the same thing? Sure, the central plot is about the Dragon Balls, but the story is way more bearable if there is a new problem along with a new villain from time to time. One good thing about Dragon Ball is that it doesn't drift away too much from the main plot! So we don't have to worry about that many filler episodes. Goku and his friends have to find them, and once they find them, protect the Dragon Balls. While they do it, they also defend the Earth from any Saiyan, alien, or God who wants to destroy it for some reason or another. It's entertaining!

What Is Dragon Ball Z?

It's the sequel to Dragon Ball. Rumor has it that Toriyama, Dragon Ball's author, wanted to leave Goku aside and focus on Gohan, Goku's son. However, even if he left lots of hints along the way, he ended up abandoning this idea. That's why he brings Goku back after he dies. Because of the introduction of Gohan and Goku starting a new family, DBZ is a fan favorite, sometimes even surpassing Dragon Ball Super or the criticized Dragon Ball GT. 

How Many Sagas Does Dragon Ball Z Have?

Believe it or not, Dragon Ball Z is the part of Dragon Ball with the most number of sagas. If we check the Dragon Ball wiki, the first "season" of Dragon Ball has three. Then, Dragon Ball Z has six! When compared to others, it is the one that has the most number of arcs or sagas. It is impressive. Dragon Ball Super has three, and Dragon Ball GT has one, by the way. 

Which One Is The Best Saga In Dragon Ball Z?

We believe the Androids one is the best. (Or at least part of the best). The introduction of the Androids is excellent, and we all loved to see Vegeta being crushed by someone else. (We see you and respect you, Android 18). What a way to present the audience with a new character! We are talking about humans being modified with technology, the so-called cyborgs we find in other types of media. The new characters are cyborgs programmed to kill Goku! What could be better than that? We applaud Toriyama for his idea because it was creative, and today, among all of the other sagas in Dragon Ball, this one is still part of the most remembered ones.

What Happens Before The Androids Saga?

To explain the best part about the Androids saga, we have to go back for a bit. We present to you the Trunks saga! This one happens right before the Androids saga, and it trains us for what is about to come. We have this mysterious warrior that we don't know where he came from. Soon we discover the truth. He is the son of two main characters, Bulma and Vegeta. This revelation was way more surprising than it sounds, especially because, at that time, they both hated each other. They weren't even a couple! How is it possible that they have a child? His name is Trunks, and he comes from an alternate timeline where the Dragon Balls were destroyed, and almost everyone we know of is dead. That includes Goku and Vegeta. In this timeline, Trunks, whom we will call Future Trunks, grew up without having a father present in his life. It's a grim and gloomy timeline, and it's one of the moments Dragon Ball gets a bit darker in content. In fact, Future Trunk's movie, where his storyline is illustrated, is considered one of the best DBZ movies ever, but that's a whole other point. We love you, Future Trunks!

How Does Trunks Travel Through Time?

That is another incredible thing the DB plot had to explain for us. One of the ways to travel in time in Dragon Ball is the time rings. However, they can only be used by Supreme Kai, at least in theory. As Dragon Ball progresses, there are a few times when other characters use them, but they are scarce since the conditions to wear the time rings (like also having potara earrings) are challenging to achieve.

That's when we learn that Bulma and his father's company created a way to travel in time. In short, that's the way Trunks can make it. Because the time rings are primarily used to travel to the future and not backward.

Why Does Trunks Travel Through Time?

This saga lasts eight episodes in the anime, and after that, we go straight to the Androids saga. The main reason Trunks traveled in time is to warn Goku about something that happens in the future. Apparently, someone called Dr. Gero created a new menace to society, especially to Goku. They are Androids, and the series presents the term as people technologically modified to make them stronger and skilled. 

Dr. Gero, Do We Know Him?

Yes! He appears in Dragon Ball as a scientist, and in the original Dragon Ball, he already creates Androids. However, this creation of his doesn't get any further. The reason behind it? Goku destroys his organization, along with the Androids and the doctor. The main objective of those "villains" was to obtain the Dragon Balls, so you could say Goku was kind of pushed to eliminate them, just to protect the balls.

When Future Trunks arrives, he tells Goku that the doctor is actually alive and he has plans to destroy him again. He tells him that he should prepare with his friends because there is an upcoming battle, and the Androids are probably the most outstanding menace they will ever face. It's even scary to think about it! He tells our hero that in the timeline he comes from, Goku will die from heart disease. To avoid this future from happening again, he gives medicine to our hero. Right after this, the clock is ticking: the Z-fighters have to prepare for the battle with the so-called Androids.

What Happens After Those Three Years?

The good thing is that Trunks gave them the location where the Android would be, so the characters, including Goku, appear in that place: Sasebo. We see Bulma with a new baby, and Goku immediately knows the father is his rival Vegeta. Bulma seems surprised that our hero knows, but he doesn't reveal anything.

With this, the Androids saga begins. Today, we believe it is one of the best sagas ever in DB in general.

What Are Some Of The Battles That Happen In This Saga?

In the Androids saga, there are more or less fifteen battles. Still, some of the best ones include SS Vegeta with Android 18, Piccolo with Android 20, Dr. Gero with Android 17, and Goku with Android 19.

How Many Androids Are There?

Without counting Dr. Gero, four Androids appear in this saga. It's easy to count them, and they are called Android 19, Android 18, Android 17, and Android 16. If we recognize Dr. Gero, he is called Android 20. So that would make five of them.

Are There Any Differences Between The Manga And The Anime?

Yes, there are some of them! One of the main ones is that some battles do not happen in the manga because someone's character is dreaming about the battle, or it is a battle that only happens in their dreams. Some anime-only fights are Android 20 and Krillin; and Beach Dudes fighting Turtle. Other differences worth mentioning:

  • Dr. Gero is the one that strikes at Krillin, but in the manga, Krillin is the one that sees him first and then tells everyone about where he is.
  • In the manga, there are no scenes involving our hero, Goku, battling his illness. In the anime, there are some scenes with this, and he even has a nightmare caused by it.

That is everything for today! The Android Saga in DBZ is universally loved by fans all over the world because of the introduction of old villains like Dr. Gero and his new minions, the Androids. It is also full of mystery because Future Trunks is the one to warn the main characters about it, and it introduces the concept of time travel in Dragon Ball. Some characters keep appearing through time, like Android 18, who becomes the wife of the funny Krillin.

We hope you liked this, and before you go, please look at our store! You might find something you like, especially if you're a DBZ fan just like us.

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