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Potara earrings

Potara earrings

Potara earrings

The Potara earrings are one of the most famous items of Dragon Ball alongside de Dragon Balls.

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Salvation and doom alike. The earrings are a powerful artifact that can be used to do evil or good.

The Potara earrings have been used on multiple occasions by hero and villain alike to gain an advantage over their enemy.

The original owners of the Potara pendants are the supreme kais. But anybody can use them albeit to lesser effect. 

A lesser known quality of the Potara pendants is that only a wearer of these is capable of using the time rings.

What do they do

The Potara pendants allow two people to fuse. And create a new entity from the mix of the two. A new being much more powerful than the sum of the two that formed him. The fusion mixes the best from each of those how they fuse.

Unlike the Fusion Dance which has to be performed by two warriors with skill that have similar body characteristics and fighting prowess by perfectly synchronizing themselves. The pendants allow any two persons to fuse (as long as they have an ear to put them on). 

The fusion with the Potara is supposedly permanent. However in certain conditions it has been shown that that’s not the case. An example is the fusion between Vegeta and Goku forming the famous Vegito during the fight against Buu. Once they get absorbed by Buu the power of the earrings wears off and they defuse.

Later it is revealed that the fusion is permanent only in the case that at least one of the fuses is a supreme kai. Otherwise the fusion only lasts one hour unless the fused being is too powerful 

The Potara also allow for the use of the time rings revealed by Gowasu. Only a wearer of the Potara pendants can use the time rings.

How to use them

The pendants can be used by two persons by placing them in the opposite ear from the other. This will pull them together and fuse them creating a new character.

As an example if you wanted to fuse with a friend you could place a pendant on your left ear and he on his right one.

The Potara don’t actually have to be of the same set to fuse the owners. Which is shown in Shin and Kibito’s fusion.

Wearing the Potara is also a requirement to use the time rings.

Characters that have used them

  • Vegeta and Goku => Vegito
  • Young elder Kai and old witch => Elder Kai
  • Shin and Kibito => Kibito kai
  • Caulifla and Kale => Kefla
  • Goku Black and Future Zamasu => Fused Zamasu


The Potaras are first introduced in Dragon Ball Z. Each of the supreme kais possesses a par. The power of this ring is first made apparent when the supreme old kai explains the pendant’s properties to Goku and presents him with the possibility to use them as a last stand tool to defeat Buu.

During the Majin Buu saga. Goku uses the Potara with Vegeta forming the legendary Vegito. By themselves and teaming up the saiyans were no match for the prowess of Majin Buu. However after the fusion this reverses. Fused they are more than capable of easily overpowering the villain suggesting that the fusion with the Potara produces a being more powerful than the sum of its parts.

Back in the day when the Old Kai was the Young Old Kai. When he was chilling, reading manga calmy in his world. An Old Witch sneaking behind him tried to steal his pendants. She only halfly succeeded, managing to take one of the earrings from the kai. She tried provoking the fusion between them

When Old Kai starts explaining the effects of the Pottara, Shin and Kibito not giving the old kai time to finish his explanation try them. They didn’t know the full effects of the Potara. After trying the artifacts Shin and Kibito fuse creating Kibito kai. Even so, the power of both of them together is far from the power of Majin Buu. So Kibito kai can’t join the fight.

Later on, Zamasu and Goku black on the Future Zamasu saga use them as well. Zamasu is a supreme kai in training so he knows how to use the Potara.

After a lot of gruesome fighting between Goku, Vegeta, Zamasu and Goku Black with the support of other Z warriors such as future Trunks. Zamasu and Goku Black realize that the Z Warriors are a lot stronger than anticipated and eventually they will get defeated by them. So they use the Potara pendants to fuse and create an even powerful warrior that almost defeats the good guys. If it wasn’t by the corruption of the fusion and his try at becoming the incarnation of justice he may have succeeded.

Later on when Caulifla and Kale are taking on Goku together their matched power is no match for the super saiyan god of Goku. This is where the dragon ball z potara earrings come in! These young saiyans use the Potara to fuse. 

As it turns out Champa(the god of universe 6) before the start of the tournament had given Potara pendants to the fighters as a triumph card tool.

The fusion of Caulifla and Kale produces the entity known as Kefla.

Kefla is extremely powerful, possessing the genius fighting skills of Caulifla and the out of the charts powers of Kale.

Kefla is stronger than Super Saiyan God Blue Goku. The only way Goku is able to defeat Kefla is by using the Ultra Instinct.


We can conclude that:

  • The Potara pendants are extremely powerful items that allow the wearer not only to time travel but to fuse with other warriors.
  • The pendants not only allow for fusing, they also allow the users to time travel if they also wear the time rings.
  • The original Potara
  • The Potara fusion is not permanent unless at least one of the fuses is a supreme kai.
  • The Potara have not only been used by the protagonist but also by the villains producing enemies exceedingly powerful.
  • The original owners of the artifacts are the supreme kais.

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