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Let's Talk About Vegeta's Only Daughter: Bulla

Let's Talk About Vegeta's Only Daughter: Bulla

Let's Talk About Vegeta's Only Daughter: Bulla

Dragon Ball tells us the story of a kind-hearted boy named Goku, whose main objective is to search and preserve the Dragon Balls. However, the story starts with him being a little kid, so we see him train as he grows up and meets new characters along the way. As the series progresses, we learn that Goku is a Saiyan, making him part of a practically eradicated race. 

One of the most intriguing characters is Vegeta. He is a Saiyan Prince that wants the Dragon Balls to use them for his own good. Because of that reason, at first, Vegeta is depicted as a villain. Besides, he was part of the Frieza Forces.

Vegeta As A Character

As a Saiyan, Vegeta is cruel and arrogant. However, his personality is considered worse than what a common Saiyan would be. His Prince condition and Saiyan heritage make him very self-aware of his power, and he believes himself to be better than everyone. All those things about his personality make him a number one villain when the series starts.

Born a killer, he enters the Frieza Forces and stays there. After that, he abandons the Forces and lives on Earth, where he trains, intending to become better than Goku.

After hundreds of episodes, his primary goal of being better than Goku remains, but he also becomes part of the Z-Fighters to protect his family. Even if his family started being unlikely and with Bulma.

Bulma And Vegeta: What A Couple

Once called a toxic relationship, their connection has been criticized for different points. And since we will be talking about Bulla, what better way to do it while talking about her parents?

This couple meets on Planet Namek, but even then, there wasn't any spark at first sight or anything that could hint at a relationship between the two of them. 

Surprisingly, Bulma was the one who showed attraction to him at first, to Vegeta's confusion. Bulma, being how she is, was proactive in the relationship with Vegeta, always wanting to talk to him or be close, even when he scared her. She never lost the determination to be with him.

At the moment, she has a boyfriend, Yamcha. There is a point in the plot where he even stays where she leaves, and this only helps to fuel Yamcha's jealousy.

At the start of their relationship as "people who know each other," Vegeta used to get annoyed by how frequently she was. Still, they maintain their relationship in a pull-and-shrink dynamic that surprises the other characters. The main event of their relationship is when Vegeta gets injured and stays in the care of Bulma. Of course, Vegeta being unable to train only led to him showing the worst of his character. At last, Trunks is born as a consequence of a one-night stand between the two, but the creators never explain much about this.  

For months, they didn't show much appreciation to each other. This made everyone confused because they had a child, and at least they were supposed to act romantically with each other for the sake of their kid. There were times when Bulma was in danger and times when Vegeta chose not to save her. So, you can say the romance they would have later on didn't start right away, and it was more like a result of the child they had together.

Since Dragon Ball has lots of time skips, this also helps develop the different relationships between characters without having to explain a lot about it. For example, we know this couple got married after the Cell Saga, and that in that time, they both seemed to solve some differences. An explanation was related to how he wanted to be present in Trunks' life. Even so, he showed his love for his family, including Bulma choosing to stay by their side.

Vegeta As A Family Man

Sure, he chose to stay by his family's side. Still, he is Vegeta. We are talking about a Saiyan Prince! Someone who was raised to kick ass and be the best at everything. Not only as a Saiyan and warrior but also as a person. Of course, it's to be expected that he wants to go back to how everything was before, where he traveled from planet to planet destroying everything because Frieza told him so.

At this point in the Vegeta plot, he has an identity crisis. He wanted to be evil again but didn't want to leave his family because to do one thing, he had to do the other. In the end, decides he can't be evil again if it means backstabbing his family for some stupid goal. Here is when you know that Vegeta has one hell of character development! We were used to seeing him as a villain, but suddenly, he has a family he cares about.

In the Buu Saga, there is a moment when he believes his family has been absorbed by the villain, so of course, he feels rage and sadness and is willing to do anything if that means avenging his family. Bulma eventually forgives him!

Vegeta Actually Loves Her Wife

Later on, he will admit that he honestly loves her because of her personality and how she behaves with him. Partially afraid of him at the beginning, as a wife, Bulma isn't scared to say what she thinks about him, even if that means saying that she should take a shower or that Trunks starts to cry every time he sees him.

But that's enough talking about Bulla's parents, right? What about Bulla?

Bulla: Everything We Know About Her

She's the daughter of the couple we were talking about. She's also the only girl if we take into account Goku's children. Since Trunks was the result of an affair, it's nice to know that Bulla was actually conceived as the genuine love between them.

Bulla looks really like her mother! She even has her iconic blue hair, and different characters say she looks like her dad when he gets angry.

If we talk about her personality, that's a different matter. Maybe because she was raised by Bulma, who is known for her different outfits and hair changes throughout the series, Bulla grows up being very feminine.

While being a baby, she is cute and is always laughing. She gets along with almost everyone! Even Beerus, who enjoys babysitting her. 

When we see her as a teenager, she behaves like her mother: sassy and spoiled. Just like her!

Bulla And Her Relationship With Vegeta

Even if it doesn't look like it, they get along really well. Vegeta loves to spoil her, and at one point, even takes her to shop for clothes. (Apparently, she likes this as much as her mother). She also makes Vegeta smile!

Is Bulla A Fighter?

Sadly, no. Maybe because Bulla was the younger child, her parents never forced her to do anything she didn't want to. That includes, of course, not training if she doesn't feel like it. Bulla is okay with seeing violence, but fighting is definitely not her thing. (It can be because she was a girl since few girls fight in Dragon Ball). 

Bulla is very confident in what she wants to do, and since her parents don't force her to do anything, she never trained like her brother.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know About Her?

Sure! According to the wiki trivia, here are some facts about Bulla:

  • Since in Japanese the "ll" in her name isn't pronounced, her name sounds like "Bura".
  • We all know Toriyama loves creating family names! Following Trunks and Bulma, Bulla was named that way because it sounds like "Bra" if you pronounce it in Japanese. And yes, it refers to underwear. In the English dub, the producers decided to change it to Bulla because it sounds like her mother's name.
  • She loves shopping.
  • Vegeta wanted to give her a Saiyan name, but Bulma went ahead and named her differently. (And thank God she did!)
  • Fans assure Bulla is probably Vegeta's favored child.
  • Her hair color is exactly the same as her mother's.
  • She doesn't seem to enjoy fighting. However, she knows how to.

That is everything for today! Bulla might not be a character that is talked a lot about in Dragon Ball blog posts, and that is why we decided to make one about her. Bulla doesn't get half the credit as Gohan or Trunks. Partly because she didn't dedicate her life to fighting. Besides, she comes from the youngest generation of children, making her hard to notice when the show primarily focuses on the older ones.

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