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Krillin: More Than Just A Human! Character Analysis And Some of His Best Fights

Krillin: More Than Just A Human! Character Analysis And Some of His Best Fights

Krillin: More Than Just A Human! Character Analysis And Some of His Best Fights

Every TV show, series, book, anime, or manga has that one character that serves as the comedy relief. Especially if the anime is dark or if the comedy moments are brief. That one character helps to break the tension in different moments. The funny behavior can make it eligible for a fan favorite, too. As always, we start with an example of this in another anime.

In Shingeki no Kyojin can be Connie or Sasha. They are supporting main characters, but that is what makes them memorable. Most of the time, their interactions with the other characters and each other are made to make people laugh. We completely get it! Shingeki no Kyojin can be dark and grim, particularly with all those deaths. So to make things a little bit lighter from time to time, we get Sasha and Connie!

When talking about Dragon Ball, this anime is not half as dark, violent, or gory as Shingeki no Kyojin, but still, it is common to see the figure of the comedy character in more light-hearted anime.

With this introduction, we present a character that served as comedy relief in DBZ. Our Krillin is a character that has died more times than the average Dragon Ball character. And the thing we most love about him is in a world full of Saiyans, aliens, and hybrids, he is a human. We present you: Krillin.

Who is Krillin?

When Goku arrives on Earth, he is soon taken under the wing of Master Roshi. Master Roshi trains him until he grows old enough to make missions on his own. What does this have to do with Krillin, you may ask? Well, Krillin was the one who trained with our hero in his childhood. For this same reason, there is some kind of rivalry between them at the beginning. Still, both are too kind and easygoing to maintain that rivalry for too long. They get to become best friends as the series progresses. Even being a supporting character, Krillin tends to be constant in time. Toriyama even took the time to give him a wife and a daughter!

Is He Dragon Ball's Comedy Relief?

Yes, he is! First of all, he is the only human. We might see it as the most normal thing in the world, but Toriyama makes sure that because of that same reason, Krillin tends to lose his fights or at least serve as that one character that distracts the enemy before someone more powerful appears. (Goku, we are looking at you). Besides, his design makes him look funny, and we will tell you why. He has no hair, and he's also really short. Toriyama, if your main objective was to make him funny, then you made it. So, alright. Krillin is bald by choice because of his monastic upbringing. He has no hair by choice since he likes to shave it or wax it. He is all a character! He also has two black dots as eyes and six burn marks on his forehead. Apparently, those last ones are moxibustion marks.

What is Krillin Like?

Goku is known for bringing the best of him to people, and we believe that's what happened with Krillin. When the training with Master Roshi began, Krillin used to feel jealousy toward Goku. Years later, he even admits that he hated him. Still, they get to be best friends soon enough.

Today, Krillin is someone generous and light-hearted. He likes to help people, and he still has jealousy in him, but it's way less when compared to when we first saw him.

The thing that most makes Krillin the way he is and the central core of his character is that he is human. Sure, there are other human characters like the smart Bulma and the innocent ChiChi, but none of them engage in as many fights as Krillin.

Is He The Most Powerful Human?

According to the Dragon Ball wiki and our knowledge, we could say that he is part of the most mighty ones. With the arrival of hybrids in the Dragon Ball Universe, like Gohan and Trunks, it's hard to say because they are not pure-blooded humans. Krillin, on the other hand, is one. However, this achievement is in part thanks to genetics and his training. Even if he seems weak compared to the Saiyans, Krillin is superior to most humans in the world. Krillin's abilities are unique to humans, and that's what makes him so powerful.

In the series, several characters state that he is, like Yamcha, and the author, Toriyama, has also said he is the strongest one.

When Is The First Time He Appears?

He appears in the Tournament Arc and tries to convince Master Roshi to accept him as one of his students. It's funny when he meets Goku since he believes he is immature. On the other hand, Goku is not even aware that he might be perceived as annoying or dumb. As the series progresses, they become good buddies, almost inseparable ones.

What Are His Best Fights?

As we said in the beginning, he is not a character who always wins. In the DB World, everyone is an alien or a super trained soldier ready to kill everyone. It's hard to shine when you're just a capable human. Still, that doesn't take away Krillin's will to keep being a fighter. Let's take a look at some of his best fights!

When he fights Jackie Chun

It's one of the first fights we see of him in the series and during the Tournament of Power. Given the nature of the characters, there is a lot of comedy during the fight. That doesn't make it any less charming. On the contrary, it's a fight that gives us good insight into both characters.

In this Tournament, Chun's first battle was with Yamcha, and it was totally boring. Chun was way more powerful, and the fight was over within minutes. However, right after that is Krillin, and he is the one that gives Jackie Chun a good fight. It was a proper way to show the audience that the training with Master Roshi wasn't in vain.

When he fights Frieza (along with Gohan and Vegeta, of course)

As we told you at the start of the article, most of the time, the fights Krillin engages in include buying time until someone way stronger appears to help in the battle. The cutest thing is that Gohan and Krillin are the ones that have less possibility of survival because we understand how Vegeta can take care of himself, but even so, Krillin and Goku's son are the ones who help. Still, for being a character that believes he is the center of the Universe (we're sorry, Vegeta fans, but it's the truth), Vegeta is not the one that makes the most out of this battle. In fact, Krillin, along with Gohan, are the ones that buy Goku the necessary time before he comes to the scene. Kudos to Krillin for being so brave!

When he fights Recoome (along with Vegeta and Gohan, again)

We believe that this team is amusing. We are sure Vegeta never thought that he would be in that situation. Not in a million years. He is combating along with a monk and a child! Still, these group battles are known for being the opening until Goku arrives. They are not real battles per se, but more like "every man for himself" type of situation. The characters have one central objective: to keep themselves alive until someone more powerful comes and gets to fight the enemy. Poor Krillin, once again almost dying. Even if his support wasn't as noticeable as it was in the fight with Frieza, we adore Krillin's presence because of how fearless he is. Fighting a former member of the Ginyu Force? That's nothing for Krillin.

When he fights Vegeta (along with Goku, Gohan, and Yairobe)

We know what you are thinking! But the thing is that Vegeta has changed through the years. Of course, this fight was more than the ones where they fought together. After Goku tries to stop the Prince without any result, one of the few warriors left is Krillin. He might be an Earthling, but what other choice do the characters have? In this fight, he was about to kill Vegeta, but Goku, being all kind and forgiving, decides to spare Vegeta's life.

When he fights Goku

A lot of fans consider this the best Krillin fight! It's the only time they fight with each other in the series. Things like the choreography and the fact that Master Roshi recognizes both of his students as capable warriors in their own right make it even more memorable.

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