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How To Make Your Own Dragon Ball Crocs

How To Make Your Own Dragon Ball Crocs

How To Make Your Own Dragon Ball Crocs

Sometimes when you are a fan of a TV show, series, or anime, you just want to take every piece of clothing you own and customize it according to your favorite anime of the moment. We get it! We have also been there. The customization of clothing, shoes, and backpacks has always been present, and it's one of the reasons merchandise is still so popular.

Dragon Ball is the type of anime that marked an entire generation of kids that played during the school recess, throwing invisible Kamehamehas at each other. Dragon Ball is definitely the type of anime that will have such an impact on the population.

Right now, we're about to enter summer, so it's only logical that we are thinking about sunny days, the beach, and pool parties. Because of all that, maybe there was an idea at the back of your head. What if I do my own Dragon Ball crocs? Crocs are customizable and fun to wear, so we totally get you on that idea, and today we will help you achieve it. But first, let's take a look at the basic things we need to know before starting our customization adventure.

What Are Crocs?

Crocs is a brand that started in 2002. By that time, the shoes were called "Crocs Beach," and they didn't start being the most popular shoe brand right away. As time passed, this brand slowly but surely rose to the top, and today they are a well-known brand. In the United States, the brand is notable since kids tend to wear them for school. Besides, this brand is also famous among healthcare workers! This is mainly because of the comfort they offer.

How Do The Shoes Look Like?

We're sure you have seen those shoes before. They are made of plastic, and the brand describes their most famous shoes as some kind of "foam clog." The brand is called Crocs, Inc. Still, most of the time, when someone talks about Crocs, they refer to that specific type of shoe: made of plastic and with that distinctive design that has made Crocs so famous worldwide. One of the most liked qualities of Crocs is that they can be customizable, and it's easy to do so.

Can I Customize My Own Crocs?

Yes! Since they are made of plastic, Crocs are shoes easy to customize however you like. One of the most used and known ways to customize your Crocs is the Jibbitz charms. Still, there are other ways to customize your Crocs and make them Dragon Ball Crocs! Don't worry, we will show you different ways and how you can make them. The most famous ones include using paint, fabric, or glitter.

What Are Jibbitz Charms?

If you have seen a pair of Crocs shoes before, you will realize they have small holes on the surface. Jibbitz charms, also called Crocs pins, are made so they can fit on the holes of your Crocs. In that way, you can customize your Crocs however you like by adding as much as you want to them. In this case, if we're doing Dragon Ball customization, you can get Goku pins, Vegeta pins, or Gohan pins. Just to name a few characters! But it can be however you prefer.

Why Should I Customize My Crocs?

Maybe you want to look different or to stand out! Another reason is that you prefer your Crocs to look like you want them to look, and a way to do it it's by customizing them with your favorite anime ever. At the end of the day, that's a decision only yours to take. Still, you will give you a list of pros and cons.


  • You will have unique Dragon Ball Crocs
  • You get to customize the Crocs however you please because you're doing it yourself
  • You don't spend lots of money buying Dragon Ball Crocs
  • If you buy Jibbitz, you get to choose them and place them however you want


  • As it happens with any "do it yourself" work, it's something that takes time, particularly, if you use paint or markers
  • Sometimes if the way of customization is more manual, like painting or using fabric, the end result might not be as impressive if you don't have any experience doing it

Are you convinced yet? There are different ways of customizing your Crocs! Right now, we will show you how. Keep up with us!

What Are The Ways Of Customizing My Crocs?

Finally! The moment we were waiting for. How can you make your own Dragon Ball Crocs? There are different ways to do this. We will review some of the most used ones so you can pick which one adapts to what you're looking for. Some methods are better if you're someone really creative. However, some others will suit you better if you want something quicker.

Paint markers

It might not sound like the most obvious choice, but if you're someone who has a gift in the art of painting, this might be a good choice for you. It's easier to paint with markers on a plastic surface, and that's the primary reason we put markers as an option, about using a brush and actual paint. 

Before starting to paint them, you have to clean the Crocs and make sure they are dry. Then, you can use a pen to draw the outlines. After all that, you can search for a picture of your favorite character, logo, or kanji so you can paint it on your pair of Crocs.

This method is perfect if you're someone who: likes to draw, has an artistic side, and has time to do both. If you know how to draw, you're good to go.

You should choose another method if you: don't know how to draw, don't have patience, or don't like painting with markers.


When we heard about this method, we were as astonished as you are right now! Because of that same reason, we're about to explain it to you, so listen up. Apparently, one way to customize your Crocs is to add fabric to them and then add glue to make the fibers keep in place. We're not sure how this customization method would look, but hey, it exists, and someone has already tried it. You could use fabric and then paint on it, but we're not sure how that could work either.

This method is perfect if you're someone who: isn't afraid to try new tendencies and you're okay with the fact that you will have fabric on top of your Crocs.

You should choose another method if you: want an easy way of customization.

We believe using fabric can look good on your Crocs but only if you do it correctly because otherwise, it can look really weird.

Jibbitz charms

Probably the most famous way of customization. Still, we get why: it's the easier one! Jibbitz charms or pins are accessories you can add to your Crocs. They are made to fit perfectly in the holes of your Crocs. The good thing about Jibbitz charms is that they exist in all forms and sizes. To make your own Dragon Ball Crocs, all you need is some Dragon Ball pins! We sell them at our store, so you don't have to worry about looking for good quality because we already have that. Jibbitz charms can be of the DB logo, a specific character, or a kanji. Contrarily to the other methods, you can put and take off the charms whenever you like. You can also replace the charms with new ones! With the charms, you will not do anything permanent to your Crocs. That's the main reason why this method is so popular. 

This method is perfect if you're someone who: wants an easy way to customize their Crocs, like how the Jibbitz charms look, and wants something reversible done to their Crocs.

You should choose another method if you: want something more original, like painting over the plastic.

Are Jibbitz Charms The Best Way To Customize My Dragon Ball Crocs?

It all depends on what you're looking for! Jibbitz charms are the most well-known way to customize Crocs. They are perfect for giving your Crocs an original look without taking away their original essence, something you would do if you added paint or fabric. You can take a look at the pins in our store!

That's everything for today! If you were looking for a way to make your own Dragon Ball Crocs, we hope we have cleared your mind about what you would like to do with them. You can add paint, fabric, or charms. Whatever you choose is up to you. The crucial thing is to have fun while you do it and to be happy with the result. We're sure your Dragon Ball Crocs would look amazing!

Either way, we invite you to take a look at our store. We have Dragon Ball pins, but also we have other items like potara earrings or the Vegeta pink shirt.

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