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Hints That Gohan Was Going To Be Our New Main Character After Dragon Ball Z

Hints That Gohan Was Going To Be Our New Main Character After Dragon Ball Z

Hints That Gohan Was Going To Be Our New Main Character After Dragon Ball Z

It would be an arduous task to think about an anime that marked generations as hard as Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball Z worked as a sequel for the original Dragon Ball. The division was almost unplanned. In the manga, everything is called Dragon Ball, and that's it. Still, we are glad the division worked that perfectly and allowed us to seemingly enter this new season.

Since it started, Dragon Ball has changed in different ways. Some of them were universally loved by most fans, but some others, not so much. Today, we will talk about one of those significant changes.

Even if the main character forming a family and having a son isn't uncommon in shonen anime, it was weird that it happened so soon in Dragon Ball. Rumor has it that Akira Toriyama, Dragon Ball's mangaka, wanted to make Gohan the new main character after Goku's death. Of course, he changed his mind in the process. Most fans loved Gohan. But, at the end of the day, he wasn't Goku. This made Toriyama change his final decision of making Gohan the main character. The thing is, he left lots of hints in the way. Gohan starts being just Goku's Son, but he climbs and climbs until he gets to be considered one of the most powerful characters in the series. We will remember some of those hints that suggested Gohan would have taken Goku's place.

He is Goku's son

It might sound obvious, but the first hint that Toriyama gave us if that he literally is Goku's descendence. It's not the first time in a series where the older generations step aside to offer more room to the newer ones. We believe that is what Toriyama intended.

Goku is the central character of Dragon Ball and is the one that moves the plot forward. Logically, the action revolves around him, his friends, and his adventures. We get the news that Goku will have a son, and it's incredible. Soon, the announcement that this son will be way more powerful than his father makes the characters in the universe happy. It's something that creates high expectations not only in the characters but also in the viewers.

Supreme Kai Recruits Gohan

One of the most loved things about Dragon Ball among fans is how the characters have god-like abilities that can get better every single time. There are always new villains and new difficulties for our heroes to go through. We love seeing them go through all of that. 

When the threat of Majin Buu appears, our characters need new people. It's something they have never seen before, and they need everything they have in their hands to defeat this evil villain.

In response to Majin Buu's attack, Supreme Kai recruits kid Gohan to train him. In this, Gohan trains with the legendary Z Sword. Then, kid Gohan unlocks Ultimate Gohan. It's an influential moment, and this is a new ability that gives Gohan the confidence he needs.

Gohan Is The First Half-Saiyan, Half-Human Hybrid

If we talk about Goku's son, we should expect nothing but greatness. What makes this even more interesting is that Goku learns he is a Saiyan during Dragon Ball Z. After that, he gets to know different Saiyans, just like him. Still, Gohan is something that the universe has never seen before. He is Half-Saiyan. Goku is the first Saiyan to have a child with a human. 

In other franchises where creators include the concept of a hybrid, sometimes those hybrids aren't half as good as a "pure breed." In Dragon Ball, we do not have to worry about that. The plot tells us that Gohan and his hybrid condition give him the potential to be even better than his father. Imagine all that.

As the series progresses, we get to know other hybrids. (Trunks and Goten, we are looking at you). Still, Gohan was the first, and that is something we can't take away from him.

Gohan Against Raditz

It doesn't matter how much time has happened. One of the most cold-blooded things about Dragon Ball Z is how it starts. Suddenly, we learn that Goku has a lost Saiyan brother. We don't know how he survived, but it doesn't matter. Now he is here, and he wants to destroy Earth. The presentation of Raditz in the series was brutal, but it also serves to show how important Gohan is.

When Raditz appears, the moral side needs both Piccolo and Goku to fight because only one of them it's not enough to defeat him. Even if, at this point, Gohan was only four years old, he frightens Raditz. It's almost funny when you think about it, but it happens.

Piccolo's Sacrifice To Protect Gohan

Even if some would argue that Dragon Ball is a kid's show and that most of the time, the moral decisions of the characters are black or white, we are here to assure you that it is not the case. When Piccolo appears, he is a villain that wants to take revenge against Goku.

Still, even a villain can change. The most impressive thing about this sudden change is caused by the one and only Gohan.

For a time, Piccolo has the responsibility of training him. In the process, a paternal sentiment gets installed on him. At first, Piccolo denies it, but the fact that he gets soft with his pupil is remarkable. 

In the battle with Nappa, Piccolo goes as far as giving his own life to save Gohan. This is the moment where we actually believe Piccolo turned good. Besides, it's a way for Toriyama to tell us how important Gohan is and how essential it is that he keeps being alive.

Youngest Saiyan On Board

Dragon Ball doesn't let us down when it comes to giving the Super Saiyan transformations to our characters. Even if it's something that it's supposed to happen from time to time, Dragon Ball eventually gives all main characters the possibility of being SS.

In Dragon Ball Z, we have Goku, Vegeta, and even Future Trunks. All of them are Super Saiyans, and we are proud of seeing them achieve this at one point or another. Still, there is something left to mention: they obtained this when they were adults. What is the main difference between them and Gohan? He is the youngest Saiyan to achieve the Super Saiyan form. It doesn't matter what the record is because Gohan will beat it. That's how powerful he is.

Future Trunks And Gohan Know Each Other

Some fans say Dragon Ball was a child's game. Of course, this is reversed when we get to know the sequel: Dragon Ball Z. Some of the craziest ideas that went through Toriyama's mind include time travel and the alternative universe's plot. Still, we don't complain because Future Trunks is probably one of the best characters that DBZ could give to us.

We know in the universe where Future Trunks comes from, most of the main characters are dead, including Vegeta. That's when a new question arises. Who was the one who trained Future Trunks? In fact, it was an Adult Gohan version. Some say that Future Trunks wouldn't be able to try to save our heroes' timeline if it wasn't for Gohan's influence.

He Starts A Family

When Goku starts a family, we kind of expect it. He is the main character, and it's only logical that soon we could see his children. The first one, Gohan, ends up being the first Half-Saiyan hybrid. Instantly, we loved him.

The thing we didn't see coming was Gohan forming his own family and making Goku a grandad. Goku grandpa, for the win! Gohan starts being "Goku's son" by making his own history and showing us how he does it.

Most of The Time, Gohan Remains Alive

The ability to stay alive is something that we appreciate in Dragon Ball. Okay, we get it, we have the Dragon Balls, and we can revive any character whenever we want. Still, that doesn't take away Gohan's natural ability to avoid death like it was the plague. That one characteristic alone makes him very "main character material". Gohan, we love you, and we are grateful that you have fewer deaths than other characters in the group, like Vegeta or Goku.

Gohan transforms into Super Saiyan 2

The characters could feel the tension in the air. After Goku dies in Dragon Ball Z, Gohan achieves his SS2 form. Is it a coincidence? We don't think so. Just like if you saw a Unicorn, Toriyama wanted to make this character the main one. It happens right after Goku leaves us! It was a subtle detail that we caught right away. This gives Gohan a new kind of responsibility. He has to be the same as his father, or even better. That's what you get when you are the first Half-Saiyan and also Goku's first son. Still, Gohan takes it with grace and does a superior job.



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