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Gohan Is More Than Goku's Son: Reasons Why He Is One Of The Best Characters In Dragon Ball Z

Gohan Is More Than Goku's Son: Reasons Why He Is One Of The Best Characters In Dragon Ball Z

Gohan Is More Than Goku's Son: Reasons Why He Is One Of The Best Characters In Dragon Ball Z

We fervently believe that one of the things Toriyama wanted from the beginning of Dragon Ball, but later on, had to drop it because of the pressure coming from the fans was Gohan. Sure, he didn't literally drop Gohan, but more like dropped the original reason he created the character.

Rumor has it that Toriyama wanted to kill Goku and make a new beginning with a hypothetical son. Throughout the series, there are lots of hints. The hints are even more noticeable in Dragon Ball Z, where Gohan first appears. Those hints almost screamed at our faces that Gohan would be the next new thing.

We learn that half Saiyans can be even more powerful than pure-blooded ones, and the series focuses on Gohan's training and how he wants to achieve that. He wants to be one of the best Saiyans for his father. At one point, Goku even dies, but it doesn't last that much since fans wanted Goku back.

Because of those different reasons, sometimes it feels like Gohan's storyline was dropped, and Toriyama had to make him do something just for the sake of the plot. Still, we believe he is a character that has accomplished different things, and in those moments, he is even more powerful than his father.

Today, we will make an in-depth analysis of Gohan as a character, and we will also remember some of his best fights. Keep up with us.

Who Is Gohan, Anyway?

He is the son of Goku and ChiChi. He is their first son, and because of his parents, he is half Saiyan and half Earthling. One of the most amazing things about Gohan is that he is the first hybrid of this type presented in this series. Of course, ultimately, ChiChi and Goku would have another son, Goten. Also, Vegeta and Bulma would have Trunks. And so on.

But at the moment of Gohan's birth, he is the first one of his type, and we can't help but be mesmerized by how significant that is. As Goku, since he was little, he had to endure different types of training. One of the most significant and harsh ones is one that he does with Piccolo.

Since he was little as four years, Gohan had to train with this beast, starving in the desert and fighting his master for days on end. It isn't the most playful thing you could do to a four-year-old, but we suspect that since he is Goku's son, people expected a lot from him, resulting in lots of pressure on the poor boy.

Even if, without context, it sounds terrible, Piccolo was always there for Gohan. More like a mentor, he made sure that Gohan had the resources to find his way on his own, and we find that amazing. This relationship was built-in trust, and Gohan knew that he could count on Piccolo if things went wrong. Their relationship is one of the most impressive ones. This applies not only to both of those characters but to Dragon Ball. At first, they hated each other, as much as a teacher can hate their students, but the relationship grew based on trust, admiration, and confidence.

What Are Some Of The Best Gohan Fights?

Since Dragon Ball is an anime full of action and fight scenes, it would be almost impossible to talk about any character without including their best fights. Let's get started with his fights! We will give you a bit of context for every battle, and then we will tell you why it was one of the best.

When he fights Dabura

This fight happens in Dragon Ball Z. It happens when Vegeta and Goku are occupied trying to stop Majin Buu. As this is happening, everything is chaotic. Goku and Vegeta have fought someone from the Babidi team, and now Gohan has to do his own thing. He will fight Dabura. The thing is, Dabura is really dangerous, and Gohan has been neglecting his practice for a while. As viewers, we didn't know how it would end, but it was a good fight nevertheless.

It might not be one of Gohan's best fights, but it is a fight that showed us what he could do after the Cell games arc. Some fans didn't like it that much, going as far as to call it "a disappointment". Still, it was funny that Gohan was literally fighting the King of Demons while maintaining his humor. Goku and Vegeta's faces were also amusing.

When he fights Super Buu

Dragon Ball Z allowed us to see how much Gohan could achieve, but sometimes we think they sold us Gohan as the most powerful one just by telling us, not by showing. Still, Gohan does a great job this time. In this fight, Super Buu destroys everything on Earth and "absorbs" people, as the series calls it. We think it's a more subtle way to say "eat people," but we have to remember this is a kid's show. While Buu is on his rampage, nothing seems able to stop him until a new rival appears. You heard it right. It's Gohan.

In this one, Gohan seems even more capable. He also shows us how he resembles his father since he decides to show Buu mercy when it's evident that Gohan's power is superior. To see Gohan fighting one of the most significant villains in DBZ is impressive, and we're glad we had an opportunity to watch this fight.

When he fights Obuni

This fight takes place during the Tournament of Power. There is not much context needed this time, except that Gohan is in the Tournament, and it is his time to fight. It also happens in Dragon Ball Super.

It's remarkable because, for a while, the possibility that Gohan might lose is evident. The viewers worry about that fact. Since Obuni was the last one from Universe 10, it's nice to see Gohan do whatever it takes to save his own, Universe 7.

When he fights Recoome

Recoome is part of the Ginyu Forces. In Dragon Ball Z, there is a moment where we see our heroes fighting them. Other characters like Bulma and Krillin have had enough fighting with Frieza's forces, and the Ginyu is just too much. In this fight, Vegeta and Gohan have to work together to defeat one of the members: Recoome.

We think Gohan was very brave for this. Even after looking at how badly injured Vegeta was, he decided he wanted to try and challenge Recoome on his own. This fight also brings sadness since we thought Gohan was dead. He was a child, so everything makes this episode way more emotional. Poor kid Gohan.

When he fights Nappa

The relationship between Piccolo and Gohan is fantastic because let's face it. During Dragon Ball, Goku is not the most present father figure. In fact, he is almost absent. To fill this void, Gohan thinks of Piccolo as a father figure. It's only logical that when Piccolo is killed, he is enraged.

We put this fight as one of the best on the list because some fans believe this is actually the first real battle kid Gohan has. He was mad that someone could kill his mentor and father figure just like that. He needed to do something. Of course, Gohan is a child, and it's not like he accomplishes much. Still, he had the bravery to do it. This says a lot about his character.

When he fights Frieza

Planet Namek is its own thing again! In this fight, we're glad to see Gohan revealing his power. Still, we keep in mind that Frieza is the most terrible villain in the DB series. He is literally responsible for the death of the entire Saiyan race. (Or most of it since some other Saiyans like Broly are introduced later in the anime). So, of course, don't expect Gohan to outpower Frieza. Still, and because he fought with dignity, we think it deserves a name on this list.

The amazing thing is that Gohan was five years old at the time. Sure, he had Piccolo's training, but still, we think that his power was out of this world. Vegeta was surprised. A five-year-old attacked Frieza! The most powerful villain in the DB universe!

That is everything for today! We hope you liked this character analysis of Gohan. At the end of the day, one of the things we wish is for Toriyama to be more clear on what he wanted to do. Gohan was the main character Toriyama cherished all along. He ended up changing his mind. Maybe killing Goku forever was too much, even for Dragon Ball.

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