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Future Trunks As A Character: Reasons Why He Is One Of The Best Characters In Dragon Ball Z

Future Trunks As A Character: Reasons Why He Is One Of The Best Characters In Dragon Ball Z

Future Trunks As A Character: Reasons Why He Is One Of The Best Characters In Dragon Ball Z

Future Trunks is a character that appears in the Cell and Android Saga during Dragon Ball Z. (We say this with the risk of sounding like the Dragon Ball Z wiki, but we need to have some context first). He is Vegeta's son but from another reality. Does that make sense? He comes from a grim reality where Dragon Balls don't exist, and almost every main hero we already know, like Goku and Vegeta, are dead.

Future Trunks appears as a new character ready to charm everyone. The design of this character is impressive, making Future Trunks look aesthetically modern while also looking willing to kickass. On top of that, Future Trunks has a massive sword that drags around. What's better, Trunks knows how to use it. Also, Trunks' upbringing and how Bulma raised him in a world full of chaos is something that adds lots of depth to his character. So, if you excuse us, we will first summarize some of the reasons why we think Future Trunks is one of the best characters. Then, we will make a ranking of the best fights.

Why Future Trunks Is Better Than GT Trunks

Even if what we saw in Dragon Ball GT is not canon, there is something we need to talk about: GT Trunks. In Dragon Ball GT, we see a glimpse of Trunks from this reality grown-up. As viewers who already loved Future Trunks and we're used to seeing him being all badass when we see the supposed new Trunks, we couldn't believe it. This Trunks wasn't like Future Trunks at all. We couldn't help but be disappointed. But, if you think about it, it makes sense.

GT Trunks had his parents, and that's fair enough to change someone's personality. He is someone who grew up with his parents giving him love and affection. He also grows up in a context where everything is fine. Sure, there are fights now and then, but there's almost nothing that the Dragon Balls can't change.

GT Trunks is someone who doesn't have any training, and honestly, we wouldn't mind that much about it, but since we already saw Future Trunks, we had huge expectations for the original and from this universe Trunks.

On the other hand, there are excellent qualities Future Trunks had. We can't help but love him for that.

  1. He is hardworking, and he's not afraid to take responsibility. When we think about it, what made him go back to the past was his longing for everything to be good again. Even if he grew up surrounded by destruction and chaos, he never let this take the best of him. Future Trunks is genuine, and we love him for that.
  2. His gray morality makes him an impressive character. If we think about our Dragon Ball heroes, you can see there's no gray area. You could say Goku was credulous, and Vegeta was everything but that. There was no gray area! With Future Trunks, we can see he is an objectively good person. Even so, he isn't afraid to fight someone to bring peace. He wants to do whatever it's right.
  3. The sword. That's it. We think that is enough reason. In an anime where everything was energy balls and energy attacks, Future Trunks bought this new thing: a sword. Trunks isn't afraid to fight anyone with it, and that's amazing.

Enough talking about Future Trunks; we all know he is the best. Let's see some of his better fights that actually support the fact.

Best Future Trunks Fights And Why They Were The Best

A sword, purple hair, and lots of bravery. Future Trunks quickly became a fan favorite, even if his appearance was brief, and he wasn't even part of the same reality as the other characters. Here, we will talk about all the best fights he gave us.

His Fight With Android 17 and 18

Let's give you some context first, shall we? Right after our heroes win and they defeat Cell in the original timeline, Future Trunks doesn't waste his time. With all the time he spent training in the Hyperbolic Chamber, now he is better than before, and he's got a plan. He wants to destroy the main villains in his timeline. Of course, the Androids don't think that Trunks has a chance to win. But who cares what the Androids think? They soon learn that this Trunks is repowered and better than ever.

Some of the things that make this fight so great are that finally, things get to be a little better in Trunks' original timeline. Future Trunks finally has the power to destroy the enemies that obliterated him, his mom, and his people for so long. It also shows us that Trunks wasn't wasting his time when arriving in the main timeline. He gets new powers and uses them for the best. Trunks avenging his friend's deaths is something we all wanted to see because we all wanted Trunks to have a good ending.

His fight with King Cold

This spot on the list goes to the King Cold and Trunks fight. It's crazy how the King is in perfect condition after seeing how bad his son ended. When King Cold is almost dying, he even tries to bribe Trunks with no luck. You go, Future Trunks!

Surprisingly, you may think that a fight with King Cold would be better than the one with Frieza since King Cold is the cherished father. Still, that's far from the truth. This fight happens right after (spoiler) Future Trunks wins the battle with the weird cyborg Frieza. Whatever you want to call him, to be honest. But that one is higher on the list.

As viewers, we expect that King Cold is angry. Before, he had to see how Trunks fought his son. Because of the outcome in the Frieza vs. Trunks fight, you'd think he'd be mad at least. Still, it was no use because Future Trunks won again.

His Fight With Imperfect Cell

Of course, if we had to include his fight with the Androids, we also have to include his fight with the alternate Universe Imperfect Cell. Right after killing the Androids, there is one danger left. Trunks arrives telling Cell that his Androids are gone. To Cell's surprise, Trunks also tells him that he will be next. Again, nobody takes Future Trunks seriously, but it doesn't matter because he still wins in the end. We love you, Future Trunks.

The best thing about this fight is how much Future Trunks wants to destroy Cell. He cannot bear seeing Cell being a villain and reigning over any other universe. Trunks want him dead.

Trunks ends up being a hero since he is the one to eliminate Cell. It's nice because we get to see Cell surprised. He probably didn't expect that Trunks would be that superior to him.

His fight with Perfect Cell 

If the fight with Imperfect Cell was incredible, this fight is even more. Perfect Cell is the final transformation of Cell. We see Vegeta fight Perfect Cell, but even strong Vegeta is not enough to win the fight. He is badly injured and even loses his consciousness. Poor Vegeta, but all of that happened in part thanks to his arrogance.

Vegeta couldn't fight anymore, so his son goes to the rescue. Part of the reason this fight is so good is that before Cell and Trunks started their battle, Trunks watched how his father was basically massacred. Of course, this would make anyone angry, even if you are good boy Future Trunks. It's a good fight, and at the start, it looks like he is the one who will win. 

His fight with Cyborg Frieza

The return of Frieza is something fans didn't completely see coming. He was supposed to be dead, but then he makes some kind of reign in hell, and then he returns along with his father as a surprise. Besides, he also had some modifications done to himself. C'mon, Dragon Ball fans, you know this one. In his return, it seemed like Frieza was some kind of cyborg.

If you think about it now, it's almost funny that Frieza pretended to attack Goku once more while looking like that. In the end, it didn't matter because Frieza couldn't reach Goku either way. Trunks intercepts him, and today, it is one of the best Future Trunks moments ever. 

By that time, the viewers didn't know that Future Trunks was, you know, Vegeta's son, but all of this makes it even better. 

That is everything for today! We hope you like this, and if you like Future Trunks, we're sure you did.

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