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One of the worst villains the Z fighter ever fought. Cold, powerful and unbeatable.

He didn’t just threaten the peace of Earth but also the peace of all the galaxy.

A plague upon the Universe. Feared by all except the most powerful entities.

He is one of the only enemies that truly makes you feel despair and makes you doubt if the good guys are going to win. Because no matter what you throw at him he seems to be able to get through it and make your life even worse.

"I doubt I need an introduction, but just in case, I am the mighty Frieza and yes, all the horrible stories you’ve heard are true." Frieza from

Origin history of Frieza

There is not much on Frieza’s background history. What it’s know is that he has gotten rich by ravaging planets and reselling them often commiting genocide on the intelligent races that life in such a planet. He is a planet broker.

He has a massive army of strong warriors and has control over a significant empire.

The villain is first introduced on Namek when he tries to acquire the Dragon Balls with the objective of attaining immortality. But his importance to Dragon Ball runs deeper since he is the reason why Goku and Vegeta, the usual principal characters of the series, arrived on Earth.


Frieza’s personality is sadistic, cruel and twisted. He is sarcastic and likes to mock his enemies. He is very polite which contrasts with his cruel self.

Frieza’s analytic and cold personality is one of his most challenging traits. No matter how against the wall he was he kept his cool and didn’t give in to panic. Even when Goku easily seemed to overpower him he kept trying to win instead of running away. Ultimately destroying Namek.

He has about 5 transformations with some particularities each.

  1. In the first form he is a small humanoid with what appears to be a helmet. Later it is revealed that’s a kind of biological structure normal to his race. His skin color is purplish. His body is covered by a material similar to the one of his head, a sort of bio armor. He also has a tail that can use to attack.
  2. In the second form he has a similar appearance except that he grows to be very large and muscular.
  3. The third form is less anthropomorphic. He doesn’t have a noose anymore in this form and develops a sort of beak and his head grows to be similar to an alien(from the movie Alien).
  4. The fourth form it’s said to be his actual form and the others only developed to deceive his enemies. In this form he is very lean and returns to being small. However this form is very powerful.
  5. The Golden Frieza transformation is a further power up from his first form. In this form he is almost exactly the same as his 4th form with the difference that he is… golden.


  • Flight. The Z Warriors are known to have the ability to fly. PIccolo is not the exception.
  • Ki blast. A simple blast of ki. Almost every character is capable of this skill.
      • Ki sense. The ability to detect other Ki users and measure their power. When he is first introduced he doesn’t have the ability to detect ki but he acquires it later on Dragon Ball Super.
  • Ki blast. A simple blast of ki. Almost every character is capable of these skills.
  • Toughness. Frieza is hard. He is able to survive in the most hazardous of environments and injuries including outer space and being cut to pieces.
  • Death beam. Fires a concentrated laser like ki beam from a finger.
  • Death ball. A large ball of concentrated ki energy capable of easily destroying planets.
  • Telekinesis. An ability in which the mind is used to move objects.

  • Life

    Before the events of the main history of Dragon Ball Frieza is already a force to be recon with in the Universe. His business is planetary trade and he serves himself with warriors from every race that is willing to fight for him.

    One of these races is the saiyan race.

    The saiyans however are a strong and proud race and on top of that there are rumors about the infamous super saiyan and the achievements of Bardock. This mixed with the paranoia of Frieza doesn’t work to a good mix.

    Frieza attacks the saiyans’ world. Even though he is faced with resistance from King Vegeta and his warriors and Bardock he manages to drive the race to extinction annihilating every last saiyan with the exception of a few saiyan warriors such as Vegeta, Raditz and Nappa which weren’t on the planet and Goku who was saved by sneaking him off the planet.

    Frieza is first introduced at Namek. With the objective of acquiring the Dragon Balls and obtaining immortality Frieza goes over to Namek in which he starts the search for the Dragon Balls exterminating in the way, every namekian that stands against him.

    Along the lines of his plans the Z Warriors had learned about the intentions of Frieza. Namely Piccolo, Gohan and Krillin. To the Z Warriors a rogue Vegeta with the intention of gathering the Dragon Balls for himself joins.

    Vegeta manages to defeat Frieza’s lieutenants. To which Frieza answers by summoning the Ginyu Force which initially seem to be winning against the Z Warriors and Vegeta but at this time Goku arrives and helps them defeat the Ginyu Force.

    While the rest of the Ginyu Force members were fighting the Captain Ginyu managed to carry the Dragon Balls to Frieza but they didn’t manage to make them work concluding that there was a special way of setting the Dragon Balls to work. 

    Later on trying to unlock it he finds out that there are still 3 namekians alive. He heads over to Grand Elder Guru’s home. Before he can talk to the elder Nails confronts him and leads him away to fight him alone. Frieza easily humiliates Nails and starts torturing him to get out of him the unlock passphrase for the Dragon Balls. While Frieza is torturing Nails due to the stress the Guru who was already old and weak dies. And when Nails reveals that he is just stalling to give Dende enough time to reveal the passphrase to Gohan and Krillin he furiously leaves.

    Frieza finds Vegeta, Krillin and Gohan. Vegeta after the different fights that has faced against the Ginyu forces and Frieza’s lieutenants is capable of holding his own against Frieza. At this moment Frieza shows his second form and swates Vegeta as a fly. Frieza then starts toying with Krillin and Gohan playing/fighting them.

    Fortunately Piccolo joins the fight and since he fusioned with Nails he is capable of holding his own against the villain. But then Frieza reveals his third form in which he easily defeats Piccolo. 

    Due to the defeat of Piccolo Gohan gets very angry. And starts attacking Frieza in a frenzy. Frieza doesn’t get injured by Gohan’s attacks but he struggles with some of his attacks. At this moment Frieza decides to transform to his fourth form and final (in DBZ). 

    In his final form the first thing Frieza does is kill Dende to stop him from healing the Z Warriors. He then fights and humiliates Vegeta who had received a Zenkai and was stronger than ever. Nevertheless Vegeta is no match for Frieza and is tortured in front of Piccolo, Gohan and Krillin. Before the villain kills Vegeta, Goku appears. Vegeta explains the extinction of his people to Goku and asks him to take revenge against Frieza before he dies.

    Goku starts fighting Frieza but he is no match for the villain. Frieza is easily capable of beating Goku with only 50% of his power while Goku needs to use the Kaio ken x 20 to even hurt him.

    After taking a heavy beating a desperate Goku tries a spirit bomb with the help of Piccolo for distracting Frieza.

    The spirit bomb wounds Frieza but doesn’t kills him.

    Frieza pissed off, fatally wounds Piccolo and kills Krillin which is the final drop for Goku who in an anger fit transforms into Super Saiyan. The one thing Frieza always feared.

    In this new super saiyan transformation Goku is able to see face to face with Frieza and eventually gets the upper hand and defeats him.

    Frieza however manages to survive due to his sheer toughness. And his lackeys pick him up and put him back together with mechanical parts. He then goes to earth with his father King Cold. When he arrives on Earth he’s got other things instead of vengeance awaiting for him. When he arrives on Earth Future Trunks appears and with his super saiyan transformation easily finishes Frieza and King Cold off.

    A lot of time has passed when Frieza is revived by his lackeys. Sorbet and Tagoma revived Frieza with the Dragon Balls.

    Sorbet informs Frieza the Goku defeated Majin Buu which was far above Frieza’s level to which the villain responded that he was a fight prodigy that hadn’t trained in his life and with only four months of training he was going to be capable of getting more strong that anything in the Universe. On this training he used Tagoma as his sparring partner and tortures him to the brink of death several times.

    Frieza and his forces of about 1000 warriors eventually reach Earth. And the Z Warriors gather to resist him. As Frieza is not interested in fighting anyone but Goku he leaves the task of killing the Z Warriors and destroying the planet to his warriors.

    The Z Warriors are being overpowered by Frieza’s forces when Goku and Vegeta arrive at the planet using Goku’s teleportation skill. Goku and Frieza start fighting right away after the villain transforms to his fourth and true form. Having strengths matches and fighting each other. After a moment Vegeta joins the fight going against Goku which amuses and annoys Frieza. The prince of saiyans and Frieza negotiate to fight against each other after Frieza kills Goku.

    After a Kameha by Goku Frieza decides to show his new transformation(Golden Frieza) which prompts Goku to show his own (Super saiyan god).

    Frieza’s skills in the Golden Frieza mode seem to be above the super saiyan god transformation and the villains start beating down Goku. Frieza’s new form consumes a lot of energy however and even though he starts winning he ends up being dominated by Goku. Before he can lose he commands Sorbet to shoot a laser to Goku’s chest and after debilitating Goku he starts beating him down.

    He is stopped by Vegeta which also turns to saiyan blue and starts defeating Frieza. Yet again Frieza manages to avoid defeat by destroying Earth which kills all the Earth’s inhabitants including the saiyans.

    This last event is undone by Whis’s Do over skill and in this new alternative path Frieza is defeated and killed by a Kameha from Goku.

    In the Tournament of Power the Universe 6 desperately need warriors who can stand their ground against the strongest of other universes. He of course goes to Frieza to help him.

    Friez agrees to help Goku on the condition that he be revived afterwards to which Goku agrees.

    Back on Earth Goku asks Baba to bring Frieza back for 24h and when she does Frieza and Goku greet each other by punching themselves in the gut.

    Soon assasins from the Universe appear to try and kill them before they can join the Tournament of Power. The assasins aren’t no match for the combo of Goku and Frieza and get quickly defeated. The assasins however had a hidden hand: they were carrying energy from the god of destruction with which they attacked Frieza. The evil tyrant however is easily capable of resisting and passes the energy to Goku. He too manages to survive however.

    Later all the Z Warriors get transported to the Tournament of Power’s arena.

    Frieza fights and easily defeats a bunch of lower level fighters and games with them sadistically torturing him. When Gohan is overpowered by a warrior named Jimizu, Frieza intervenes, humiliates the warrior and throws him out of the ring.

    At this point Frost intervenes and congratulates his peer from another universe on the work well done. They both then reveal that all along they were in tandem to defeat the rest of the universes. Frieza then to prove that he is an ally of Universe 6 defeats Gohan.

    Frost once again congratulates Frieza and is amazed at the power Frieza possesses. The latter explains how to attain this power and gives Frost important tips on it, ending by telling him never to trust anyone and proceeds to throw Frost out of the ring.

    Frieza also fights Caulifla to which he overpowers by transforming into Golden Frieza. Soon she gets joined by Cabba to no avail, Frieza is capable of handling them as childs in his final transformation.

    Kale gets angry by seeing Caulifla being overpowered and rampages against Frieza and actually manages to get some punches in. Goku goes to Frieza’s help and he actually gets some punches by Kale. 

    In her state of frenzy Kale further transforms into the legendary super saiyan. She loses herself completely to that state and begins attacking indiscriminately to everyone she sees.

    Later he helps Goku gather some energy after his fight with Jiren stating that he himself wants to avoid fighting Jiren.

    Later still he defeats Cabba not before torturing him.

    The next fight occurs with Frieza against Dyspo, a warrior capable of very high speeds. Dyspo is actually a match for Frieza and thanks to his speed he is capable of overpowering the Golden Frieza transformation. Before Dyspo manages to get the finishing blow in though Gohan intervenes. Helping Frieza defeat the speed wielder.

    Frieza now thinks of a technique he calls Cage of Light to avoid Dyspo from going at full speed. Even though this technique appears to be working it drains Frieza’s stamina too fast and he has to let go of it, returning the advantage of the fight to Dyspo. Before Dyspo can emerge the victor Gohan manages to grab them and asks Frieza to throw them both out of the ring which Frieza does without hesitation.

    While Toppo was fighting against Android 18 Frieza attacked him from behind. Weakenig Toppo.

    Toppo, seeing he has no choice, chooses to give up his pride and principles, acquiring the power of a god of destruction.

    In this state Toppo overpowers both Android 18 and Frieza. From here on Frieza and Android 18 stay in battle against Toppo by doing a guerrilla fight. Attacking and running away as neither are able to go face to face against Toppo in his destruction god mode. When the warriors from universe 7 are about to lose, Vegeta appears and he manages to defeat Toppo.

    Lastly Frieza helps Goku defeat Jiren after Goku had failed to beat him even though he had achieved the perfect ultra instinct mode. They win by throwing themselves out of the ring together and as Android 17 was still in it was a victory for Universe 7.


    Frieza is a strong and terrifying character. One of the worst villains ever to have existed in the Universe and ironically it’s savior.

    The villains have multiple techniques, a flexible fighting style and humongous power to boot. But his worst characteristic is his cruel and sadistic personality mixed with the cold and analytic mind of a strategist.

    He easily is one of the most charismatic villains of the Dragon Ball.

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