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Facts Regarding The Ginyu Force You Need To Know

Facts Regarding The Ginyu Force You Need To Know

Facts Regarding The Ginyu Force You Need To Know

When talking about the Ginyu Force, we talk about Frieza's most "capable" soldiers. Or something like that. According to people in Universe 7, these forces are the stronger soldiers that Frieza has. People even go as far as saying that Captain Ginyu is the second strongest one right after Frieza. It is said that's the reason why Vegeta is so terrified of them.

The thing about the Ginyu forces is that everyone said they were the most impressive soldiers, but when we actually get to see them, they're anything but impressive.

They look funny and silly. Besides, the first time we see the Ginyu Forces as a group, they literally make some weird pose that has defined them over the years. You know which one we are talking about!

Because of how they were, fans quickly loved them. Today, the Ginyu forces are some of the most loved characters in the Dragon Ball Universe. Today, we will show you different facts about them that you probably didn't know.

They Are Mutants

All the people in the Ginyu force are strong individuals from different species all over the universe. We could use Krillin as an example: he is a muscular human and can fight alongside Saiyans. But here is one fact you may not know: all the people in the Ginyu forces are mutants.

For context, they all have been genetically changed, so they could be even more compelling than they were before. Sounds like a dirty tactic, we know. But, we are talking about the same group that has their faith in Frieza's hands. Those same abilities that this group of aliens has are the ones that made them so powerful among Frieza's army. They can be silly, but they aren't the best Frieza fighters for no reason.

Captain Ginyu Has Used His Abilities To Make Funny Changes In His Appearance

The captain of the Ginyu forces has an extraordinary ability: he can trade bodies with anyone. Because of that, the viewers aren't quite sure of what he actually looks like. Apparently, the physical body we see of him in Dragon Ball Z is stolen. Makes sense since that is directly what makes him so powerful and the factual leader of those forces. Still, we can't help but wonder what kind of dirty missions he used that ability of his.

The Super Saiya Densetsu guide says that he has used his trade bodies ability before and that once, he used to change minds with the most popular kid in class. Of course, that move made Captain Ginyu way more popular among his peers. After having fun with those powers, he decided he wanted to develop his trade ability. That's what he did.

Say Good-Bye To Jeice's Dialogue

Maybe you did not know this, but Dragon Ball was one of the anime that made everyone care a bit more about dubbing and official translations. Before Dragon Ball, anime watchers were in an "every man for himself" type of situation. It's no wonder that the earlier fan-translated version of the Dragon Ball Z manga was filled with bad words.

It was common to believe Dragon Ball had lots of those words, but that was not necessarily the case. Still, there was one character that did say bad words. Of course, they had to censor him. That is the case with Jeice. In countries like the UK and Australia, parts of his dialogue are cut out.

Dabura's Sister Transformed Ginyu Into A Frog

Dragon Ball online happened in a Dragon Ball Z future. The game included time travel, and as a player, you could watch battles from the past. Then, this game was reorganized and converted to the Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse.

The villain of the Dragon Ball Online narrative was Towa. He and his sister have time-traveling abilities, and here is when she does something interesting. She travels back to the past and transforms Captain Ginyu into a Giant Frog. This gives birth to a new giant form of Ginyu's frog form called Mega Ginyu Frog.

Guldo's Death Is Different In The Manga

Dragon Ball's differences between the English version and the original one are significant, especially when Dragon Ball was only starting in the Western world. For example, one of the most significant changes is that people don't actually die. Instead, they get sent to a "whole other dimension".

It's kind of silly if you ask us. But, the manga was even worse since different parts of it were later changed in the anime version. Apparently, the print enterprise is way more permissive with everything regarding problematic scenes. 

The most prime example of this is Guldo's death. Initially, Vegeta kills Guldo with one chop to his neck that severs his head off. In the anime, this is changed to a more toned-down version.

Their Changed Intro

One of the funniest things about the introduction of the Ginyu Force is that, at first, Vegeta was terrified. We were also scared. Until that point, we had never seen those so-called forces before. We expect the most terrifying villains, but that was far from the truth.

In fact, it's funny and ridiculous how they appear for the first time in Dragon Ball Z. Everything is very funny once they appear on the screen.

Still, everything's not lost. A dub of this, called the Ocean dub, made this intro way scarier. The silly music was changed, and the introduction of those characters looked like something out of a Hitcotch movie. 

They Get Their Names From Milk Products

Toriyama is one funny man that loves naming his characters like he was paid to do so. (People pay him either way, but that's above the point). For example, the Saiyans all have names of vegetables. All of Frieza's race gets their name from cold things. King Piccolo and his subordinates are named after instruments. And the list goes on and on.

In this case, the Ginyu Force gets their fantastic names from milk products. Still, the characters' names only work when you listen to the Japanese ones since the meaning is in Japanese. Some of those names include cheese, yogurt, butter, and milk.

Alternative Universe With The Ginyu Forces

Even if they were villains, the Ginyu Force rapidly became frankly popular among fans. In fact, they created lots of "What If" content that happened in the DBZ video games. Some famous storylines include Ginyu becoming good or the Forces having other impressive members like Vegeta or Nappa. Can you imagine Vegeta being part of them? It would be something interesting to watch, that's for sure.

There Is Also An All-Female Ginyu Forces

It's common to see gender-swapped versions of any character you could think of. This time, in Dragon Ball Fusions, we learn that there is an existing version of the Ginyu Forces. Besides being girls, those girls aren't villainous. Their main objective is to fight evil. They are called the Doola Force, with the leader herself being Doola.

They are not as strong as the original ones, but the fact that the creators included them it's actually cute. What other things do they have in common with the Ginyu Forces? Both of those groups love posing before battles.

Jeice Was An Athlete

People have accused DB's creator, Toriyama, of reusing his own characters in other works. We don't mind since he isn't stealing anybody's idea. We can also see why some fans find it funny.

If you compare Jeice with another Toriyama character, you can see the resemblance. That character is called Yamcha, and the main difference between Jeice and him is the color palette. Besides, Jeice has Ginyu Force armor. "Nobody's gonna know," said Toriyama, probably.

Still, the most blatant similarity is that Yamcha becomes a baseball player, and Jeice uses power techniques related to literally throwing balls.

Recoome And Ballet

He is big, but he is also goofy and silly. He is one of the members that most likes to joke around and pose a lot every time he is in battle. You could say that his goofiness is what will conduct him to his death. The Super Saiya Densetsu guide says he was a ballet dancer and that his central purpose in life wasn't necessarily to be part of all-mutant intergalactic forces. Besides, he apparently never wanted to fight or that he seriously took his job.

Dragon ball changed our childhood, and we are grateful for that. Even if it's been years since the Western debut of Dragon Ball. This anime changed us. The best part of it is that the fan base remains mostly strong. Merchandise is stronger than ever, and you can find things like Dragon Ball Z shoes, Dragon Ball toys, posters with the Dragon Ball Z logo. If merchandise isn't your thing, you can show your love by writing fics or making fanart. Maybe just watching Dragon Ball is enough. A fan is a fan at the end, and it doesn't matter what anybody says.

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