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Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Goku Collection

Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Goku Collection

Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Goku Collection 

Goku is the Ultimate Warrior of the Dragon Ball Universe and also its Protagonist. This man is the reason why the Dragon Ball series is so extremely popular worldwide. With all his amazing forms and power-ups, Goku keeps us all dreaming and wondering what lies ahead for him and which new form awaits us. In all his personas Goku has been able to win the love of his fans like no other character in any anime in history. In this list, we make sure to bring you the best Goku shirts available for you to choose from. All these shirts are handpicked and awesome in their ways and you will love to have all of them in your wardrobe for the upcoming summers but if you had to choose just one, take a look at one of these and make your pick. 

10- Goku Eating Ramen Shirt

Goku Eating Ramen Shirt - $24.99

We all love Goku and we all love ramen. And when you can find a Goku shirt with him eating the ramen, you just can't ignore it. This shirt is ideal for you if you are heading out for a bowl of that delicious ramen, in your favorite outlet with your friends. Special luncheons deserve a special outfit and this one certainly is exactly that. Little Kid Goku with empty bowls of ramen all around him, while he's finishing another bowl of ramen, is a sight to behold and will certainly whet your appetite as well. This 100% cotton, the white shirt is ideal to wear with blue jeans and a pair of your favorite sneakers. If you are going out on a date or just to chill with your friends make sure you take this cute little Goku with you as he will certainly enhance the occasion. This is a regular fit shirt and is available in all sizes and thus you can be certain that it fits your body type perfectly. And because its machine washable you can rest assured that you will get a lot of value out of this shirt. 

9- Kid Goku Vintage Shirt

Kid Goku Vintage Shirt - $24.99

Goku has always been an explorer since the days of his childhood. When he was a kid he met Bulma and they became friends instantly. Together they went searching for those elusive Dragon Balls which have the power to summon Shenron. In this print, we see Kid Goku holding a stick while he is trekking the lands in search of the Dragon Balls. If you are planning to go out on a hike with your friends and, looking for an ideal t-shirt to take with you then you have come to the right place. This shirt is available in multiple colors and all sizes and hence you can pick which one will go best with your hiking gear. This shirt is made out of 100% cotton and it is ideal for you to wear on a hot day. This is a crew neck, regular fit, shirt which can be worn by both the guys and the gals and thus if you want to gift something to your significant other who is going out on a hiking trip with friends then this will also turn out to be a very thoughtful present. And don't be afraid to make it a bit dirty while you are out in the woods because this shirt is machine washable and will not give you headaches while cleaning. 

8- Dragon Ball Xenoverse Shirt

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Shirt - $29.99

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is a Dragon Ball Game that was launched in 2014. If you are a gamer, and you love playing the Dragon Ball Games, then you will certainly love this shirt. Xenoverse is a great game where you team up with Goku and friends and fight epic battles. The main characters of this game are Trunks and Future Warrior. Towa and Mira start interfering with the timeline during the beginning of this game and later on they end up releasing The Demon God Demigra who wreaks havoc. Trunks and Future Warrior are sent to repair these damaged timelines and wherever they repair a timeline the history becomes as it was before the timeline was interfered with. The Future Warrior has a book which is called The Book of Endings and Beginnings and the Future Warrior uses this book to visit any part of the Dragon Ball Universe timeline as he wishes. This is an epic game and its logo is what we see on this shirt. Goku in his Super Saiyan Form looks epic on this print and will certainly make for an epic shirt in your collection. This shirt is made out of mixed polyester fabric and its 3D print is of extremely high quality. If you know a friend, who is a serious gamer, and you want to gift him or her something special then be rest assured they will love this shirt. This shirt is available in all sizes and we provide free shipping worldwide so you can now easily use this shirt as a perfect gift. 

7- Dragon Ball Z Goku Design Shirt

Dragon Ball Z Goku Design Shirt - $24.99

Goku is the central figure of this list of shirts and another of the gems that we have unearthed for you in this list is this shirt. Goku wearing his Kame Gi with his logo called Go is a sight to behold. In this print, we see Goku from the back, as if he is walking towards an enemy, or walking away from the battlefield after defeating the enemy. Whichever the case may be, this shirt still looks badass. A tinge of blue in Goku's hair reminds us of his Super Saiyan Blue hair but don't be confused guys, Goku is still in his normal form here. This shirt comes in black, white, blue, and grey colors so you are spoiled for choice. This shirt comes in all sizes and thus you are reassured that one of these will certainly fit you. Also, this shirt is made from 100% cotton material so this is ideal wear when the sun is a little bit angry and the temperatures are as high as it gets. Beat the heat with this shirt, your favorite pair of jeans, and rocking sunglasses, and you are sorted. So what are you waiting for, add to the cart now and save some of that cash because will ship it for free to you anywhere in the world. Owning your favorite character shirt has never been easier or lighter on your wallet. 

6- Dragon Ball Z Goku Red Eyes Shirt

Dragon Ball Z Goku Red Eyes Shirt - $29.99

Are you looking for a Goku shirt whose 3D print will blow your mind off! Well, look no further. This is one of the best Goku 3D prints you are ever going to find on a T-Shirt. This black t-shirt with Dragon written on it is simply mind-blowing. And Goku actually looks terrifying in this thing. Look at his red eyes and tell me if its something you have ever seen before. The Blue lightning all around is giving this shirt such an epic look it is unbelievable. If you are planning to go out for a psychedelic party at night with crazy lights all around you, or if you are planning to hit a discotheque with your friends make sure you wear this shirt on the day. You will mix with the ambiance seamlessly and will grab a lot of eyeballs. This is a regular fit crew neck shirt that will go perfectly with a pair of blue or black jeans. The mixed polyester material used to make this shirt ensures that its 3D print will not fade away any time soon, even after multiple machine washes. Make this shirt a part of your summer wardrobe collection and gather as many eyeballs as you can. 

5- Kid Goku Training Shirt

Kid Goku Training Shirt - $24.99

Whatever you go on to become in your life is an outcome of how much you had trained when you were a kid. Nobody knows what future lies ahead for you and the only thing you can do is never waste a day. Train as hard as you can and one day all the efforts would have been worth it. If you want a shirt that can express this emotion, without using so many words, then this is the shirt for you. This shirt will always remind you, to never run away from putting in a shift. Hard work is what will ultimately make your dreams come true. Hard work is what will make you a superhero. Training every day and never tiring, that's how you achieve everything you dream of. This shirt is not just a shirt but a valuable life lesson. This little kid called kakarot is training hard in the ways of Grandpa Gohan. He doesn't know what lies ahead of him. He doesn't know how many battles he will have to fight. He doesn't know what hardships he will have to endure. But he knows one thing, that he has to practice right now. That's all that matters. Practice today to become stronger than yesterday. And then eventually one day, you will become Goku. The most powerful being in the universe. This is exactly what Whis told Goku and Vegeta when they both were training under Whis. Whis said, your biggest rival is yourself from yesterday. If today, you can beat yourself from yesterday, you have already won. Because this is all you can do. Train to become better every day. This shirt comes in white, black, blue and maroon colors so you can choose which one you like the most. 

4- Kid Goku Dragon Ball T-Shirt

Kid Goku Dragon Ball T-Shirt - $24.99

When Goku was a kid and he found Bulma searching for the Dragon Balls in the mountains, he had no idea what he was getting into. This simple thing that he did, in deciding to help Bulma in her search for the Dragon Balls, changed his life forever. It set him on a course that took him to unimaginable worlds and made him extremely powerful in the process. But this kid Goku printed on this shirt doesn't understand all that just now. All he knows is that this Dragon Ball with six stars on it is so shiny. All he knows right now is that he loves this object. He will go on and spend his entire life around these shiny round objects wearing this exact gi that he is wearing right now. He will find Dragon Balls as big as planets like we see in the Dragon Ball Super series and summon incredibly powerful Shenrons who will bring back entire universes to life. He will also fight a few Shenrons in his lifetime and many he will defeat. He will live and die multiple times and be surrounded by friends and family. But he doesn't understand all this right now. All he knows right now is that he loves this golden ball with six stars on it. And so do we. And we also love this 3D print on a T-Shirt. And if you love it too, then go ahead and grab one for yourself. We provide free shipping worldwide so you can get this 3D printed, mixed polyester shirt for yourself right now at a very affordable price no matter where you live on the planet. 

3- Goku T-Shirt Japan

Goku T-Shirt Japan - $24.99

Japan is the land of the rising sun and has given us many heroes. But none are more popular than Son Goku himself. Japan's favorite son Goku mostly loves to fight but he also loves to spend his days just wandering around and soaking in the beauty of nature whenever possible. And he loves resting by the cherry tree. Because cherry is one of his favorite fruits and its so much fun resting under a cherry tree and plucking a cherry whenever you want to. This shirt with little Goku carrying a stick in his hand and looking at the rising sun is straight out of the Japanese landscape. If you are planning to go on a hike yourself make sure you bring this shirt along with you, you will need it for epic photographs. Hiking is always fun, especially if you are out with your friends. But it can be an even more enriching experience if you bring along this little Goku with his tail and stick along with you. This shirt comes in white color and is ideal for you to wear with a pair of blue or black jeans. The shirt is made from mixed polyester material and thus you don't need to worry about the quality of its print. You can wash it multiple times in your washing machine and you will get the shirt out as good as new. This shirt takes the third spot in our list of Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Goku Collection, simply because its straight out of Japan, and we love its print. 

2- Goku Super Saiyan God T-Shirt

Goku Super Saiyan God T-Shirt - $24.99

Out of the many Goku forms that we have come to love and adore over the years, none sport a hair color better than the Super Saiyan God. This is the form just below the Super Saiyan Blue in terms of power level. But in terms of aesthetics, its right up there with the best. Goku fought the God Of Destruction, Lord Beerus in this form and gave him a tough fight. Beerus had never expected a mortal to be as powerful as Goku turned out to be but eventually what saved the planet Earth from the wrath of Beerus was our delicious food. Anyways, this form is still as awesome as its gets. This print of Goku doing a Kamehameha in his Super Saiyan God form will give you goosebumps. This regular fit, unisex shirt, hits our second spot in the list of Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Goku Collection simply because of its sheer awesomeness and richness of print. If you love a bit of Goku on your shirt you can't look much further than this bad boy. 

1- Dragon Ball Super Goku Black Shirt

Dragon Ball Super Goku Black Shirt - $29.99 

There was a big fight for the number 1 spot on our list of Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Goku Collection, but in the end, it had to be Goku Black. We have seen Goku in so many forms and colors but what we saw in Dragon Ball Super was out of this world. We saw Goku fighting Goku. Who could have ever thought of that! I mean in hindsight its the perfect battle because Goku is the ideal opponent of Goku. But to see it on screen was simply amazing. And Goku black, even if he was evil, was as badass as it gets. This shirt with Black Goku's purple hair and purple gi is one to keep with you at all times. This menacing evil look on his face is something that we have never seen in Goku before and makes us want to have this shirt even more. This black shirt made out of mixed polyester material in one of Goku's best forms of all time is a worthy number one spot holder.

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