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Dragon Ball Z Never Seen Before Hoodies

Dragon Ball Z Never Seen Before Hoodies

Dragon Ball Z Never Seen Before Hoodies

The anime merchandise market right now is filled with Dragon Ball Z hoodies. As the ever-growing popularity of the show only keeps increasing with time, so does the demand for its merchandise. With so many options available in the market, it becomes really hard for a customer to find a unique product. Don't worry folks, we have got your bases covered. We have come up with this list so you can save your valuable time and find the hoodies you are looking for. Scroll through these and you will certainly find a hoodie that's unique and suits your taste.

10- Vegeta and Trunks Hoodie

Vegeta and Trunks Hoodie - $54.99

Vegeta and Trunks share a bond like no other. This father-son duo loves each other to the moon and back and trusts each other with their life. Vegeta wasn't always the family man he is now. When Trunks was born, Vegeta and Bulma still hadn't married each other, and Vegeta in the beginning didn't want anything to do with Trunks. He thought that Trunks was born half Saiyan half Human and so, he was not fit to be called the son of a pure-blood Saiyan Prince. But that was back then when Vegeta was still coming to terms with his own identity and what his place was in this world. Over the years Vegeta's character has grown leaps and bounds and he has become a caring father and a loving husband. For Trunks, his father is simply the best. Vegeta and Goten can be seen arguing about their fathers a lot over the years. While Goten thinks Goku is the strongest Super Saiyan around, Trunks thinks it's Vegeta who is the stronger of the two. In this hoodie, we see Vegeta and Trunks sharing a real moment. This happened after the fight with Super Buu. Super Buu had tormented planet Earth beyond comprehension and before Vegeta came to the party all hope seemed to be lost. Even Goku was not able to stop Super Buu in his tracks. It was only after Vegeta came with Fortuneteller Baba and fused with Goku with the help of Potara earrings that our Z Fighters were able to outpower Super Buu. Trunks and Goten were terrified of Super Buu and had lost all hope. But, Vegeta came to save the day and grew in stature in the eyes of his son even more. This white hoodie with shades of blue perfectly sums up the moment. This soft and comfortable, a wearable all-year hoodie is one of the best hoodies you can buy this year. 

9- Dragon Ball Z Goku Fire Hoodie

Dragon Ball Z Goku Fire Hoodie - $49.99

We know that Goku is the protagonist of the Dragon Ball anime and thus by definition, he is the most popular anime character of all time. Hence, how could a hoodie that has Goku printed on it feature in the list of never seen hoodies? Well, that's because of the print itself. In this hoodie we see Goku wearing his Gi with Whis logo, and blasting a fireball, in his base form. Goku has only just started training permanently under the tutelage of Whis. Even in the Dragon Ball Super saga, Goku sported his traditional GO logo on his Gi because his master till the Dragon Ball Super saga was Master Roshi. It's only in the manga, which covers the story of our protagonist after the events of Dragon Ball Super, do we see Goku wearing this logo on his Gi. This makes this hoodie one of the rare prints and you will find it hard to get one as unique as this. This unisex hoodie is available online only and you will certainly find a size that fits you perfectly. This all-over printed and 3D hoodie is made of spandex, recycled polyester, and is very light and comfortable. You won't feel the heat wearing this hoodie even in the summers and will love the experience of wearing a proper anime hoodie where you see your favorite anime character blasting a thunderous fireball. 

8- Super Saiyan Blue Goku Hoodie

Super Saiyan Blue Goku Hoodie - $49.99

Dragon Ball Super was an anime for the ages. Not only did it have the battles like never seen before but the richness of the storyline was something at all the Dragon Ball Universe fans loved. At the end of the Tournament of Power when Universe seven came out victorious the last man standing was given a chance to ask for anything his heart desired. It was Android 17 of Universe seven, who became the unexpected winner of the Tournament of Power. He wished for all the universes that were erased during the Tournament of Power to be restored. This was not an easy wish to fulfill but nothing is beyond the realms of Super Shenron. But it was not Super Shenron who was the highlight of that scene but the Dragon Balls itself. The Dragon Balls which were used to summon the Super Shenron were themselves of the size of a planet. In this hoodie, we see two of these planet-sized Super Dragon Balls. Super Saiyan Goku is standing in front of these planet-sized Super Dragon Balls. This all-over printed hoodie is not something that you come across every other day of the week and will certainly become a valuable item in your possession. Available online only, this machine-washable hoodie is light and sporty and will give you chills when you wear it. 

7- Goku Spirit Bomb Hoodie

Goku Spirit Bomb Hoodie - $49.99

We have seen Goku fight countless times over the years defeating any and every opponent that threatens the planet Earth or Goku's friends. Most of the time Goku's usual attacks are more than enough to bring an opponent to its knees but every few years there comes an opponent who is just too strong to succumb to the normal attacks. When this happens and Goku has no other alternatives left, Goku turns to the ace in his sleeve, The Spirit Bomb. Making a Spirit Bomb is so rare that we can till now it has been used only four times by Goku in more than three decades. Spirit Bomb was used against Vegeta for the first time. For the second time, it was Frieza's turn to see the raw power of this attack. The third time when this happened Goku was fighting Kid Buu. The fourth and final time Goku used the Spirit Bomb against Jiren in the Tournament of Power. Because this attack is used so rarely, whenever Goku does end up asking his friends to lend him energy to make the Spirit Bomb it makes us fans stand up in awe. In this hoodie, we can see Goku making the same Spirit Bomb. This blue and white, printed all-over and 3D hoodie is one for the ages and certainly one of the rarest hoodies you will see all year. Made out of spandex, mixed polyester, this hoodie is wearable all year and you will love to have this one in your collection. 

6- Dragon Ball Super Goku Black Hoodie

Dragon Ball Super Goku Black Hoodie - $54.99

Black Goku appeared for only a few episodes in the Dragon Ball Super. He might have got very limited screen time but he still managed to leave an impression in the hearts and minds of all Dragon Ball Universe fans. This antagonist is one of the most recognized figures in the world of anime simply because of who he looks like. This printed all-over and 3D hoodie is unlike anything you will see all year because of the image that's printed all over the hoodie. Goku Black with his menacing eyes getting ready to obliterate his opponent from existence with his black powerbomb is eye-catching, to say the least. The overall print perfectly sums up Black Goku and makes for one unforgettable hoodie. This soft and comfortable hoodie is good to wear all season and will make for an essential item in your closet. Rich in the quality of its print, this machine-washable hoodie will not fade away for years to come, and you will wear this bad boy for many seasons. Our delivery partners have the power of instant transmission and we will make sure this hoodie gets delivered to your doorstep in the blink of an eye with our free shipping worldwide policy. 

5- Dragon Ball Z Son Goku Original Hoodie

Dragon Ball Z Son Goku Original Hoodie - $49.99

If you want to wear a Dragon Ball Z hoodie this season, but don't want it to be as loud as our Dragon Ball characters often are then this hoodie is what you have been looking for. Available in blue, red, grey, and yellow colors, this hoodie with Son Goku written on it, is as simple a hoodie as you can find. The image of Goku's hairline in black makes this hoodie a real eye-catcher and will give you the experience you want from your Dragon Ball hoodie. Available online only, this Dragon Ball Z hoodie has a drawstring and a pouch pocket. The different color options will make sure that you get your favorite color and size without having to compromise on anything. Made out of 60%polyester, 40% cotton material, this hoodie is soft, comfortable, and good to wear all year round. This is a regular fit, unisex hoodie and thus both girls and boys can wear this. Wash this hoodie in your washing machine after reading the care label and you will be able to maintain this hoodie as it is for years to come. 

4- Dragon Ball Z Master Roshi Hoodie

Dragon Ball Z Master Roshi Hoodie - $49.99

Master Roshi is one of the funniest characters of the Dragon Ball Universe. He is a perverted old man who loves eating pizza and scrolling adult sites on the internet. He is also the founder of the Turtle School of Martial Arts and is known to make warriors the best in their class. He lives on a tiny island that's shaped like a turtle's back and loves spending his days telling stories of the past to his pupil. But never underestimate this old man and pass him off because he still is as strong as a bull even though he is more than 300 years old. Master Roshi was the one who invented the famous Kamehameha move and it took him well over 50 years to get a mastery of the move. Now he teaches this move to his students at the Kame house which is also the place where he lives. We bring you this simple yet stylish hoodie in red, blue, grey, and yellow colors and you will look good in all these colors. The image of Master Roshi with his white beard and white framed sunglasses will bring a smile to the faces of all Dragon Ball Universe fans. The distinctive Kame House on the tiny island with pine trees and Kid Goku practicing complete the image. Available online only, this pouch-pocketed hoodie is certainly a keeper and will bring a smile to your face each time you wear it. 

3- Future Trunks Hoodie

Future Trunks Hoodie - $49.99

Future Trunks is a powerful warrior that lives in the future timeline of the Dragon Ball Universe. Every now and then, he visits his mother Bulma and father Vegeta from the future with the help of the time machine and warns our heroes of the threats that they will face in the coming days. He is the man who also brings the message of hope from the future to our Z Fighters and he will certainly bring hope to you as well. This regular fit hoodie comes in black, grey, and blue colors and is simple yet stylish. This is the style of the future as Future Trunks keeps telling us and hence this hoodie is not going out of style any time soon. Made of 60% polyester, 40% cotton, this hoodie is light and very comfortable to wear all year round. Printed only on the front, this Dragon Ball hoodie is machine washable and can be used by boys and girls alike. The hood of this hoodie has a drawstring and this hoodie also has a pouch pocket. Future Trunk's cool hairstyle and sword are awesome as always and will make sure you look good whenever you wear this hoodie and go out. 

2- Goku Training Hoodie

Goku Training Hoodie - $49.99

If you love Goku and you also love to train like him then we bring you an ideal training partner. The Goku Training hoodie is ideal gym wear with minimal design and maximum motivation. Goku in the central image is showing off his upper body and is urging you to keep up your gym game. Be regular to the gym, train constantly and you will one day have a physique like your favorite Dragon Ball character. We offer this hoodie in blue, grey, red, and yellow colors, and whichever of these you choose you will certainly be looking as awesome as Goku. This very light and comfortable hoodie is made of 60% polyester, 40% cotton and is an ideal wear for all seasons. Training for a long period of time inside a gym or outside of it can be a tiring affair and many people simply lose the motivation after a few months. When you have Goku by your side that's never going to happen to you and that much is certain. Goku is known to bring hope and motivation where there is none and he will certainly bring that to you in abundance when you go ahead and buy this hoodie. 

1- Just Saiyan Hoodie

Just Saiyan Hoodie - $49.99

Just Saiyan hoodie is simple and classy. Every hoodie has a time and a place because you always dress to the occasion. Some hoodies are so brash and loud that you simply cannot use them as everyday wear. They come in the package, get used twice, and then find themselves in the depths of the closet never to be pulled out again. This hoodie doesn't share the same league with them. Goku's hairline and bold text saying Just Saiyan makes this hoodie classy and perfect for everyday use. Available in blue, grey, red, and yellow colors this hoodie is one that is meant to be worn over and over again. We have this hoodie available with us in all sizes and thus you will certainly get one that fits you perfectly. Wear this when you are out in the park running or playing with your friends and just wash it in your washing machine afterward. It will always come out as good as new. This regular fit, unisex hoodie is very light and comfortable because it's made of 60% polyester, 40% cotton. It means this is an all-season hoodie that will stay with you throughout the year. Available online only, we deliver this hoodie to your doorstep and provide free shipping worldwide. If there was ever a hoodie that was simply a no-brainer then this is the one. 

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