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Dragon Ball Z Movies Ranked Part 2

Dragon Ball Z Movies Ranked Part 2

Dragon Ball Z Movies Ranked Part 2

Welcome back to this second part of the best Dragon Ball Z movies! In the first article, we talked about some of those movies. 

Wrath of the Dragon, Resurrection F, and Tree of Might. All those movies have something in common: they are set in the Dragon Ball Z universe. Fans believe they are some of the worse ones.

Some of them are considered fillers, and others not so much. Some movies are universally loved by all fans, but there are also others that fans believed we would all be better without them. Most of them aren't even canon or happen in the manga, so we get why some fans don't love those films as much.

Wherever the case, we can't deny there are lots of these movies. With more than twenty movies set in the Dragon Ball Z universe, it's been hard to decide which ones are the best. It's easy to realize how repetitive some of them are, but also easy to understand some of them were actually great. 

Still, we did it for you, and we are about to show you. Let's get started!

Bojack Unbound

In Dragon Ball Z, some things suggest Toriyama wanted to make Gohan the main character of Dragon Ball. Rumors said he had decided to kill Goku for good and leave space for his son, kid Gohan. Apparently, this didn't sit well with the fans, who missed Goku. Then, Goku was revived, but that is something to talk about on another occasion.

By this time, Gohan was already famous, and the more common route to follow was to make an entire movie about him.

This movie is set after the Cell Games. The film starts with some tournament organized by Mr. Satan, where all the Z-fighters are involved.

Even if the movie was entertaining enough, it took the entertainment a little bit further when we see Bojack. When this character appears, the tone of the movie suddenly changes, and you can feel the pressure. The Z-fighters have to destroy Bojack.

Why did we start talking about Gohan? The thing is, Gohan gets his moment to shine in this movie. Most people consider this was his best moment since Goku was dead and there wasn't anyone that could outshine Gohan. In the end, Gohan is the one standing.

Fans also love this movie because it makes sense in the DBZ canon universe.


How does a Saiyan live? When Dragon Ball starts, we get to know Goku and Vegeta. Still, both of those characters act like humans, and the purpose of being Saiyans it's not the same. Maybe we got some of that with Vegeta since he is a Prince. But until Bardock, we never got to know a Saiyan that had lived all his life like one.

This movie is about Son Goku's father: Bardock. The best thing about this movie is that it offers the viewer a whole new point of view on how Saiyans were. Of course, at the start of Dragon Ball, we already know the outcome. Frieza massacres lots of Saiyans. Still, it was interesting seeing how everything worked for the Saiyan race.

What we loved about Bardock is that he is cold and ruthless. He is not a hero. We know he is going to lose in the final battle, but we can't help but be on his side. One of the things we most loved about the film it's the depiction of the Saiyans. We're used to Goku being kind and shy, but he is the exception. Saiyans are supposed to be cold-headed villains, and this movie reminds us of this in the most unique way.

Dead Zone

This movie did a great job at reminding us how things were in the original Dragon Ball. It was one of the first movies set in the Dragon Ball Z universe, so it's very loved among the fans. It's considered to have some of the best fights. Isn't that amazing? Maybe in another type of anime, this wouldn't be that essential. Still, we are talking about Dragon Ball. Here, fights are the most crucial thing. Sometimes even more than the plot. (It's okay, Dragon Ball fans. We don't judge you. We all love a good fight).

Of course, we all have one thing clear: the movie has its plot holes here and there. It's not perfect, but it was a good film. the villains are intriguing, and knowing Garlic Jr.'s motivations were also excellent. We think the heroes and the villains were both incredible in this movie. That's part of what makes it so great.

Fusion Reborn

Fusions in Dragon Ball are one unique concept that everyone loved then and loves now. Two people fusing with each other so they could unite their good things and be more powerful? It is an excellent concept that made Dragon Ball what it is.

One of the most remarkable things about fusions is that they are not as common as you'd think. This is because when they introduced us to the concept, fusions were supposed to be permanent. But of course, our heroes found ways to revert this.

This movie was the 20th one, and it showed us a new fusion: Goku and Vegeta fusion, Gogeta. One of the things fans didn't like as much about this movie is that lots of the time, it feels like action scenes happen very fast and without any kind of connection whatsoever. But, hey! What is Dragon Ball without action scenes? We actually didn't mind this, and we think it was entertaining. The defenders of this movie say that it has some iconic moments and that the only bad thing about the film is that we don't get to see any more of Gogeta afterward. We think it is one of the best movies in the Dragon Ball Z Universe.

Battle of Gods

We might be a little biased here, but we consider this movie a good one. After almost two decades without a Dragon Ball movie, fans welcomed this film with open arms. The best thing is that after all those years, animation had improved, and fight sequences were out of this world. There were also new characters like Beerus and Whis, and their design left fans surprised since they were distinctive and original.

The movie has all of this, but still, that's not the reason why we put it on this list. (We still think the film could have made it to the top of this list without having what we are about to tell you, though). This is the first movie where Goku blatantly loses. We think it was a situation that made the audience understand Goku and how his mind worked. He wanted to achieve the God mode and couldn't, and sometimes that is completely fine. We still love Goku as a character, and everything he has achieved so far is pretty impressive on his own. Another thing fans loved was the sudden Vegeta power up.

The World's Strongest

One thing about this ranking is that it doesn't follow any specific order. Some of the ones at the top are one of the first Dragon Ball Z movies. It's the case with this movie! It was the second DBZ movie ever.

Maybe it was because they were the first movies that came out, but there is something about the older DBZ movies. We think those ones had way more post-production than the films that came after. We believe it is close to the best DBZ movie, and we will explain why.

The most loved plot points are in this movie. Some even say that the earliest signs of the Android arc are clearly in this movie. There is some mad scientist that wants to destroy Goku. How will he do it? He will create evil humanoids. Another point that makes this movie so great is that it's not fighting all over the place. There is a plot, and it's exciting.

The History of Trunks

Dragon Ball movies tend to work similarly. The good guys tend to win; sometimes it is easy, and sometimes it's hard, but it's common to see Goku winning. (Remember when we told you that there were a few movies where Goku loses? Exactly). The best thing about The History of Trunks is how depressing it is. In the world of Future Trunks, the characters don't have any Dragon Balls, so they could actually die. This fact only makes the movie a grim one, especially with the death of Gohan. We applaud the determination of the creators to actually take this movie steps further and give us more depth in the story. This world where there is no Vegeta and Trunks was something hard to watch.

That is everything for today! We tried to be as objective as possible when showing you the best Dragon Ball movies. We hope you liked it! Maybe the next time you watch the films, it could be from the worst one to the best one. Just to change things a bit.

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