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Dragon Ball Z Head Turning Hoodies Collection

Dragon Ball Z Head Turning Hoodies Collection

Dragon Ball Z Head Turning Hoodies Collection

Over the years, the Dragon Ball series has had many moments, that have caught the imagination of its fans. This series keeps us hooked and makes our heads spin every now and then. And when you wear a hoodie with Dragon Ball Z characters printed on them, heads turn and notice. Today we bring you hoodies that are head turners. If you wear one of these and walk out of your house people will notice. This collection of hoodies is absolute magic and proper head turners. 

10- Dragon Ball Z Goku Energy Hoodie

Dragon Ball Z Goku Energy Hoodie - $49.99

Goku is the most powered-up Super Saiyan of the modern era. He is the one we follow as the central character throughout the Dragon Ball saga every conflict in this saga has Goku placed at the center of it. Situations arise and Goku as the main protagonist has to deal with them and navigate through the conflicts. This is an age-old storytelling trick where the audiences are made to emotionally connect with the lead protagonist so his battles become their battles. But nobody does this better than Goku. And he has been doing this for well over three decades and continues to do so. And the audiences never get bored of Goku. On the contrary, with every new saga, the craving for more starts brewing. In this hoodie we have for you Goku exhibiting his energy which has mesmerized us all over the years and made us come back for more every time. This blue-colored hoodie with sky and ocean behind Goku is rich in color. Goku standing in the middle has his hand facing the sky as he powers up. Mysterious energy is surrounding him and covering him like a blanket and the energy sparks are scattering all over. The rich detailing in the 3D image looks beautiful and will certainly make the heads turn of whoever sees you wearing this hoodie. Wear this with a pair of black jeans and sports shoes and you will find that eyes are gravitating towards you. Well, after all, Goku's energy is such that everything just gravitates towards him, from skies to eyes. 

9- Dragon Ball Z Hoodies SSJ2 Golden Hair Goku

Dragon Ball Z Hoodies SSJ2 Golden Hair Goku - $49.99

Some hoodies are just different. They have a characteristic pull that makes you gravitate towards them. This hoodie belongs in that league. The base print of the hoodie is that of the dark sky which indicates that a storm is brewing on the horizon. And wherever you would find a storm like this, chances are that Goku is not far away. This hoodie with its rich print is one for the ages. Goku in his Super Saiyan 2 form looks ravishing. His yellow hair is luminous giving us an indication that right now Goku has stored within him an incomprehensible amount of energy. The energy sparks coming out of his arms and legs add to the details and make us hooked up even more. His flying and flapping waistband tell us that the wind velocity around him is very high. Goku might even be standing at the eye of the storm right now. That's where we expect him to find anyways. It is also possible that Goku himself is the epicenter of this brewing storm which is threatening to become deadlier with every passing minute. Whatever the case may be, this hoodie is the one we simply can't take our eyes off. This is an all-season hoodie that is made out of 60% polyester, 40% cotton material. As cool as this hoodie is on the side, it gives you the same effect when you wear it. This regular fit, unisex hoodie is easy to wash because it's machine washable. Just follow the instructions written on the tag before you put it in your washing machine and you will see that this hoodie stays with you as good as new for years to come. Wear this when you walk out of your house and witness the magnetic power of Goku first hand as the heads start turning towards you whichever street you pass by. 

8- Dragon Ball Super Black Goku Spirit Hoodie

Dragon Ball Super Black Goku Spirit Hoodie - $54.99

Before the episodes of the Dragon Ball Super if fans were given a choice they would never have agreed to see Goku as a villain. Goku has been a protagonist for far too long for his character to now be trifled with. But when the events of the Future Trunks saga took place in the Dragon Ball Super, fans could not take their eyes off Black Goku. This sinister Super Saiyan Rose was as intriguing as he was evil. And though he and Goku are practically the same bodies fans could easily differentiate between the two of them. This is what made Super Saiyan Rose of the fan-favorite villains of all time of the Dragon Ball Universe. In this white hoodie, we see the sinister Black Goku plotting his next move in his head. Nobody knows what his intentions are but everybody understands that whatever they are, they certainly can't be good. Something bad is about to happen and Goku, Future Trunks and Vegeta are going to find it hard to get out of this one. And once you wear this hoodie, you too will find it hard to get out of this one. Simply because the sheer amount of attention you will receive while wearing this hoodie will make you spoiled. This hoodie is light and very comfortable to wear. Made of 60% polyester, 40% cotton, this hoodie will serve as your go-to hoodie all year round and you will find that you never wanna keep this inside your closet for too long. And we can't blame you. This is such an amazing piece that it makes our heads turn and it will do the same to people around you when they see you wearing this sinister Super Saiyan Rose.

7- Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Gohan Hoodie

Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Gohan Hoodie - $54.99

Gohan is an interesting character. The fans had loved him so much during the Frieza and the Cell saga, that now they just can't see his character getting sidelined. During the Cell saga and especially the Cell games, Gohan became so powerful that he looked destined to become the strongest warrior in Universe seven of the Dragon Ball Universe. This has been a constant head-scratcher for the writers of the Dragon Ball series. Because they created Gohan's character in such a way that he only fights when it's absolutely necessary for him to fight so he can never become the main protagonist and the central character of the Dragon Ball Universe. He is the guy who needs the things to happen to him for him to take action and with a central character like that, the series can't go on for a long time. Goku is the character that moves the story forward while with Gohan it's the other way around. The story has to build on its own for Gohan to move forward as a character. This is the only reason the Dragon Ball writers never tried to make Gohan the most powerful character and the central piece of the Dragon Ball Universe. They quickly understood that it would simply kill the series. But now and then, Gohan still gets some epic moments of his own. Like the one he had in the Tournament of Power when he teamed up with Piccolo. Fans of Gohan love Gohan to the moon and back and stayed loyal to him for years even after his character has been so tragically ignored through no fault of his own. This hoodie is for all those Gohan fans who love this son of Goku. In a greenish-yellow background, Gohan looks all set to fight and help you get all the attention you want. Wear this head-turner all year round because the magic of mystic Gohan never wears off. 

6- Vegito Blue Hoodie

Vegito Blue Hoodie - $54.99

There aren't many characters in the Dragon Ball Universe you can claim to be stronger than even Goku. But Vegito does have a strong case. This guy is the result of the fusion between Goku and Vegeta when they use the potara earrings to fuse. Theoretically, Vegito is stronger than both Goku and Vegeta as he gets the power of both of them and so much more. This hoodie brings you up close with Vegito wearing those potara earrings. His blue hair with shades of white gives this hoodie its base color. Vegito's menacing eyes and puffed-up chest tell us that this guy is always up for a good battle and will never let you down. This hoodie, made out of spandex, recycled polyester is printed all over and you can wear this all year round. This light and comfortable hoodie come in all sizes and we are sure you will find one that fits you like a glove. Available online only, we will deliver this hoodie to your doorstep without charging you with any shipping costs, and hence you can buy this absolute head turner at an affordable price right now. 

5- Evil Goku Hoodie

Evil Goku Hoodie - $54.99

Evil Goku is as sinister as it gets. This hoodie does justice to our favorite villain. Super Saiyan Rose with his red hair and red eyes, ready to destroy whatever comes in his way, gives this hoodie its characteristic red and black theme. In this close-up 3D image, Black Goku looks his true self and will make you the star of the evening wherever you land wearing this bad boy. With his characteristic, nasty smirk, Evil Goku looks as threatening as ever and will give you an amazing feeling. This all-over printed and 3D hoodie is one of a kind and will go well with black jeans. Wear this to a game night and evil Goku might just have enough to make your favorite team win the game. This hoodie is wearable all year round because it's made out of spandex, recycled polyester. It's lightweight and machine washable. The print quality is awesome and this hoodie will not fade for years to come. This regular fit, unisex hoodie can be worn by both the guys and the gals and whoever sports this one on is in for a surprise. That's because you are about to get unprecedented attention and thus be ready to see some eyeballs gravitate towards you where ever you go. 

4- Goku Super Saiyan Blue Hoodie

Goku Super Saiyan Blue Hoodie - $49.99

Goku Super Saiyan Blue was the dominant form of Goku in the Dragon Ball Super. Goku has mastered this form to perfection and now he can go straight from his base form to Super Saiyan Blue form bypassing all the other forms that come in between. In this hoodie, we get a close look at Goku in this Super Saiyan Blue form. The Blue aura surrounding him with shades of red indicates that Goku is using kaioken times 20 right now which means that this is a close-up image from his battle with the mighty Jiren. Those of us who have watched Dragon Ball Super multiple times agree with the fact that Goku's fight with Jiren was one of the best anime fights of all time and Jiren certainly is Goku's strongest opponent to date. Some even say that without the help of his friends, Goku stood no chance of beating Jiren in the Tournament of Power. This might even be the right assumption because Jiren was simply awesome during the Tournament of Power and took on Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, and Android 17. This spandex, recycled polyester hoodie is of the highest quality and will make you walk out of the house full of energy just like Goku is right now. Wear this with black jeans see for yourself how the eyeballs gravitate towards you just to have a look at this printed all-over hoodie. 

3- Goku Super Saiyan Blue X Rose Hoodie

Goku Super Saiyan Blue X Rose Hoodie - $49.99

Goku and Black Goku can be said to be altered images of each other or two sides of the same coin. This hoodie tries to capture that chain of thought and succeeds in doing so. The half blue, half red hoodie with a clear distinction between Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan Rose Goku tells us that these guys might look the same from the outside but they couldn't be more different from each other. While the Super Saiyan Rose has a Potara earring and that sinister smirk on his face, Super Saiyan Blue Goku is simply focused and ready for the upcoming battle. They might look the same but they have a completely different philosophy in life and wear different clothes. This soft and comfortable, a wearable all-year hoodie is made of spandex, recycled polyester and will give you a great wearing experience. Make this a part of your collection for this year and you will not regret the decision. Goku is one of the best anime characters of all time and when you get two of them for the price of one, this is simply a steal. 

2- Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan Blue Hoodie

Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan Blue Hoodie - $54.99

Goku fills us with confidence every time we see him on screen. That's just the impact this man has on everyone that even when the chips are down we believe that Goku will pull something out of the bag. If anyone can, then he can. In this classic blue base hoodie, Goku is preparing himself for the battle and telling us all that he's got this covered. The energy sparks surrounding him make this printed all-over hoodie come to life and speak volumes about what's happening. If you are a Dragon Ball fan and are looking for a hoodie that's not too loud but it still has the ki powerful enough to make you stand out in the crowd, then this is the hoodie you had been looking for. This regular fit hoodie is available in all sizes and you will certainly find one that fits you well. Let us have you deliver this at your doorstep with our free worldwide shipping and you will enjoy this year wearing this hoodie like this was the best year of your life. Making bold statements is not what we do, but when Goku looks so intent on making bold statements himself, we trust our man to do the job. 

1- Ultra Instinct Goku Hoodie

Ultra Instinct Goku Hoodie - $54.99

If there's anything more badass than Goku in this Universe seven of ours, then it's Ultra Instinct Goku. How Goku moves in this form is unlike anything you have ever seen before and his power levels in the Ultra Instinct form are off the charts. Even Zeno Sama loves some Ultra Instinct Goku. The way Goku defeated Kefla in the Tournament of Power with his Ultra Instinct form was simply a trailer of what was to come next. And then what happened in his fight with Jiren will stay in our memories for years to come. Not only was this the most epic battle in the history of anime is was also visually the most amazing experience. And this hoodie is visually awesome in the same manner. This black hoodie with Goku standing in the middle in his Ultra Instinct form is a sight to behold. There's a reason we have given this hoodie our number one spot because this light and comfortable hoodie is simply the best hoodie you will find this year. Buy this hoodie at your own risk because once you wear this one and walk out you won't be able to go anywhere unnoticed. This is simply a head turner like

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