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Dragon Ball Villains That Didn't Deserve To Die

Dragon Ball Villains That Didn't Deserve To Die

Dragon Ball Villains That Didn't Deserve To Die

When discussing action anime, "Dragon Ball Z" cannot be left out. Akira Toriyama's series has been a series of fantastic clashes between the powers of evil and good for decades. It is a long series, so of course, there are villains.

In the past, Goku and his friends have fought with dangerous villains. Over the years, Dragon Ball has undergone tremendous changes and improvements to make the battles more effective. Dragon Ball is a successful series because the main characters always have an enemy to fight with.

Toriyama has made Goku and the Z-warriors battles different villains. Still, there is a specific pattern that prevails. Some villains appear, and others disappear. Because of that, some intriguing opponents are quickly eliminated. However, some of them actually deserved another fight to prove their abilities. Let's get started with those ten villains!

Raditz is defeated before he can be interesting

Raditz plays an unusual role as the first bad guy to threaten Goku. So, maybe he wasn't the most fascinating villain ever, but he sets a precedent. Goku has enemies, and some of them can be his own family. It's pretty dramatic if you ask us.

Raditz is important because he represents the Saiyans and is Goku's brother, whose actions caused one of Goku's first deaths. That first season of Dragon Ball was not yet developing at the right pace, so Raditz was removed rather quickly. Because of this, we can't realize his potential. Imagine the problems and subplots that could originate from having Goku's brother fight and fight again. Still, we can't blame Toriyama for making him disappear: Dragon Ball is a long anime series, and Goku fighting his older brother wouldn't be that interesting as time passed.

It seemed like Raditz could be a fascinating villain in the Dragon Ball series, but he actually appeared and disappeared so quickly that it's a wonder people remember him so much.

Garlic Jr and his tricks gain him one more chance to dominate

Garlick Jr. is a character who doesn't think much, and when he is desperate, angry, or irritated, he acts without thinking. Besides, he is very confident in his immortality. He was a fun character, even if it was considered by fans a filler one.

Garlic Jr. is a complex character, having managed to achieve immortality and enter his own prison dimension. However, he had a troubled childhood. As a child, Garlic Jr. clashed with Goku and his friends, making his development in fighting the Super Saiyans was intense. After the fight, he gets trapped inside the Dead Zone, and we doubt it will open ever again.

Garlic Jr. is a rare movie villain, albeit a filler character brought to the animated series. He would be very entertaining for Trunks and Goten.

Yakon never proves why he's a threat to the Dragon Ball universe

Although Yakon is considered an unimportant character, Goku kills him because he has no other choice. The villain appears in the Majin Buu arc of Dragon Ball Z.

Yakon is an enemy who does not seek revenge and is essentially a balloon that drains Goku's energy. He is dangerous, and Babidi makes him a member of an elite group.

Goku first reveals his SS2 form against Yakon, but before Yakon can do anything, he is destroyed by the excess energy. It makes sense that he had natural abilities, and it would be cool to see those combat abilities and how his energy-sucking powers work in small doses. Still, our hero doesn't let him do that. It was honorable for Goku, but some fans think Yakon could be way more intriguing as a villain, but Toriyama never let him.

Guldo can become the most powerful member of the Ginyu Force (but he doesn't want to train or doesn't train enough)

This is the state all Ginyu forces are in, but the heroes get a brief chance to show their best side when they visit King Kai's planet. This filler doesn't do any good to our characters. This is especially true for Guldo. He's the first member of Ginyu to leave the group, but he has part of the strongest abilities. 

We are talking about the guy that can stop time if he stops breathing. In battle, Guldo is a complete coward. He resorts to different ways to defeat his opponents. The reason why he is in this group is because of his power. He could do much more damage if the enemy is lost and doesn't know what's coming for them. Still, he is killed by Vegeta, and we don't see much of him.

Android 19 is the collateral damage of stronger Android

The introduction of Android is a huge turning point in DBZ. Even if Androids 18 and 17 survived after chaos, the other Androids didn't have the same faith. The life of many other Androids was much shorter. 

The androids appeared in a specific order. The firsts were Androids 20 and 19, which were supposed to be the biggest enemies until the arc structure was changed and Toriyama presented us to Cell.

In Dragon Ball GT, Android No. 20 and Doctor Hero will inevitably return, but Android No. 19 will be forgotten. He's a relatively simple model compared to the other Androids. Still, we think he could be interesting to fight against an opponent that isn't as harsh as Vegeta.

Dragon Ball Z Ditches Babidi and Switches to Buu

Dragon Ball Z creatively deals with evil magic people and the difference between supernatural powers and ki. Buu is the star of the final episode of Dragon Ball Z, but his resurrection would not have been possible without Babidi's involvement.

Babidi pulled the strings of the Buu arc for a time, and Buu's resurrection coincided with Babidi's death. This character is just a bridge for another thing to happen. It is still interesting to see him defeat the Saiyans with magic before Buu gets tired of him.

He is a secondary villain from the Majin Boo saga who seeks only chaos in the world. Described like this, you would think he gets to be important in the end, but it doesn't happen that way.

The mercenary Tao is angry and deserves to vent his anger

In Dragon Ball, Tao shows up as a problem for kid Goku.

However, in DBZ, he comes back very different and bitter. In the Dragon Ball Z Cell saga, Tao is a deadly cyborg. Tao can kill people just by using his tongue, and with his fierce mobility, he deserves to end up in a big fight and not disappear in vain. The Cell arc is also a perfect chance for Tao to take on a new group of Earth's heroes.

The Evil Buu is a concept quickly absorbed in the quest for greater power

In Dragon Balls, it is common for the main villain to transform several times into his original form. The Majin Buu doesn't break this formula but slightly alters it by creating multiple Buu through absorption, each acting as a separate part. The Kid Buu is the most important, but the Evil Buu is also briefly present. Evil Buu is the most interesting of the two, and the fight could have had more impact. Evil Buu is a potential threat but is a humorous distraction.

Janemba's potential and design is so interesting that we want to present them again

Although the "Dragon Star" villain is cannon fodder, Janemba is a well-known character who benefits from two striking designs, a unique frame, and, above all, a sense of Gozito's origins. Super Janemba seems like the best DB villain, and his ability to alter reality is limitless. However, he is quickly destroyed by Gogeto's immense power. Life after death is still a vital element of Dragon Ball, so even if it seems unlikely, Janemba could definitely be resurrected.

The Buu saga would have been better if Dabra hadn't been kicked out

Dabura is different in every way, and thankfully the "Dragon Ball Z '' video game has recognized the character's potential. Unfortunately, Dabura's time in the anime is short, which seems unfair to the Demon King. Dabura wields a sword, his saliva can turn people into stones, and he has the appearance of a demon himself. When Buu takes over, Dabura is seen as expendable, but it would be wiser for Dabura to stay, perhaps even out of envy for Buu's power. 

Dragon Ball is the type of anime that changed an entire generation. It shaped many people's childhood, and that is something you can never take away from this anime. One of the most impressive things is the prevalence of this fandom over time. Everywhere you look, there is fanart of Kid Gohan or Goku Super Saiyan 2. Even better, there is lots of merch: a Dragon Ball poster, Goku statues, and maybe even a Master Roshi costume. We love you Akira Toriyama! Thank you for creating this masterpiece that has prevailed over the years.

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