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Dragon Ball Super Goku and Friends Hoodies Collection

Dragon Ball Super Goku and Friends Hoodies Collection

Dragon Ball Super Goku and Friends Hoodies Collection

The central theme of the Dragon Ball saga is friendship. These characters whom we have come to love and adore over the years will go to any length to protect their friends. This central emotion of friendship is what keeps us hooked to the anime. It's that the massive battles and power displays are also what keeps us engaged but they won't work if our heroes weren't fighting to protect something. In this list of Dragon Ball Z Goku and Friends hoodies collection, we try to bring out the best of their friendship and give you hoodies that you will love wearing for years to come. 

10- SSJ Goku Whis Symbol Gi Dragon Ball Super Hoodie

SSJ Goku Whis Symbol Gi Dragon Ball Super Hoodie - $54.99

Whis is now the trainer of Goku through the Dragon Ball Super saga and beyond. Whis is an angel who has also trained Beerus Sama and some might argue that Whis is even more powerful than the God of Destruction Beerus himself. Whis is also an ocean of knowledge and knows everything that this universe has to offer. Whis lives with Beerus Sama on his planet far away from Earth and loves food prepared by Bulma. In this hoodie we showcase Goku wearing his Gi with Whis's symbol. Before the Dragon Ball Super saga, Goku has always worn Kame gi and his symbol GO but that's also because Master Roshi was Goku's trainer up until now. Now that Goku has found a new trainer in the form of Whis it's only natural that Goku will fashion Whis's symbol on his Gi. In this hoodie, we can find Goku in all his forms apart from the last, Ultra Instinct Goku. We can see Goku in his Super Saiyan Blue Form, his Super Saiyan God or Red form, in his Super Saiyan 1 and 2 form, and also his normal state. This is an iconic hoodie because there aren't many hoodies like this that are printed front and back with all forms of Goku. You would be lucky to be wearing a hoodie like this because it's not every day that we see someone walking around the streets with a hoodie as cool as this one.

9- Z Fighters Goku Spirit Bomb Dragon Ball Hoodie

Z Fighters Goku Spirit Bomb Dragon Ball Hoodie - $54.99

Z fighters are Earth's mightiest protectors. They are also called by the name Dragon Ball Gang. This gang has many members from Piccolo to Yamcha. In this particular hoodie, we see Goku gathering the energy donated by his friends to make the Spirit Bomb. We have Piccolo, Krillin, Gohan, Vegeta, and Trunks in the 3D image as well who are all very important members of the Dragon Ball Gang. These guys are also Goku's closest friends. This is again a very interesting choice for you if you want to get yourself a Dragon Ball hoodie because you get to have all the major Dragon Ball characters in the hoodie. If you are planning to meet your gang of friends any time soon and you reach there wearing this hoodie it would be just perfect. We have this hoodie available in all sizes and you will also be getting free shipping so this hoodie is both awesome and affordable. Wear this with your favorite pair of jeans and you would look stunning on the day.

8- Kid Goku Catching Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Hoodie

Kid Goku Catching Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Hoodie - $54.99

Kid Goku loves Dragon Balls. He first found out about them when he met Bulma in the jungle who was searching for all seven Dragon Balls. Goku decided to accompany Bulma on her journey and they became best of friends. This hoodie fits perfectly in our list of Dragon Ball Z Goku and Friends Hoodies Collection because you can see all of Goku's childhood friends in the hoodie. If you are a classic Dragon Ball Fan and have followed the series since its early years this is the hoodie that you should go for. It not only makes us nostalgic but, also keeps reminding us that life is enjoyed best with friends. This mixed polyester hoodie is very comfortable and you will love wearing it. Make this a part of the essential items of your closet and you will soon realize that this is the piece of clothing that you wear most often. 

7- SSJ Goten Gohan Goku Trunks Together Kamehameha

SSJ Goten Gohan Goku Trunks Together Kamehameha - $54.99

Goten and Gohan are Goku and Chi-Chi's kids. Trunks is Vegeta and Bulma's son. While Goku and Bulma are best of friends, so are Goku and Vegeta. Trunks and Goten are best friends. So are Trunks and Gohan. Gohan is the trainer of Future Trunks. All these guys live together happily and protect each other from every danger. They play together, eat together, train together and fight together. In this hoodie, we can see them fighting a common enemy that is not known to us. If you are looking for a hoodie that has all the Saiyans in it, then this is the one you want. Not only does this hoodie has all our favorite Saiyans in it they are all in their Super Saiyan form. Super Saiyan with yellow hair makes things a lot better. And when you see them all performing the Kamehameha at the same time, there ain't anything better than you can ask for. Add this awesome hoodie to the cart now and be ready to live your days like a Super Saiyan. Things are going to become a whole lot better for you. 

6- Vintage Z Fighters Dragon Ball Z Hoodie

Vintage Z Fighters Dragon Ball Z Hoodie - $54.99

Nostalgia just keeps hitting us back over and over again. We all love to reminisce about the good old days. If you are a Dragon Ball fan, who has been following the Saga since its inception, then this hoodie will certainly hit you hard. In this hoodie, we bring you all the classic Dragon Ball characters in their vintage art. You can see Gohan, Goku, Vegeta, Future Trunks, Piccolo, Krillin, Shen, and Yamcha. It is not very often that you come across a piece like this that has the power to take you back in time. But this hoodie has that power in abundance. We have made sure that you always get the best quality print possible and we will not disappoint you with this one as well. The print quality of this hoodie is so fabulous you would feel this has come out of the celluloid. Time machines don't work in the real world but memories do. Wear this mixed polyester hoodie and you will feel like sitting in a time machine that works for a change because this one is going to take you back. Maybe to the days when you too were a kid. And we know that those days were awesome. 

5- Zamasu VS Black Goku Energy Blades Dragon Ball Super Hoodie

Zamasu Vs Black Goku Energy Blades Dragon Ball Super Hoodie - $54.99

Zamasu and Black Goku might not be the friends of the Dragon Ball Gang but they love to hang out with each other. They say that opposites attract but that's certainly not the case here. These guys love to torment people and they love doing it together. And when there's nothing left to destroy they fly away to space and fight each other, just to pass the time. Being a villain is no easy task especially because everybody else just hates you. But if your best friend is a supervillain himself, things do get a lot easier. These two have always been an expectation to the rule and they certainly are right now as well. They aren't the opposites of each other, they are very much alike, and they still bond like no other. Speaking of bonding, these guys also used the potara earrings to become Fused Zamasu and they intended to stay like that for the rest of their lives. That's some real bromance the likes of which you will not see very often. This hoodie with Super Saiyan Rose and Zamasu fighting in the space exchanging energy blades is not a sight you see very often and makes this one of the best hoodies in our collection. The hoodie is printed front and back so even people walking behind you can't miss the epicness that's going on here. The print quality is like nothing you have ever seen before and does justice to what we call 3D printing. But, buy this hoodie at your own risk because, apart from each other, there aren't many people, that these guys hit it off with. If you turn out to be one of the select few who get along well with you will find out that they will move mountains for you. 

4- Golden Frieza Death Ball Dragon Ball Super Hoodie

Golden Frieza Death Ball Dragon Ball Super Hoodie - $54.99

The OG loner of Universe seven is Frieza. Frieza is the only one who can never be friends with anyone. Because if Frieza did have a friend, eventually, he will end up doublecrossing the guy. Frieza just can't help himself. But he did end up becoming one of the main reasons Universe seven survived in the Tournament of Power and thus we simply cannot leave him alone. After all his flaws, Frieza is an adorable alien who has given us many great moments over the years. So even if Frieza doesn't want anything to do with friends we still love him and he makes it to the list. Frieza looks amazing in this all-black hoodie. His golden form comes to life in the black background. His sinister eyes, purple helmet, and purple death ball all come to life in a black base. This is a front-printed hoodie and is all black at the back. Wear this with your favorite pair of blue jeans and walk out on the street with some Frieza swagger. Who knows, Frieza might ultimately end up becoming friends with you. And if that ever happens, you would be the first. So add this bad boy to the cart and let us send one to you. We will make sure you get the right fit. 

3- Goku Black SSJ Rose Smiling Dragon Ball Super Hoodie

Goku Black SSJ Rose Smiling Dragon Ball Super Hoodie - $54.99

We already know that Goku Black is simply awesome. But print in on a hoodie and the hoodie comes to life. Super Saiyan is not known to give life to anything he likes it better to take the life away. But even he can't stop himself from bringing this hoodie to life. This all-black hoodie is printed in Super Saiyan Rose's color on the front and he looks as menacing as ever. The richness of the print is there for everyone to see. The Black arms around Super Saiyan Rose add another dimension to the looks of this hoodie and when you walk out of the house wearing this peace people will stand up and notice. This mixed polyester hoodie is springy and comfortable and makes for a great wearing experience. Wear it with blue jeans and black sports shoes and you will feel the full force of Goku Black. If you are planning to go on a movie night with your friends, get out of the house in this hoodie and make a statement. Cold winds are blowing outside? That's nothing to be concerned about if you are wearing this hoodie. This hoodie is as cozy as it gets and will save you from the harshest temperatures. And what about your hands and head? Well, you have a pouch pocket and a drawstring to tighten the hoodie! Cold winds can't lay a scratch on you like any fighter can't lay a scratch on our bad boy Super Saiyan Rose. 

2- SSGSS Goku Focus Hoodie Dragon Ball Super

SSGSS Focus Hoodie Dragon Ball Super - $54.99

Goku is as fierce a warrior as he is a friend. Over the years we have all tried to be like Goku, multiple times and failed miserably every time. But so what if we cannot fight like Goku, or fly like Goku or even save the universe like Goku. We can still have this 3D printed Goku on our hoodie and that's good enough. This Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan who we know as Super Saiyan Blue Goku is one of the most powerful beings to ever have existed on the planet Earth and he is the most popular anime character of all time. Thus it's obvious he is also the most sold anime merchandise and everyone has Goku somewhere in their house. Will it stop us from wearing a Goku-printed hoodie? And that too a Super Saiyan Blue Goku-printed hoodie? Hell No! We bring you an all-black hoodie with a 3D Goku image printed on the front. The black background makes the Goku print even more awesome than usual, believe us we know. We have been printing 3D images on hoodies for a while now, delivering the best quality prints every time, but still every once in a while, even we have to stand up and notice. This print is one such time. These Blue hair look like it'll just come out of the hoodie. This face is like the clearest 3D face ever printed. There aren't many times when we claim we have outdone ourselves, but right here, right on this hoodie, we certainly have. This hoodie is available in all sizes and we are pretty sure you will find one that fits you perfectly. Go ahead and grab one for yourself and you share your experience in the reviews. 

1- Goku on Fire Red Hoodie Dragon Ball Z

Goku on Fire Red Hoodie Dragon Ball Z - $54.99

Goku does what Goku does. If he wants to fly he does so. If he wants to teleport, he does so. If he wants to eat the food of the entire gang there's nobody stopping him from doing so. And if he wants to set himself on fire, well, he does so as well. Now we bring you one of the funniest hoodies in the Goku collection. This is not a loud hoodie screaming for attention but a subtle one. This red hoodie has Goku printed on him and he is standing in a ball of fire. The text on the hoodie says it's ok to be super, set on fire. This is one of the simplest yet most stylish hoodies you will ever find from the Dragon Ball Universe. Of course, it's ok to be Super. But it's only ok to be set on fire when you actually are Goku. For us mere mortals it would be devastating but for a super-being like Goku who fires laser cannons out of his eyes, things like these are just everyday occurrences. And considering how clumsy Goku can be at times this might actually be an everyday occurrence. We will have to ask Chi-Chi about this. Not only does this hoodie have fire printed on it, but the hoodie itself is also straight fire. You won't find many pieces like this so simply add to the cart without a second's hesitation. You can't go wrong with this one.

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