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Dragon Ball Shirts for the upcoming summers

Dragon Ball Shirts for the upcoming summers

Dragon Ball Shirts for the upcoming summer

Summers are just around the corner. Now is the time to put your winter clothes back in storage for a considerable amount of time and start pondering about your look for the upcoming months ahead. Don't worry folks, DBZ-store has you covered. 

We at the DBZ store understand your love for your favorite anime show of all time and thus we have especially curated our store to fulfill all your wildest imaginations. From Vegeta Shirt to Broli Shirt, you can think of any of your favorite characters from the show, and be rest assured that we have the best shirt for you. 

But just to make it a tad bit easier for you so you don't have to see every design for yourself, we have curated the list of our personal favorite shirts for you. Wear one of these this summer and you are certain to get a lot of attention from peers and strangers alike. After all, you deserve to be the center of your world and we ensure that it's exactly what you'll be once you get into these amazing designs and walk out of the house with that Super Saiyan aura. 

10- The Vegeta Badman Shirt

Dragon Ball Z – Vegeta Badman Shirt - $44.99 

Who in the Dragon Ball Universe doesn't have a bit of Vegeta within them! His Saiyan pride, his love for his family, and his having a bit of snobbish arrogance about him are the traits we love and most times even share with this badass dude. But Vegeta does love to chill out on those lazy days when nobody is planning to destroy our earth and on those days Vegeta wears his iconic pink shirt. Now you can get your hands on that shirt too and chill on your lazy days just like Vegeta does. So grab on a glass of lemonade, get your favorite pair of slippers, and you are sorted! Chilling as Vegeta has never been easier, but if you also want to save your planet like our angry and arrogant Super Hero does, then that's not an issue as well! This button-up shirt is made of quality eco-friendly recycled polyester which is easy on the eye and our planet! So wearing this, you're saving the world in your own unique way.

9- Dragon Ball Z Shirt Goku x Shenron

Dragon Ball Z Shirt Goku x Shenron - $29.99 

Goku is most often the last hope our planet has. He is everything that we all dream of being. He is strong, funny, and dare I say, good-looking! But sometimes even Goku can't do the impossible and on those rare occasions, he summons the mighty Shenron. Shenron is the granter of wishes. He is the one who makes the impossible possible. And most times, he is the one who brings back our favorite characters to life. And when you have both of these guys with you, you certainly won't ever be short of attention. But if you're thinking summoning Shenron is just too difficult because you need to first get your hands on those sneaky little seven Dragon Balls, don't you worry about that. Grab yourself one of these awesome shirts and be rest assured you'll always be in the company of not just the mighty Shenron but also Goku! Hanging out with both of them at the same time has not been easy before but with this regular fit mixed polyester 3D printed shirt, it's as easy as a click of a button. So What are you waiting for, add to the cart and summon your own Goku x Shenron now!

8- Dragon Ball Z Orange Goku Shirt

Dragon Ball Z Orange Goku Shirt - $29.99 

We all love to train just like our favorite Dragon Ball Characters. Its what gives us the strength to tackle the upcoming rigors of the day. When Goku was a kid and he met Bulma in the mountains, they both went searching for the mysterious seven Dragon Balls, but after the mission was over, while everyone returned, Goku went to train at the Kame House.  There he met Master Roshi, Krillin, and later on also Yamcha. It is at the Kame House that Goku learned his famous Ka Me Ha Me Ha technique and got his uniform which he has pretty much worn ever since. Kame House was made specifically to train students and to some extent, you can even call it a Gym of Dragon Ball Universe.   But imagine going to the gym or simply for a run in a shirt that looks exactly like Kame's training gear! Yes! that's what this shirt is! Its simple eye-catching design is enough to make you feel the strongest version of yourself. Its vibrant orange color not only makes you stand out from the pack, but it also makes the eyeballs turn. And thus it is your ideal partner to head out of your house with. This 100% cotton crew neck shirt is not just for the guys though! Because Girls too are badass! Thus this unisex shirt is for everyone who loves a bit of Kame look!

7-Goku Ultra Instinct Black Shirt

Goku Ultra Instinct Black Shirt - $24.99 

There are days when Goku needs to dig deep within himself and find the power because the usual powerups just aren't strong enough to save the day. One of those days, when Goku is pushed beyond his limits when he is thrown off the edge, and when nothing seems to work in his favor he suddenly starts radiating heat like never before. A mysterious silver aura engulfs him and the fans know what's coming! Even Zeno Sama gets excited when that happens because it's just so awesome. It first happened when Goku and Jiren decided to finally fight each other during the Tournament of Power. Before this moment Jiren had not fought anyone else and thus nobody in the arena knew just how strong Jiren was. During the fight when Goku was at his absolute limit using Kaikokenx20 and still couldn't lay a scratch on Jiren Goku realized that this man is simply unbeatable. Goku summoned his friends to lend him their energy so he could create a Spirit Bomb. But even the Spirit Bomb was no match to Jiren and Goku ended up getting immersed in the Spirit Bomb himself. The sequence after that was the first time we saw Goku in his Ultra Instinct form with that mysterious silver aura which was too awesome to avoid. This shirt is exactly that. Too awesome to avoid. This unisex, 3D printed, mixed polyester shirt is straight fire and when you'll wear it you'll not only feel like a God yourself, you'll make others wish they had this same shirt too!

6- Dragon Ball Z Shirt SSJ Goku x SSJ Vegeta Fusion

Dragon Ball Z Shirt SSJ Goku x SSJ Vegeta Fusion - $29.99 

Goku and Vegeta train together, fight together and save the world together. But there are also days when they literally are together, Sometimes in the Gojeta form, at other times in the Vegeto form. Both these forms exhibit different powers and personalities, but one thing is common to both these forms, they are both mesmerizing. Goku and Vegeta have fused only three times in the entire Dragon Ball Saga. The first time it was against Super Boo when Super Boo had engulfed Gohan. They became Vegeto and their power was simply unmatched. The second time they fused was in the Dragon Ball Super series when they were taking on Fused Zamasu. This time too, Goku and Vegeta take the form of Vegito to battle against Fused Zamasu. The third and the final time Goku and Vegeta fuse they were fighting the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly. This time Goku and Vegeta performed the fusion dance and merged themselves to attain the form of Gogeta.  All three times their fusion created ripples amongst the fans of the Dragon Ball Universe because their fusion results in something truly mesmerizing. So is this Shirt. If you can't choose who's your favorite between Goku and Vegeta, and trust me those days come in every fan's life, maybe you should choose both of them. And with this shirt, you certainly get the best of both worlds. This 3D printed mixed polyester shirt is one for the ages and will be a jewel of your collection.

5- Capsule Corp Baseball Shirt

Capsule Corp Baseball Shirt - $29.99  

Capsule Corporation was a company founded by Bulma's father, Dr. Brief. Its facilities house the gravity machine where Vegeta trained between the end of the Cell Games Saga and the beginning of The Great Saiyaman Saga. It's also the place where future Bulma built her time machine. And not only that, Bulma found the first Two-Star Dragon Ball before the start of the Dragon Ball story right here in the storage room of the Capsule Corporation. Capsule Corporation Headquarter is located in West City and the area around it is massive. So much so that after Frieza destroyed the home planet of the Nameks they sheltered themselves around this building. They were eventually sent back to their home planet after our heroes collected all seven Dragon Balls and wished the planet to come back to reality. You can even find a duplicate Capsule Corporation during the New Space-Time War Saga. This duplicate Capsule Corporation was located in West City in a Pseudo Universe. The significance this company played in our favorite anime series was unimaginable and this is the reason why its logo is so well recognized everywhere. Now you can get this 100% cotton crew neck shirt with that logo of the Capsule Corp for yourself and be a part of the great story!

4- Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta Shirt

Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta Shirt - $24.99

Vegeta has had many powerups during his time as one of the major characters of our favorite anime show. From Super Saiyan 1 to Super Saiyan God, Vegeta has been through it all. But his most powerful form yet has been the Super Saiyan Blue. In this form, Vegeta has blue hair and blue eyes and is surrounded by a blue aura around him. Fans would even go on to say that not only Vegeta is the most powerful in his Super Saiyan Blue Form, he is also the most Good looking. Those Blue hair especially make him look just fabulous. Nobody knows if it was Goku who first became a Super Saiyan Blue or was it Vegeta who first attained this beyond Super Saiyan God Form. But in the manga and the animated series, it was Goku who first fought against Frieza in the Super Saiyan Blue Form. Super Saiyan Blue's name was also given by Whis to this form. This happened when Goku and Vegeta were transported to a void world by Whis so they could train without causing any destruction to their surroundings. Both of these Super Saiyan Blue's exchanged blows and released massive energy blasts and the fans realized exactly just how strong their two favorite characters have now become.  Super Saiyan Blue form is simply awesome and this shirt with a special highlight to those blue hair is just as awesome.

3- Dragon Ball Z Shirt Goku's Logo

Dragon Ball Z Shirt Goku’s Logo - $29.99 

As fans, we have all tried to be like Goku at one point or another. We have also tried to sketch him and walk like him and do the hairdo exactly like his. And most importantly we have always carried Goku's logo with us in our stationery boxes or our school bags. Goku's logo, also known as Goku's Kanji, is pronounced simply as 'Go'. The meaning of this symbol is wisdom or enlightenment. We first started seeing this logo or kanji on Goku's uniform after he finished his intense gravity training on his spaceship when he was going to the planet Namek to fight Frieza. Since then we have seen Goku wearing his logo in all the major Dragon Ball Sagas and movies from Dragon Ball Super to Broly. In the Mangas though, we only see Goku wearing this kanji when he is in a fight with our favorite God of Destruction Beerus. Now we can carry the logo on ourselves! And to sweeten the deal, we get to carry Goku with us along with his logo in this epic design.The red and black color scheme of this shirt stands out and the 3D design is too good to pass. And with free shipping worldwide, there's nothing that can stop you from making this shirt an essential arsenal in your summer look!

2- Dragon Ball Kid Goku and Kid Vegeta Shirt

Dragon Ball Kid Goku and Kid Vegeta Shirt - $24.99

Goku and Vegeta have never been cuter than they were as kids. Those tiny little guys are hilarious and mesmerizing at the same time. As a fan of the anime series, you might possess a variety of Goku and Vegeta goodies in their base form and peak power forms, but you will be missing out if you don't own a shirt of them in their cutest form to date. Many fans have wondered over the years as to who between Kid Goku and Kid Vegeta is the stronger one. I would say that Kid Vegeta is the stronger of the two because Kid Vegeta was stronger than King Vegeta. King Vegeta at that time was much stronger than both Raditz and Nappa hence it's easy to say that Vegeta even as a boy had power levels way beyond Raditz and Nappa. Kid Goku on the other hand did indeed manage to defeat King Piccolo but it's an easy assumption to make that King Piccolo was never on the power levels of Raditz and Nappa. You can argue that had it been the case that Kid Goku somehow got into a fight with Kid Vegeta Kid Goku like always will find a way to get stronger during the battle and emerge victoriously and it is a fair argument but it still is a theoretical one. But whoever comes out on top of each other this white shirt with our two favorite babies on it still makes us smile and look amazing all at the same time. An awestruck Goku and a little annoyed Vegeta are your perfect summer partner to hang out with. And one thing is for certain, both of them are strong enough to be your strongest pals this summer.

1-Dragon Ball Super Broly Shirt

Dragon Ball Super Broly Shirt - $29.99

Legendary Super Saiyans appear in our universe only once every thousand years and Broly is one of those Legendary Super Saiyans. Broly first appeared in the Broly Triple Threat trilogy and since then has been one of the fan-favorite characters. His sheer power is unmatchable. In fact, he was so powerful that Paragus had to hire a scientist to make a device that could control Broly's unmatched and frankly unheard of power. This Dragon Ball Super Broly shirt does justice to this legendary character. Broly had something sinister within him, something dark, violent, and threatening. This shirt depicts that and even more. If you love Dragon Ball Shirts and want to have one for yourself, this would be an ideal shirt for you not only because its 3D Graphics are straight out of fantasy but also because its color scheme with the black background and Broly theme colors stand out from the crowd far more than any other Shirt you might find. 

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