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Dragon Ball Episode 25-35

Dragon Ball Episode 25-35

Turtle hermit

Turtle hermit training at 3:30 AM.Turtle hermit starts to teach the young boys to look like attractive beefcakes to women. Goku and his friend are starting their training. Their first task is to deliver milk to all the neighbors. Master Roshi is training the boys for the world's martial arts tournament. This tournament is a competition that happens every 5 years. 

Worlds Martial Arts Competition

Goku and Krillin single handedly advance to the finals. Little does Goku know that Master Roshi has disgusted himself as a contestant.Goku meets Master Roshi in the finals for an epic battle. This final standoff takes upto 3 episodes including a part where Goku becomes a giant ape form. The only way Jackie Chan (Master Roshi is able to defeat the giant ape is by using his kamehameha. After all this, Goku is in the ring and the fight continues. 

Master Roshi Wins

After a long 3 episodes Master Roshi wins by thinking smartly about his advantage in long legs. They both kick eachother with a flying side kick and both get knocked unconscious, however, Master Roshi has longer legs and Goku takes more damage. Goku comes in second place and the world’s martial arts competition is over.

The fourth Dragon Ball

Goku decides to go find his grandpa, the four started dragon ball. During his search Goku runs into the red ribbon army Who are trying to capture all seven dragon balls. Due to Goku’s advanced dragon ball finder he’s able to find the dragon balls faster than the red ribbon army. Goku realizes this is not the Dragon Ball he is looking for The four star Dragon Ball. While Goku is heading home to find the actual dragon ball that he is looking for, the red ribbon and leader shoots down his Nimbus cloud. 

The leader tries to attack Goku however Goku is too fast and too strong. Goku simply walks away with the Dragon Ball and slaps the general with his tail. Since the Nimbus has been blown up Goku uses the generals capsules to fly his way home. Goku crashes in the mountains while looking for his grandpa. A red haired girl named snow helps defrost and Goku comes to his senses. The red ribbon army closes in on Goku.

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