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Dragon Ball Characters That Have Most Fights

Dragon Ball Characters That Have Most Fights

Dragon Ball Characters That Have Most Fights

Dragon Ball is a fighting anime. It means that in every episode there will be one or more main characters fighting the villains or training to become stronger and defeat the villain. Some people have listed Dragon Ball as repetitive. We kind of get why. Most of the time, that's the order for things to go right in different DB seasons. The characters train a lot, fight, and win or lose.

At first, there was Goku and Vegeta. Hundreds of episodes later, with lots of new characters and fights, the fans have specific questions. In an anime where everything is fighting, we wonder. Which characters engage in most battles? Is it Goku? Is it a villain? Which ones are in the middle of the list? Keep reading so we can all find out. Let's get started!


Frieza is the most recognizable villain in Dragon Ball and probably one of the most recognizable ones in the anime world. We are talking about a Petyr Baelish type of character. He is the one who destroys Planet Vegeta. By exterminating this planet, Goku is sent to Earth. Thank you, but no, Frieza. With a villain like this, it's why he is in the tenth position on this list.

Just by being the one that makes the plot move forward, he is immediately at the top. He is probably Dragon Ball's best enemy.

So, it's not surprising that he is one of the characters with the most fights ever. Being a destroyer of planets makes you engage in battles, right?

Master Roshi

Master Roshi was Goku's teacher. He is the one that makes sure that Goku uses all of his potential while growing up. Of course, being alongside Goku makes Master Roshi a character that appears a lot in the anime. We can understand why he is one of the characters with more fights.

Right. Goku is not the most powerful character in Dragon Ball, but he taught Goku everything he knows. Including the franchise's favorite technique: the Kamehameha. Without Master Roshi, there will be no Kamehameha. We're sure Goku would have adopted any }particular approach, but it wouldn't have been the same. We're glad everything worked out; Master Roshi is a pleasant character.


Maybe you don't remember it now. The thing is that for a while, Yamcha was a decent character in Dragon Ball. We are not making this up! He is the next character on the list that has lots of fights. For being a human, it's impressive that he has made it this far. It is not the same for him now. Fans tend to describe him as a joke.

It's funny to think that he was with Bulma at first, and it's even funnier to remember that he used to fight decently. His position on the list shows that fighting a lot isn't the same as being powerful since you have to fight and win those fights to be considered a worthy opponent. 

As Dragon Ball progresses, he stops having protagonism and ends up being insignificant. It happens to the best characters, we guess. It's nice to remember that he was way more important before.


Maybe this one is cheating, considering this includes kid Trunks and Future Trunks. Still, we think it is not that surprising since he is Vegeta's son. If you are Vegeta's son it is more than apparent that you will be destined for greatness and engage in lots of fights. Trunks is a calm character from the head to his toes. His design is modern, even to today's anime standards. He has a sword that he knows how to use. We love Trunks! His appearance is one of the things that made the Android and Cell saga so intriguing in Dragon Ball Z. Besides, he is a Half-Saiyan and Half-Human. The History of Trunks is probably the best Dragon Ball Z movie ever. It's dark and twisted, and even if it's something that happened in an alternative timeline, we couldn't help but feel bad about this one kid that grew up in the worst conditions possible: without a father. If that timeline wasn't already terrible, it is a place where Dragon Balls do not exist, so every time Trunks went to battle, there was the possibility that he died to never come back again.


Does this come as a surprise to you? It was for us. Also known as the warrior of three eyes (or the Three-Eyed-Fighter) Tien has always been there. In anime fan bases, it's common to hear that a character is underrated or that it is not appreciated enough. It happens so frequently that it has lost meaning. Still, we think Tien is deserving of the title of one of the most underrated characters in Dragon Ball.

You could say his storyline was decent, but it was way more than that. It was exciting: something that is hard to grasp in Dragon Ball Z. There are lots of characters, and it's hard to give every single one of them their time to shine.

He fought with Goku, and one impressive thing about his character is that when the series started, he was a villain, but he ended up converting into a hero. We think he is one of those characters that Toriyama could have used way more while writing Dragon Ball.


We are getting close to the first spots! Makes sense that the sons of our heroes are the ones in here. And believe us, we could get even closer to the first ones, but the thing is, his development is kind of slow. Again, we get it. It's hard to develop all characters in a series as long as Dragon Ball. Also, Gohan wasn't there since the beginning; he only appeared when Goku started a family. It's something that puts him at a disadvantage with the rest of the characters in this list. 

Still, Gohan gets him a prime moment in the Cell saga. He is the one that gets to defeat him after Goku's first death.

In Super, Gohan is also responsible for turning Piccolo good. After Piccolo starts training him, he gets a sense of paternal affection and basically turns to the good side. Kudos to Gohan for being an influential character in this series!


The only bad thing about this type of list is that every character present in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Super, and Dragon Ball Z will have way more fights when compared to other ones. The only exceptions are the sons' characters like Trunks and Goku.

In this case, Piccolo is at an advantage. He appears in the three Dragon Ball seasons we mentioned.

The fight between Piccolo and Goku is remembered as one of the best fights in anime ever. At least that is something good that we can say about Piccolo as a character.


For being a human, it's surprising that Krillin is on this list. But, we are talking about a more powerful human. He's been there since the start, and that's obviously an advantage for him. He is always fighting and always supports the team. He is not the character with more one-on-one fights. Still, his helping the team makes him part of this list like it was nothing.


We are sure this one it's not as surprising as Krillin. Vegeta is the character that gained everybody's heart. He is ambitious and arrogant. He was raised by people that expected the very best of him. All of those were things that made him part of what he really is in his adulthood. At first, Vegeta couldn't accept that maybe he was not destined for being the number one, but more like the number two.

Don't get us wrong, he has changed, and he begins to accept his destiny as the story progresses. Especially when he starts being a part of the good side. Still, being a villain or a hero, we love him.


Did you ever doubt that this spot would be anyone but Goku? He is the main character, so of course, it doesn't come as a surprise that he is the character that has engaged in more fights. He is the best character in his universe. Maybe you prefer Vegeta, but the thing is that the series has left us clear that Goku is superior in different ways, and this includes the number of fights.

Goku has way more fights than Vegeta in this series. Going as far to double the number of battles! Isn't that surprising? Goku keeps being the best at this point.

Dragon Ball has an active community, even today. Especially when talking about merchandise for the fans. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it. Dragon Ball Z posters, Dragon Ball backpacks, and Goku statues. Do you remember the Vegeta BADMAN shirt? You can also find things like that.

That's everything for today! We hope you have liked this list as much as we enjoyed writing it.

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