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DBZ Journey #1

DBZ Journey #1

Hello and welcome to my Dragon Ball Z Adventure. Head first come in contact with Dragon Ball when I was a child. I was probably about four or five years old when my mother played it for me in the background. That has been 20 years since then, now I have stumbled Upon A Dragon Ball Z merchandise store. And I have started it re-watching / reliving that part of my life. I started watching Dragon Ball Z and something felt a little off,  some of the characters seem foreign and it seemed like there was a backstory that I did not understand. I continue to watch seven of these episodes trying to understand what I had missed. I quickly became aware of the fact that there was a dragon ball saga and  that Dragon Ball Z was the next Saga after this. I then started to learn and watch more about Dragon Ball.


The first few episodes were very entertaining we were introduced to the main characters such as Goku, Bulma and the dragon balls.  Goku is a child that has a tail that lives on his own in the middle of nowhere, he thinks that his grandpa is a four starred dragon ball.  Boma the female character of the series is in search of all seven Dragon Balls to wish for her ideal boyfriend.  Goku is a pure at heart child that just wants to help everyone. Watching the first few episodes we get introduced to the main characters such as, the pervy old man, Purar and Oolang. Oolang is a shape-shifting creature that uses his ability to terrorize the village and collect their women.  Goku and Bulma come to the Village of oolong in search of a Dragon Ball and rescue The Village from Oolang. An elderly woman rewards their behaviour by exchanging their Villages stolen women with the Dragon Ball.


After this they have collected three dragon balls and embark on their next journey to find the 4th 5th 6th and 7th dragonball! 


In the original manga the Pilaf Gang  aren't introduced until Goku and his friends have collected six Dragon Balls, however, in Dragon Ball the Pilaf Gang is introduced around the 4th episode.  They stumble upon a Dragon Ball and desire to collect the rest. It is sad that not many people know about collecting dragon balls and summoning Shenron. 


To summarize the first seven episodes Goku befriends a teenage girl named Boma. Together they go on an adventure to find all the dragon balls to summon the powerful Shenron. Shenron the all Mighty and powerful Dragon will grab them one wish of their desire.  So far Goku and Bulma have collected three Dragon Balls,  who knows what the next few Dragon ball have in store for them!

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