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Copia de Piccolo

Copia de Piccolo


From villain to antagonist and later to ally. Piccolo is a deep character and quite overlooked. especially if you started Dragon Ball with super you don’t know Piccolo from more than an extra. But there was a time when Piccolo threatened to destroy the world and bringed fear to the heart of the protagonists. 

Put your seat belts on and let’s get to the life of our favorite green men.

Origin history

Piccolo is the son/reincarnation of King Piccolo (Pikkoro Daimaō).

Near the end of Dragon Ball, King Piccolo has a fight with Goku in which he receives a fatal injury. In his rage and desire of vengeance he spits an egg from his mouth. That egg is the Piccolo we know.

Piccolo is a namekian(namekku-seijin). Namekians are an alien race which come originally from a planet called Namekujin(Namekku-jin).

It’s said that Jr Piccolo is the reincarnation of King Piccolo. Which is corroborated by the fact that when he was born he was able to remember King Piccolo’s memories and grudges. However later on Dragon Ball Z. In the Namekusei saga, it's known that namekians  reproduce by spitting eggs, the same way King Piccolo did before he died.

Piccolo is connected to Kami(God) because he is technically the evil part of him which was ejected when Kami was training to become God.


Piccolo’s personality is quiet and serious. He seldom ever jokes but he's known to be sarcastic at some times.

He has fought a lot of times with stronger enemies but rarely ever falls prey to panic or desperation. And despises cowardice.

During fights he is aggressive, insulting his opponents and often threatening them with death. However he is quite capable of knowing when enough is enough. Anger in some enemies can cause power ups on Dragon Ball, but Piccolo has rarely caused a power up in his enemies. He is quite capable though of demoralizing the enemies he fights with which can be seen in the Garlic Jr. saga.

He is capable of appraising the situation easily and taking the best decisions according to the moment using cold logic and calm.

Piccolo is tall, muscular and bold. He is usually frowning and crossing his arms over his chest.

He wears heavy clothes all the time to train.


  • Flight. The Z Warriors are known to have the ability to fly. PIccolo is not the exception
      • Ki sense. The ability to detect other Ki users and measure their power.
  • Ki blast. A simple blast of ki. Almost every character is capable of these skills.
  • Mouth energy blast. A simple blast of ki shot from the mouth.
  • Rapid fire. Consists of throwing energy balls rapidly.
      • Godly ki sense. The ability to detect the gods' ki. Which is normally undetectable for normal beings. It’s not said in the saga how he acquired this skill but it is possible that he learned it from Kami the previous god of Earth.
  • Healing. As long as he has enough ki he is capable of regenerating any part of his body.
  • Special Beam Cannon(Makankosappo). Piccolo concentrates his ki on the index and middle finger of his hand to shoot it out in a beam. He executes this technique by touching his forehead with his index and middle finger.
  • Antenna beam. A technique which consists of shooting electricity thru the antennas.
  • Masenko. Piccolo concentrates his ki on the palms of his hands to shoot it as a blast. He executes this technique by placing both his hands on his forehead, one on top of the other  with the palms looking out.
  • Cloning. Piccolo is capable of duplicating himself. This technique divides Piccolo’s power. If he creates one clone that clone will take half of his power. He can reunite his clone into a hole.
  • Kiai defibrillation. It’s used to resuscitate. It consists of doing chest compressions while releasing weak ki blasts to the chest of the receiver.
  • Telekinesis. An ability in which the mind is used to move objects.
  • Telepathy. The ability to communicate mentally with a target.
  • Demon hand. The ability to stretch the arms and do attacks in that way.
  • Hellzone grenade. He starts doing a rapid fire of energy balls seemingly shooting randomly. Those energy balls he fires surround the enemy from every angle. And when the enemy is in the trap he activates the technique which attacks the enemy from every possible angle.
  • Ki explosion. Piccolo gathers all of his energy around his body and lets it all out in one go doing a big explosion.
      • Evil containment wave(Mafuuba). Technique that’s capable of imprisoning the opponent in a pocket dimension.
      • Evil containment wave reflection. It turns the Evil containment wave technique upon the wielder.
  • Afterimage. A technique where the user moves so fast that leaves after images behind.

  • Sagas

    This are the sagas Piccolo is involved in:

    Dragon Ball(DB)(the original work)

    • Piccolo Jr. Saga

    Dragon Ball Z(DBZ)

    • Raditz Saga
    • Vegeta Saga
    • Namek Saga
    • Captain Ginyu Saga
    • Frieza Saga
    • Garlic Jr Saga
    • Trunks Saga
    • Androids Saga
    • Imperfect Cell Saga
    • Perfect Cell Saga
    • Cell Games Saga
    • World Tournament Saga
    • Babidi Saga
    • Majin Buu Saga
    • Fusion Saga
    • Kid Buu Saga

    Dragon ball super(DBS)

    • Golden Frieza saga
    • Universe 6 saga
    • Copy-Vegeta saga
    • Future Trunks saga
    • Universe survival saga
    • Broly saga
    • Galactic patrol prisoner

    Dragon ball GT(DBGT)

    • Golden Frieza saga
    • Baby saga saga
    • Super 17 saga
    • Shadow dragon saga


    Dragon Ball

    In Dragon Ball (the original work). Piccolo appears as the main antagonist in the Piccolo Jr.Saga. Being depicted as a very strong and ruthless fighter.

    After the egg King Piccolo spits in the previous saga hatches, Piccolo is born. Piccolo is born with all the memories and desire of revenge of King Piccolo(his father/himself). He also knew that in three years there would be another martial arts tournament and started training frantically to be in there.

    Once in the tournament Piccolo first fights against Krillin. Piccolo defeats him relatively easily by throwing him out of the ring.

    The second fight of Piccolo happens against Hero which is basically Kami possessing a human. Kami tries to use the Evil containment wave against Piccolo which the later counters by reflecting to Kami. Kami leaves the possessed body to avoid being trapped in the jar though. However PIccolo had also prepared for this and changed the technique’s focus to Kami again trapping him in the bottle. Piccolo then swallows the bottle and taunts Goku by telling him that the only way to recover Kami would be to kill him. But if he kills him he kills Kami.

    The Final round of the tournament happens with Piccolo vs Goku. After some initial fight Piccolo decides to grow and take advantage of his size to fight Goku. Initially this appears to work when the namekusei hits the saiyan several times. Goku however starts taunting Piccolo. To which Piccolo responds by growing as high as a building. Goku takes advantage of this and enters the nameku’s mouth to get Kami.

    The villain realizes that being so big isn’t helping him defeat Goku and he returns to his normal size.

    After Kami is safely out of the control of the Evil containment wave Piccolo seises a moment of distraction to hit Goku with the antenna and stuns him. But when Piccolo is going to continue attacking, Kami enters the fight and stops him. Goku isn’t happy with Kami interrupting the fight and asks him to let him fight alone to which Kami agrees to.

    After Kami’s interruption, the fight continues. In the subsequent fight Piccolo cripples Goku leaving him with no healthy limbs. And to finish him off he fires a Mouth energy blast. Thinking he has won, Piccolo lowers his guard.

    As it turns out Goku had mastered flying. And he throws himself at Piccolo with all his might, punching him with the head in his guts. Which throws Piccolo out of the ring and Goku is declared victor of the martial arts contest. Contrary to what you may think this demoralizes Piccolo and he stops fighting.

    Goku shows clemence with Piccolo and gives him a senzu bean. The namekian doesn’t take clemence well though. And vows to destroy Goku and take over the world(some other time). And he flies off.

    Dragon Ball Z

    In Dragon Ball Z. Piccolo appears as a support for the protagonist and in some sagas as an extra.

    The first time we see Piccolo he is training to fulfill his threat to Goku in the Martial arts tournament on DB, when he is encountered by Raditz.

    Raditz is a saiyan and is looking for someone named Kakarot when he discovers Piccolo. He has a sort of tracking device capable of identifying the power level of those the device scans.

    This new enemy easily defeats the Namekian and is about to kill him when the tracker identifies another source of power. Distracted by this new source Raditz ignores Piccolo to keep looking for Kakkarot which as it turns out is Goku.

    Raditz is able to find Goku and defeat him with no great difficulty and kidnaps Gohan.

    All this time Piccolo was following Raditz and witnessed how Raditz defeated Goku easily. Piccolo proceeds to offer Goku an alliance to defeat Raditz since alone they can’t.

    Piccolo and Goku together try to defeat Raditz and rescue Gohan but as it turns out not even together they are a match for him. After the match continues what appears to be an easy win for the villain when Goku manages to restrain him. At that point Piccolo and Goku realize that they are no match for Raditz and in order to win Goku decides to sacrifice himself. Piccolo then uses a Special Beam Cannon to kill Raditz and in the process kills Goku.

    The attack instantly kills Goku and leaves a fatal wound upon Raditz. Before the latter dies he tells Piccolo that even stronger enemies are coming and Piccolo finishes him ruthlessly. Knowing this the namekian kidnaps Gohan to take him to the mountains to train him using his telekinetic skills.

    Initially Piccolo mixed feelings about training Gohan but as the times passed he started to see Gohan as a friend of sorts and as a student. However he keeps training Gohan hard, in this his hand doesn’t wavers. There is a point in the training when Gohan transforms to Ozaru and Piccolo makes an illusion of destroying the moon and then cuts Gohan’s tail.

    When the enemy saiyans arrive, namely Vegeta and Nappa. Piccolo along with Gohan, Krillin, Chiaotzu, Tien Shinhan and Yamcha the Z warriors are waiting for them.

    The saiyans start the fight by growing six saibamen, a sort of humanoid plant base creature that has a power level close to Raditz.

    The Z warriors manage the fight quite well and defeat the saibamen minus Yamcha that dies prey to a self destruction technique by a saibamen.

    Along this fight Piccolo learns that he is not a demon but a namekian.

    With the saibamen gone Nappa enters the fray. The saiyan is considerably stronger than Raditz and the saibamen. He is capable of killing Tien and surviving the self destruction technique of Chiaotzu.

    During this time Gohan loses himself to fear which causes Piccolo to feel disgusted by it. Piccolo tells Gohan that he shouldn’t be in the fight and to go home and not be an obstacle.

    Soon after Vegeta learns that Goku has revived and orders Nappa to kill the remaining Earth defenders fast. Responding to Vegeta’s orders Nappa aims a very powerful blast at Gohan to which Gohan in his fear isn’t capable of avoiding. At this time Piccolo sacrifices himself to save Gohan receiving the blast. Before dying with his body destroyed Piccolo tells Gohan he is the only friend he’s got.

    While dead Piccolo goes through the same path that Goku did going through the snake path to King Kai’s planet. Where he trains and increases his fight power. He spends part of the fight against Frieza in that state. He doesn’t seems to learn any of King Kai’s techniques.

    In Namek the fight against Frieza and his forces was already going on. Gohan and Krillin along with Dende(a nameku they had saved previously) manage to find the DragonBalls and summon the dragon Porunga. Piccolo, who had learned previously what Frieza had done to his people, contacts Gohan thru King Kai’s telepathy and demands he be resurrected first to join the fray.

    When Piccolo arrives he finds a desperate battle between Gohan, Krillin and Vegeta(who betrayed Frieza) against Frieza with Dende supporting the Z warriors.

    Dende has the ability to heal so the support role is cut out for him.

    At that moment Frieza was in his second form. And Piccolo was able to match him blow for blow. Frieza, The villain however proceeded to go to his third form. In this form Frieza easily overpowers the namekian but before killing him or the rest of the Z warriors he goes to his fourth and final form(in DBZ).

    In most of the rest of the fight Piccolo is reduced to a bystander while Frieza beats Vegeta and Goku. 

    Goku in desperation tries an spirit bomb and Piccolo asists him by taking Krillin and Gohan’s energy and launching a strong kick which takes Frieza by surprise giving Goku enough time tom complete the Spirit Bomb. The Spirit Bomb seemengly kills Frieza.

    As the Z warriors celebrate Frieza attacks them by surprise, aiming at Goku. Piccolo defends Goku by taking the shot which leaves him on the edge of death.

    After witnessing what Frieza did to Piccolo and later on to Krillin blowing him to pieces, Goku in his rage unleashes his super saiyan powers and clashes against Frieza resulting in Goku’s victory.

    While that is happening Gohan takes Piccolo to Dende to be healed.

    After the fight Piccolo decides to stay with the terrans training and getting more powerful instead of living with his people.

    After some time has passed from the fight with Frieza. In the anime Piccolo assists Gohan and Krillin, defeating Garlic Jr. He had to deal with Kami being captured and sometimes getting injured which affected Piccolo’s fighting skills.

    Garlic Jr and his subordinates were very overpowered from the Makyo Star being near to Earth.

    The threat ends when Gohan throws a Masenko to the Makyo Star, destroying it. The power of Garlic Jr and his bunch is very nerfed after that. And Gohan, Krilling and Piccolo easily defeat them.

    About one year after the Namek fight Piccolo senses two powerful signatures coming close to earth and goes to what appears to be the landing zone. In the place he is joined by the rest of the Z warriors and Vegeta.

    When the two powerful signatures namely Frieza and King Cold land, they are confronted by a mysterious person which defeats them easily. And more surprisingly has the super saiyan transformation.

    After the fight he introduces himself as Trunks and reveals to be a time traveler from a post apocalyptic world where androids have wrecked the entire human population. He then leads them to Goku’s landing zone.

    Trunks lets them know that the same threat that razed his planet is imminent for the current timeline and then returns to his own timeline. The Z Warriors react to the new threat by going their own way to train and prepare themselves for the oncoming fight.

    Along the lines of three years pass with the Z Warriors training. When they go to the supposed place where the androids are going to appear near a city and start searching for them in the city since they have no ki and it is impossible to detect them using Ki sense. In the city they suddenly detect a ki drop from Yamcha and go to find the androids. They find two of them with Yamcha gravely injured. Goku leads the androids to a deserted place to avoid destroying the city in their fight.

    The fight breaks and the Z warriors start winning for the first part of it with Goku at the head of them. But in the middle of the fight Goku starts suffering from a heart condition and is easily beaten by the android 19.

    Piccolo and the rest of the Z warriors attempt to intervene but are stopped by android 20 which blast with eye lasers Piccolo in the chest.

    When all appears to be loose Vegeta arrives getting android 19 out of Goku. Piccolo then rises to reveal that the lasers to the chest didn’t affect him and he was pretending to be injured to catch the android of guard. Veget later defeats and destroys android 19. He then bluffes to android 20 about being able to go super saiyan. Which causes android 20 to flee.

    Android 20, which as it turns out is the doctor who turned himself into an android, awakens android 18 and 17 to help him destroy Goku. The newly awakened androids however have other plans and kill the good doctor. And also awake android 16.

    Krillin finds android 20’s lab and alerts the rest of the Z warriors. But they arrive too late to avoid the activation of android 17 and 18. So a fight breaks out.

    Vegeta seems to be on equal footing to 18. But due to his declining stamina he ends up losing even though Trunks joins the fight. Likewise 17 easily beats Piccolo, Gohan and Tien. The androids don’t kill them however.

    Krillin(who was absent from the fight) handles each of the wounded warriors a senzu bean.

    After being healed Piccolo heads over to meet with Kami to fuse with him. Kami is reluctant at first but after sensing a new enemy they return to being one organism.

    Piccolo(the name usually given to the organism resulting from the fusion of Kami and Piccolo) with his new power up rushes to meet the new enemy. This is the first time that Cell is presented.

    After fighting the namekian tricks Cell into explaining his apparition. Cell then proceeds to explain that he is a combination of all of earth’s warriors put together by Dr. Gero(android 20). And as such has an innate knowledge of all of their techniques. He also tells Piccolo his plan to absorb android 17 and 18 to become a perfect life form.

    Cell flees when Trunks and Gohan arrive. He starts absorbing the live energy of every human being he can while lowering his ki to avoid being discovered by the earth’s defenders.

    Piccolo knowing that the strength of Cell tries to destroy the androids 17 and 18 to avoid Piccolo from reaching his perfected form. This fails as Cell arrives during Piccolo’s fight with 17 and easily defeats him and absorbs android 17 and 18. Thanks to his regeneration skills he manages to survive though.

    Cell, awed by his own power, gives the Earth’s defender 10 days to prepare for what he calls The Cell Games.

    During this time Goku was training with Gohan in the Hyperbolic time chamber. When he emerges he has a conversation with Piccolo and asks him if it’s possible for him to separate from Kami again. When Goku learns that separation is impossible he goes to a new Nameku and recruits Dende as the new god of Earth. Dende then reactivates the Dragon Balls.

    When the ten days wait is over the Z warriors gather again namely Piccolo, Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, Vegeta and Trunks.

    In the fight Cell creates small versions of himself called Cell Jrs. And leaves the Z Warriors fighting these beings as Goku first and then Gohan fights Cell.

    In the rest of the fight Piccolo doesn’t have a lot of relevance being Gohan the one that defeats Cell with a Kameha.

    The next world martial arts tournament is here. And according to Gohan Goku is going to be allowed a lease for one day to participate. Upon learning this Piccolo decides to join in.

    In the tournament Piccolo in his first fight is very disturbed by a small alien which is told later that is the supreme kai called Shin by his assistant called Kibito. He throws the fight not because of power level but because of respect for the divine hierarchy.

    After the martial arts tournament Shin informs them that an evil wizard called Babidi is attempting to revive a force of destruction called Majin Buu. While they are being debriefed. Kibito and Gohan join them. They are then ambushed by Dabura, the demon king. 

    Dabura has a power close to Cell in his perfect form and easily kills Kibito and spits on Krillin and Piccolo. Dabura’s saliva has the ability to turn into stone those who come in contact with it.

    After an awakened Majin Buu kills Dabura by converting him into a candy and eating him. PIccolo turns back to normal with Krillin. His statue was accidentally destroyed by Trunks. Luckily it was PIccolo and not Krilllin’s statue that was shattered. PIccolo easily regenerates all his missing parts thanks to his regeneration skills.

    When he returns back to normal he sees a badly beaten Shin and thinks about helping him. But realizes his power is no match for Majin Buu. Fortunately Vegeta was pretending to be under the control of Babidi attacks and in this moment saves Shin by double crossing Babidi.

    Since Dabura is dead and Majin Buu is occupied with Vegeta, Babidi is defenseless. Piccolo takes this chance to kill him.

    Vegeta realizes he is losing the fight to Majin Buu and knocks out Goten and Trunks who try to help him an stubbornly refuse to leave. He handed them to Piccolo to take care of them. Vegeta then sacrifices himself in an attempt to protect his family.

    After putting the kids in a safe zone the namekian returns to the site of Vegeta’s sacrifice only to realize that Babidi and Majin Buu both survived. He then informs the Z warriors that they need to go to Kami's lookout to hide. Majin Buu doesn’t have the Ki sense ability to track them.

    Goku who was unconscious after the fight that he had with Vegeta soon joins them.

    And teleports them to Kami’s lookout where he starts teaching Goten and Trunks the fusion technique. Until he leaves then Piccolo is in charge of making sure that the kids do the technique correctly.

    Goten and Trunks manage to merge. The resulting person calls himself Gotenks. Even though he is incredibly powerful his arrogance gets the better of him. Several times he tries to beat Buu but loudly fails not because he’s missing power but because he is too arrogant to take the fight seriously.

    In the meantime. Piccolo goes to watch Majin Buu. An sees the change Mr. Satan provoques in him. Making him a little less evil. Eventually this change provoques a literal division in Buu in two. Evil Buu and the Buu we know.  Both Buus fight and the evil one wins. Absorbing the other. This results in an even more powerful Buu which also has the Ki sense ability which allows him to track the Z warriors to Kami’s lookout.

    Gotenks after some more arrogance finally fights with Majin Buu until the fusion’s time stops but just when Buu is about to defeat Trunks, Goten and Piccolo Gohan appear and show his superiority to Buu.

    As it turns out Gohan had been doing a mystical power up with the Old Kai.

    Majin Buu managed to trick the Z warriors and absorbed Gotenks, Piccolo and Gohan gaining a massive power up.

    The Z warriors are rescued by Vegito (the fusion of Goku and Vegeta). To be killed when Majin Buu destroys the earth. Cataclysm that Goku and Vegeta escape.

    Piccolo is later revived with all the earth people and helps Goku form the Spirit bomb that defeats Majin Buu.

    Dragon Ball Super(DBS)

    Some time has passed since the battle with Majin Buu. When Beerus decides to visit the Earth.

    When Beerus(the god of destruction) visits Earth and gets angry with Buu for not sharing his pudding in a party organized by Bulma. Piccolo, Tien and Android 18 team up to fight him off to be easily defeated by him.

    As it turns out Beerus is the god of destruction. And is tremendously OP.

    When Earth is about to be destroyed by Beerus Goku arrives to save the day. Goku proceeds to transform into the super saiyan god by a ritual that’s performed by six righteous saiyans giving him energy (Vegeta now is righteous it seems).

    Even so Goku loses the fight but Beeru decides not to destroy the Earth because he had fun with Goku and because of the delicious dishes that Earth has.

    After the fight between Goku and Beerus. Piccolo spends some time with the Son family babysitting Videl and helping with chores.

    While that was happening Frieza was revived. And once again the Earth’s defenders reunite to fight Frieza and the army that revived him. Piccolo, Gohan, Roshi, Krillin and Tien set themselves up for a fight.

    On the fight Gohan receives a fatal injury by Tagoma on of Frieza’s army is strongest. Piccolo manages to help Gohan survive by using Kiai defibrillation. And then attacks Tagoma, however Piccolo is no match for Tagoma and gets defeated by him. Captain Ginyu takes advantage that Tagoma is distracted and switches bodies with him. Captain Ginyu then easily defeats the namekian and the saiyan until Gohan transforms into super saiyan and defeats the body switcher after some time fighting. This annoys Frieza and he starts shooting Death Beams. 

    Frieza seems to be winin until Goku arrives and defeats him.

    Some time after the battle with Frieza Piccolo is training with Gohan when they are approached by Goku, Vegeta and Krilling and are asked to participate in a martials arts tournament against Universe 6 in Beerus’s team against Universe 7. Piccolo instantly takes the offer, Gohan however refuses saying that he is occupied.

    They then travel to the planet that’s going to host the fight. The five warriors of Universe 7(our universe) are composed of Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Majin Buu and Monaka, a fighter bringed by Beerus.

    Upon arriving on the planet they first do a written test in which Buu is the only one to fail. When they finish the test, Beerus demands they choose the order of who is going to fight. They decide that Goku will fight first,Piccolo second, Vegeta third, Monaka fourth and Buu fifth.

    The first fight is Goku against Botamo. Goku wins by throwing Botamo out of the ring.

    The second fight is Goku against Frost. Which Frost wins.

    The next is the fight of Piccolo against Frost. Piccolo gets ready to fight with Frost and takes out his weights. After they fight for some time, the namekian starts charging his Special Beam Cannon to which Frost responds by throwing multiple energy blasts. Piccolo manages to dodge most of the energy blasts except for one that pierces his leg causing him to fall to the ground. At that moment Piccolo uses Multi Form to confuse Frost. Frost uses an explosive ki technique to blast off the clones leaving the real Piccolo behind him. He then attacks the namekian and seems to be winning. Because the fight seems to be won Frost lowers his guard. Piccolo in that moment uses his species’s ability to stretch to trap Frost and prepares to shoot his Special Beam Cannon. He states that all this fight was in preparation for this moment in order to create this chance. Frost however poisons Piccolo and makes him fail. Frost then throws an energy blast thru Piccolo winning the fight.

    Later it is found that Frost was cheating and so Piccolo's defeat is nullified and Frost is disqualified. Vegeta however asks for Frost to be allowed in the tournament so that he can humiliate him himself. Which happens in their fight.

    The Next fight is Vegeta against Magetta which Vegeta wins.

    The sixth fight is Vegeta against Cabba(a saiyan from Universe 6) which Vegeta wins.

    The seventh fight is Vegeta against Hit. Hit easily defeats Vegeta on this one.

    The eighth fight is Goku(which was restored because of Frost being disqualified) against Hit. In this fight Goku gets tired of Beerus and Champa(the god of universe 6) arguing about nonsense and forfeits the fight.

    Next is Monaka against Hit. Monaka is a complete amateur fighter. His skills are nonexisting. Hit sees this immediately but pretends to be defeated by Monaka in rebellion of Champa making Universe 7 the winner.

    Piccolo is present at the arrival of Zeno and the summon of the Super Shenron at the end of the tournament. Then they return home.

    On Earth they have a celebration. In the celebration Goku challenges Monaka. But Monaka is a total amateur. So Beerus dresses as him and fights Goku. At some moment of the fight Vegeta and Piccolo start helping Beerus keep his suit intact and attack Goku claiming to be controlled by Monaka. Goku never knew Monaka was Beerus.

    Later on Piccolo trains with Goku through cabbages when future Trunks returns from his timeline. And goes with him to the capsule corporation to learn why he is in the timeline again. He then sees Goku Black ‘s appearances and watches the fight between Goku and Black. Goku Black is very powerful, close to the level of Goku. The fight however is left unresolved as Black is pulled to his timeline in the middle of the fight.

    After the second battle against Black in Future Trunks’s timeline. The Earth’s defenders have a reunion in which they plan how to defeat Zamasu and Black. In this time the origin history of Black is revealed. Black is actually Zamasu from the future who traded bodies with Goku and then killed him(Goku in Samazu’s body) and his family, then uses a time ring to prevent his death on the altered timeline in which he is killed by Beerus. Speeding up the homicidal desires on his younger self and driving himself from the past to kill Gowasu. Samazu then used the Dragon Balls again to make himself immortal. Since Samazu is now inmortal Piccolo suggests they use the Evil Containment Wave to seal Samazu. And tries to teach the technique to Goku however Goku doesn’t realize this and leaves with his teleportation technique.

    They go over to the future to again fight Zamasu and Black. The main fight is between Vegeta and Goku. They try the Evil Containment Wave, but it fails. Even so after some fighting they seem to be winning when Zamasu and Black fuse. Which forces Goku and Vegeta to do the same to fight him. So they fuse as well. The fight ends when Zamasu tries to transform himself in the concept of justice. And Zeno erases the entire timeline.

    Luckily Whis created an alternative timeline for those who lived in the erased timeline.

    After the fight the Earth’s defenders return to Earth and say goodbye to future Trunks.

    Back on Earth Gohan approaches Piccolo and asks him to give him training for the Tournament of Power. The Tournament of Power is a survival in which the universe of those who lose gets erased. Along with other fighters of Earth Piccolo joins the team to fight for the survival of Universe 7. Piccolo agrees to train Gohan for the tournament.

    When the Tournament of Power begins Piccolo decides to fight in a team with Gohan, Krillin, Tien and Roshi. They are attacked by Lavender, Botamo, Dercori, Shosa and Comfrey. They managed to survive intact and defeat them. Which means Universe 9 is erased.

    They are later attacked by Universe 10’s Dium. Piccolo fights him for a while with no resolution.

    Piccolo then watches Kale’s rampage. He notices that Kale isn’t capable of controlling her power. Kale’s rampage separates Piccolo from the group. But he manages to rejoin later without much incident.

    The group later disbands and Piccolo and Gohan encounter Botamo but Gohan fights alone because the namekian decides that Gohan can fight alone. Piccolo then fights Rubalt and easily defeats him using the Hellzone Grenade.

    After that fight they realize an enemy is hunting them from afar by an enemy that specializes in a sort of ki sniping. They start searching for the enemy and manage to determine his location. They blast a rock to create dust and because of the dust they find a sphere of the enemy,  Piccolo destroys it. But then takes a shot to his arms even though there was 0 visibility on the dust,  which he almost instantly regenerates. He soon realizes that the enemy isn’t directly sniping them but using the balls to search for their heat which explains why he is capable of finding them through the dust. Prum then proceeds to bombard the entire area with ki blasts which Piccolo and Gohan evade by hiding under a rock. At that moment Tien arrives to help them and even though he manages to dodge all the ki blasts he is defeated by Hermila. Piccolo and Gohan manage to defeat Hermila and Prum and move on to the next fight.

    The next fight both of them face Saonel and Pilina namekians from Universe 6. Piccolo and Gohan slowly start dominating the fight when Goku and Keffla’s fight interrupts them. After that they resume their fight against the Universe 6’s namekians. But this time the Saonel and Pilina are more overpowered. As it turns out, they fusioned with many other namekians that were in the fight, giving them a rather big power up. Luckily Gohan manages to get to his full mystic form and tells Piccolo to start charging his Special Beam Cannon. Nearly after Gohan gets in a pinch and Piccolo shoots the technique without being fully charged and doesn’t manage to defeat the enemy. At that moment PIccolo takes a  hit that leaves him unconscious. In that state of unconsciousness he sees Kami and Nail who point out that Gohan has matured as a warrior. When Piccolo wakes up he, along with Gohan, continues the fight. This time they manage to defeat the enemy namekians with a Kameha from Gohan and PIccolo’s Special Beam Cannon. Eliminating Universe 6.

    Later on Piccolo saves Android 18 from being thrown out of the  arena by Kamisalas, an enemy that is capable of invisibility. He is easily thrown out of the arena by Piccolo once his silhouette is made discernible by Gohan.

    Xiangca, another enemy, makes illusions to fight Universe 7 but is spotted by Piccolo and also thrown out of the arena.

    The last fight in the Power tournament that Piccolo is involved in is in Damom in which Piccolo underestimates the enemy and gets tricked and thrown out of the arena. He then continues to watch the tournament after it ends with Universe 7 as the winners.

    Some time after The Power Tournament, while at the lookout Piccolo senses that something is wrong on New Namek. He then realizes that he can’t sense Goku and Vegeta’s ki and thinks that they may be there already. He then tries telepathy but fails and immediately thinks that all namekians capable of telepathy must be dead.

    When the Marcereni gang enters Earth Piccolo immediately feels them and goes to confront them. They try to shoot him down from their ship at first sight but fail to even harm him. The namekian easily lands on top of their ship.

    Gheti, a member of the Marcereni gang, gets out of the ship and starts fighting Piccolo by shooting him with Bind Wave Attacks which Piccolo easily dodges. Pasta infuses stones with ki and lets them down on Piccolo and explodes them. Penne charges at Piccolo and uses her Mystic Attack attempting to grab him. Piccolo easily defeats them all and ties them up. The namekian then proceeds to interrogate them. They claim to not be responsible for what's happening in New Namek and so Piccolo lets them go. Just when they are heading out Bulma and Dende, who were on their way to Piccolo, shout at him that they are responsible. Piccolo then destroys their ship and recaptures them. However they mock saying that they already called Moro’s forces. They were just the scout force.

    All those involved in the first clash return to Kami’s lookout. When Jako arrives he has Esca with him, the only namekian survivor of New Namek.

    Soon after the arrival of Jaco some of Moro’s lackeys come to Earth. They arrive by means of a portal. Shimorekka, one of the villains, tries to kill the Marcereni gang but it’s stopped by PIccolo saying that killing is forbidden in the sacred place. This lets the namekian be exposed however and Seven Three another minion copies his powers. They fight later using the same techniques. However Seven Three get the upper hand due to his seamless unending stamina.

    Gohan arrives and helps Piccolo fight Seven Three just in time. Gohan easily takes Seven Three down. Beaten down Seven Three switches to use Moro’s abilities. And starts by draining PIccolo and the other fighters' stamina. Without stamina he and the others. get beaten down by Shimorekka and Yunba until the villains are ordered to return by Saganbo.

    Two months later the Galactic Bandit Brigade assaults Earth. This time Piccolo and Gohan are prepared for Seven Three and even though their abilities are stolen again the good guys overpower Seven Three with teamwork. Seven Three however changes once again to Moro’s draining abilities but just when he is about to use his skills Android 17 arrives and given that he doesn’t have ki he is able to beat Seven Three for good.

    The Earth’s defenders don’t have it easy as another powerful enemy arrives, Saganbo. Saganbo seems to be able to easily take down all of the Earth’s defenders, battering them as if they are nothing. Luckily Goku arrives and is able to content easily with Saganbo. Saganbo dies after Moro gives him much more energy than his body can take.

    Goku then goes to fight and loses against Moro when Vegeta arrives and goes against Moro himself to be defeated by him when Moro absorbs Seven Three.

    The subsequent fight is brutal and fast. Vegeta rises and is beaten down again. Moro steals his abilities. They try to distract him so Goku can defeat Moro with a Kameha. The Kameha does damage to Moro but he is able to quickly regenerate using Piccolo’s regeneration skills that he also stole. At some point of the battle Dende tries to join but Moro erect a barrier to keep him out and fires an Special Beam Cannon at Piccolo leaving him out of the fight.

    The fight ends when Goku is able to enter the Ultra Instinct. And in this state is able to easily defeat Moro. 


    Piccolo is a badass character that after the events of Dragon Ball (the original work) received the role of an extra. Even still he managed to make himself relevant in every fight the Z Warriors are involved in.

    His cold demeanor and strategic thinking makes PIccolo quite a cool character. His evolution as a character makes him very humane even though he is a namekian.

    Personally he is one of my favorites. I hope with this I convinced you that he is a character worth taking notice of.

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