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Characters That Invented Their Techniques in Dragon Ball Z

Characters That Invented Their Techniques in Dragon Ball Z

Characters That Invented Their Techniques in Dragon Ball Z

Ki wasn't always a standard element of Dragon Ball, but it was soon introduced. At the beginning of the original series, Master Roshi launched his Kamehameha, and Goku soon followed suit. Different characters using Ki only expanded right after that, with the mangaka finding ever more inventive ways to portray the action.

Because of that, characters often develop their techniques. Of course, not all of them are based on Ki. As there are many different character types in the game, you will see many new moves. One thing to point out is that interestingly, Goku doesn't have his own techniques but primarily draws from other characters. (That doesn't make us love him any less). Today, we will talk about 10 characters from the world of Dragon Ball Z who have developed their fighting techniques.

Yamcha creates Roga Fufu Ken

You might know this technique as Roga Fufu Ken (literally translated as "Wolf's fist.") Yamcha's wolf fist is one of the different signature moves that would later become Dragon Ball trademarks. Unlike some other techniques, the "Roga Fufu Ken" is a physical move. As a character, Yamcha performs an attack that combines kicks and punches, unleashing a wolf-like power on his enemy. It's an impressive technique since it is not based on ki. Instead, it's the kind of physical movement that can disarm an opponent, and that is why we decided to put it on this list. (Not in the final five or three, since it's not a ki-based attack. It is still a great attack, though).

This technique is quite beautiful, and Toriyama gives great visual power each time he is in the anime. Later, Yamcha further developed this technique and perfected the "Shin Roga Fufu Ken". He used this perfect technique against Tenshinhan at the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai.

Master Roshi creates the Kamehameha

Kamehameha the synonymous with Dragon Ball. The Master's Kamehameha is the first ki attack in DB, and it is truly remarkable. It is part of Dragon Ball's aesthetic and has quickly become Goku's signature move. It is the only technique that ensures he will always be reborn. 

Even if you are the number one hater of anime, you have heard about the Kamehameha. It's one of the most famous techniques. Ever. Dragon Ball would not exist without Kamehameha. Today, talking about Dragon Ball is talking about the Kamehameha and vice versa. Did we already say how crucial this technique is to the anime? We're pretty sure you already know.

Yamcha creates the Aokidan

Although Yamcha is an excellent martial artist, he did not receive the recognition he deserved with this technique. He was incredible, and we will remind you why. First, he developed one of the rare physical techniques presented in the anime, called Roga Fufu Ken. The best thing is that he also managed to create a ki attack in preparation for a Tenkaichi Budokai.

Yamcha uses his fingers to manipulate Sokidan, a mass of pure ki and invades the ring trying to beat Kami. Unfortunately, this was the last time we saw Yamcha fight at full power. We still loved his technique, though.

Piccolo created the Makankosappo

Heard me out. This is part of the few techniques that Piccolo claims to have developed directly in the five years between the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai finale and the arrival of Raditz at the beginning of the Book of Saiyans. Makankosapo was made to kill Goku, a ferocious attack of Ki who could easily pierce flesh. You can imagine how atrocious this attack had to be if the creator wanted to kill our main character.

Although Goku did not plan to die, Raditz's situation forces him to sacrifice his life so that Piccolo can murder them with the Makankosappo. Interestingly, this technique also appears later in the fight against another villain: Nappa. However, it is a regular explosion of Ki surrounded by spirals. This probably refers to a championship, but visually it is not very interesting, and Super did not retain this detail.

Krillin created the Kakusandan

Kakusandan is the beam of ki that Krillin sent at Saibaimen after Yamcha was ambushed and exploded. It's one of the moments in the series where Krillin is truly enraged, and his display of power is breathtaking. Of course, this causes the fight with Nappa to start much earlier than it should, but that's the truth.

How practical this technique it's excellent, with Krillin taking a page from Yamchan Sokidan. Despite being slow, Krillin can control Kakusandan so well that he can reliably perform very powerful sneak attacks. Too bad planet Namek didn't experience this. (Or more like, Krillin never used it on this planet). We're sure it would have been practical.

Krillin creates the Kienzan

Kienzan, also known as Destructo Disc in Funimation or English version, is one of the more powerful attacks in the anime. It's the attack that Krillin used to almost kill Nappa and Frieza. If Vegeta hadn't warned this other character, Nappa, Krillin could have managed to kill the Saiyan himself. Kienzan is that powerful. It is aesthetically pleasing to look at a brilliant halo of ki that sounds like a chainsaw. Isn't it amazing?

Kienzan also reminds us that physical strength isn't everything. An example of this is that Nappa is stronger than Krillin. Still, Kienzan was more menacing than anything else that Nappa had created so far. We can understand it completely.

Unfortunately, Krillin was unable to hit Kienzan. But that would probably be too terrible to show.

Kaio creates the Kaioken

The Kaioken is another move developed by Kaio (Funimation King Kai) that allows the user (Son Goku) to increase his fighting capacity by maximizing strength. By using the multiplier, Goku can become even more powerful. If Goku gets even more powerful, he would be stronger than Nappa himself and more powerful than Vegeta.

Still, this comes at a price: the Kaioken is incredibly taxing on the user's body. At the end of the fight against Vegeta, Goku doesn't have any energy left. Vegeta consequently easily crushes Goku's bones. It's still a great technique!

Kaio creates the Genki Dama

Genki-dama, also called spirit bombs, appeared in the Saiyan Arc, Frieza Arc, and Buu Arc (Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT), and in recent years has become one of the most popular Dragon Ball tools. Kai's other specialty is a technique that only Goku can perform.

This is not a practical technique. Why is that, you might ask? It requires a rather long charge. Interestingly, it appears as a fighting technique when Goku releases the Genki Ball. Still, it has never been used in this way, and Goku has always tried to charge it at full speed. Perhaps we should consider a series that takes advantage of this aspect of the Genki Dama.

Piccolo creates the Makuhoidan

It is a technique unleashed by Piccolo when he fought Android 17 in Cell Arc. It is also known as the "Herzone Grenade." He launches a ki projectile towards his opponent, deliberately missing and causing a ki projectile to form around #17. He then takes advantage of the chance to surprise the opponent and explode the ki projectiles all at once.

One of Piccolo's best techniques. He launches several energy spheres into the sky and then throws them at the enemy, causing damage and death.

If Android 17 hadn't had time to use the barrier, Piccolo probably could have stopped the fighting on the spot. Against a regular enemy, this technique would have been devastating. Shockingly, Piccolo never used this technique and has a simple explanation. This was the last time Piccolo fought. Ever.

Tenshinhan creates the Shin Kikoho

Although Tenshinhan did not develop the Shin Kikoho technique by himself, he has made it his specialty, and the creation of the "Shin Kikoho" is a Toriyama-style expression of Tianjin's complete control over his technique. By using it to keep the Semi-Perfect Cell on track, Tenshinhan is throwing himself against a much stronger enemy.

And it really works! Cell don't seem to hurt much, but the power of the Shin Kikoho is so overwhelming that Cells stop as such. This power is astonishing, even for an earthling. It should be noted that Tenshinhan has mastered the "Shin Kikoho " technique to the point that he can no longer kill his user.

Dragon Ball is one of those anime that will live forever. Even if you don't like anime, you have heard of Dragon Ball. Lots of people grew up with the adventures of Goku and his friends. The fanbase is one of the most dedicated ones in anime and is full of grown-ups. Today, you can look up Kid Goku on Nimbus fanart, and something will come up. Similarly, you can look up Dragon Ball Z shirts, DBZ statues, and Goku shoes. This one has a loyal fanbase that maybe it's not as active as it was in the 90s, but it is still present, and that's what matters.

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