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Bulma And Vegeta: Reasons Why Bulma Probably Fell In Love With Him

Bulma And Vegeta: Reasons Why Bulma Probably Fell In Love With Him

Bulma And Vegeta: Reasons Why Bulma Probably Fell In Love With Him

Bulma and Vegeta are one of those anime couples that you didn't expect them to be together with, but they ended up being together anyway. Something like Naruto and Hinata, maybe. The thing is, Dragon Ball isn't that good at portraying romance, and Toriyama has said so before. It's okay because sometimes the writers have to stick to what they know. However, as the series progresses, Toriyama has to change this. He wanted his characters to start a family and a "new generation". So, of course, even if he didn't include romance at first, in the end, he had to. 

In Dragon Ball Z, we don't see much about the couple. Still, their relationship was a little bit more explored in DB Super. One of the main questions every Dragon Ball fan asked themselves was: "how did Bulma fall in love with Vegeta"? And it goes the other way around. When we first see Vegeta, he's arrogant. If somebody told us he would end up with Bulma, it would be hard to believe. 

Bulma and Yamcha

When we first met Bulma, she was in a relationship with Yamcha. It was a toxic relationship, as you could call it today. Later on, Yamcha did nothing but be unfaithful to her. Still, she loved him, or something like that. In this part of the anime, it was common to see fans hating Bulma. (Today, years later and after that incident, some still hate her). Fans considered her "whimsical and conceited". She was considered some kind of rich kid that couldn't behave herself.

When Yamcha is killed, Bulma is disheartened. Even if the relationship wasn't the best, she had affection for him.

Vegeta and Bulma Meet

One of the funniest things when thinking about Vegeta and Bulma as a couple is the first time they meet. When they do, it was anything but romantic. In fact, there were little (to not say that there were none) romantic feelings between those two.

After Vegeta is humiliated by Frieza, he needs to train and stay on Earth for a while. Then, she offered to give him a place to stay while on Earth. Of course, during this time, Vegeta barely paid attention to her. But don't worry, because something left them in shock for a while.

Future Trunks

Some things happen, but the most relevant one during Dragon Ball Z is Future Trunks' appearance. He appears out of nowhere, and when he tells everyone who he really is, we're shocked. Apparently, he is the son of Bulma and Vegeta, but that doesn't explain much. The characters can't understand how they supposedly have a son. Trunks explains he comes from another reality, but still. It doesn't make it much better.

Besides that significant revelation, Trunks warns the fighters of a new threat: the Androids.

After that, we get to see the more impressive arc of Dragon Ball Z to be carried out.

Still, we haven't talked about what we are interested in and why you are here.

Reasons Why Bulma Probably Fell In Love With Him

Some fans (including us) were shocked to find that Vegeta and Bulma ended up together. How can that be possible? Vegeta is cold, and more than that, he's kind of aggressive. He looks infuriated all of the time, but Bulma doesn't mind. She takes care of him even when he doesn't want him to. So, today, we will talk about the main reasons we think she fell in love with him.

He treats her with respect

Some fans have pointed out that Vegeta tends to treat Bulma like he treats his rival, Goku. In the way that he isn't afraid to be arrogant with them or to push their buttons. He is okay with Bulma being how she is. Even if at first he used to be indifferent to her, this is something that changes when they get together. When they have their son, it's impressive to see Vegeta being the most familiar we get to see him. (Some people say Vegeta is even a better father than Goku, but that's up to debate. Don't you think?).

Also, he doesn't try to change his wife. Vegeta is totally okay with Bulma being a scientist as she has always been. It's pleasant that he lets her be and do whatever she likes.

Vegeta defends her if she needs it

Vegeta is someone who takes pride in his physical appearance. He makes sure to consistently train, and that is because of different reasons. He wants to be stronger. If we take his own words, be better than everyone. What does this have to do with Bulma? Or what kind of benefit could she have from this? Right, Vegeta is not the most emotionally available person ever, but he's ready to protect her wife if she needs it. 

He is always ready to avoid any harm done to her. Believe it or not, that's one of the most romantic things he can do, considering that he's not very romantic. Like at all.

We can see some of this when Beerus threatens to hurt Bulma. That's more than Vegeta can take. He gets mad and goes crazy because there's no way someone is hurting Bulma. He's very brave, and we have to give that to him. Vegeta was ready to fight a God of Destruction because he had hurt Bulma.

He pays attention to her, even knowing her favorite dish

It might not sound romantic to you, and we understand it completely. But we are talking about Vegeta. He is someone who only cares about himself, and it's a tremendous step. If you love someone, give them food, or something like that. We can't be too sure about what Vegeta actually knows about Earth. But probably without knowing, he got that one right.

Bulma loves instant noodles, and he knows this. He even prepares it for her. And before you say something, okay, we get it. It's not the most complex dish ever, but he knows how to do it, and he does it for her. At the end of the day, that's all that matters. What a lovely couple they are.

Bulma isn't afraid of him

When there's a character like this in anime, it's hard to put him in a relationship. Most of the time, it will look like a toxic couple. Still, we're not so sure if Bulma and Vegeta are toxic. Why do we say this? The couple seems to fix their problems every time they can. Besides, and this is something that we believe it's very significant, she isn't afraid of him.

Sure, in the anime, sometimes we see them screaming and discussing. At the end of the day, it is played for laughs more than anything.

Vegeta doesn't mind being his true self with Bulma. He can scream and be loud if he wants it because his wife can do it too if the situation demands it. There is a lot of confidence and trust in their relationship.

He suspended his training to be with Bulma and his son

We have known Vegeta since Dragon Ball started. He seems to like only one thing. Did you guess it yet? Vegeta is synonymous with training. And makes sense since he wants to be the best and everything, specifically the best compared to Goku. So, of course, it was a shock that he actually gave up part of his training to be present at the birth of his second child. We couldn't believe that Vegeta, the cold and arrogant character, could have that type of feeling.

Before that, he goes on vacation with his son, Trunks, and Bulma. Vegeta is the type of person that scolds everyone and is angry all the time, but he manages just fine when it's about his family. 

Both of those moments show how family-oriented Vegeta can be and how much he has changed since the start of Dragon Ball. We appreciate this change, and we love how this character that started being a villain ends up being this loving and caring character. Kudos to Toriyama for allowing Vegeta to have that incredible character development! It made everything more intriguing.

Vegeta considers his family is everything

It was nice to see him mentor Future Trunks in Dragon Ball Z. Even if he barely knew him and it was a shock, he behaved great and helped his son. When the actual Trunks from this timeline are born, Vegeta gets to be a good father. As we said in another of the reasons, some fans say he is a better father than Goku, but we will leave that for another blog.

That is everything for today! But before you go, tell us, are you looking for Dragon Ball Z merchandise? You can take a look at our store before you go! We have Vegeta shoes, Potara earrings, and DBZ statues. What are you waiting for? 

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