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Best Frieza Moments In Dragon Ball Z

Best Frieza Moments In Dragon Ball Z

Best Frieza Moments In Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball is an anime that has been with us for more than thirty years. It has lots of fights and characters, and it's easy to understand why. It's very long, and Toriyama always wanted to create new villains to avoid the reader getting bored. 

Even if Dragon Ball has been a constant example of what a classic shonen would be through too many years, the fans of this anime have been present. Some people can say Dragon Ball is repetitive, and most haters base their arguments on that premise. Without falling into the discussion of whether it is redundant or not, it's something that doesn't matter to Dragon Ball fans.

The new sagas are great, and the characters tend to get more interesting as the anime progresses. And that's without talking about the villains! In a fighting anime, there are specific things the writer needs to pay attention to avoid making a mistake. One of the most crucial things is the villain. Who is going to fight our hero? What are the Z-Fighters trying to protect? And from who? You can answer all those questions by naming the villain of the saga or arc. 

The fact is that, even after all these years, there is one character that we can't get out of our heads. This character has been a steady presence that has shaped the entire Dragon Ball plot. New villains come and go, but he is still the best. (Not one of the best, mind you. We consider him the best). Do you know who we are talking about?

It's Frieza. And today, we are going to remember what are the things that make him the best villain in Dragon Ball ever, and maybe one of the best in the anime in general.

Frieza Destroys Planet Vegeta (And All Saiyans)

Let's start with the beginning, should we? This is probably the most impressive thing Frieza has done, and we saw it coming from a place of peace. Of course, it was a villain act, and all the characters in the Dragon Ball narrative hate him. But, this same act is what made the plot move forward. With Frieza destroying Planet Vegeta, Goku is sent away to Earth. That's the main plot of Dragon Ball, and things start from there. (Later, we see some Goku vs. Frieza fights).

We're glad that Toriyama didn't decide to eliminate Frieza as a character after that initial act. Instead, Frieza does numerous things as Dragon Ball progresses. It's nice to see this detail since part of what Frieza made in the past is what motivates the little left of the Saiyan race: Goku and Vegeta.

As we get to know Frieza more and more, we learn that he tends to destroy entire planets just because. He is a literal cartoon villain!

When He Returns From The Dead (But Being A Cyborg)

One thing that characterizes Dragon Ball is that there are a lot of revived characters. Even Goku has died a few times and still can be brought back if he dies. Still, it's hard to remember this wasn't always the case in Dragon Ball.

This is especially true for Frieza in Dragon Ball Z. After an exhaustive Goku vs. Frieza fight, the most reasonable thing is that Frieza is dead. It had to be over! Goku beat the villain again and again. And even if we knew how strong Frieza was, we didn't think it would be possible for him to actually survive all that. 

Here is when Frieza catches us all off guard and returns. To make everything more creepy, he returns to being a cyborg. You could say cyborgs are half-human since they have technological upgrades to improve their fighting abilities or do other things. We didn't think Frieza would convert himself into one of those things. But he is called the greatest villain, after all.

On top of that, Frieza also brings back his father: King Cold.

Frieza's Outrage Against Namekians

Namekians are one of the more powerful DB alien races. Still, it was hard for them to protect their planet from the Frieza craziness.

Some villains in Dragon Ball like to pretend they are cold-blooded and this and that, but when you get to know them, they actually need some love. Examples of this are Majin Buu and Piccolo, who could bring themselves to form part of the good side. Of course, that doesn't make them any fewer villains, but they kind of fall short when compared to Frieza.

If Frieza says he will do something, he does it, and it's terrifying to see. What makes him a terrible villain is that he doesn't care. For him, there are no consequences. He is the best, and he will do whatever he places.

When Frieza goes to Planet Namek, he doesn't hesitate to slaughter everyone he encounters. He isn't happy with just torturing them. He also destroys the planet. In fact, it almost led to the extinction of the race. It seems like Frieza's main hobby is to kill civilians and destroy their planets. That would be very weird in a curriculum if you ask us.

Frieza Literally Destroys Earth

Besides being the one that begins the Dragon Ball narrative, one of the more offensive things that Frieza has done include literally destroying Earth. What could be more detestable than that? We are talking about killing billions of people. Yes, you heard us right. He was capable of all that.

The only reason why this didn't work out in the long term was because of Whis. He had to intervene by rewinding time. Imagine all that! If it wasn't for Whis, we are sure something else would have happened. Maybe another god would have intervened, but we aren't that sure.

That fact makes it clear how scary Frieza is and what he is capable of without caring about consequences.

Frieza Kills Krillin

When we first saw these characters fight Frieza on Planet Namek, we didn't know it would be one of the most extended fights in the history of anime. In the battle, we see the characters try their best against the villain. But we know how horrible and merciless Frieza can be. Vegeta, Goku, Krillin, and even kid Gohan try to stop him. While they try to do it, some things go terribly wrong.

This is when Frieza kills Krillin. That becomes the second time Krillin dies in the series, but that doesn't make it less painful to watch. For Frieza, it is just not enough to kill Krillin. He also tortures him before doing so.

(In that same fight, Frieza beats up Gohan, and it is also incredibly terrifying to see).

Frieza Flees From Hell

All the characters in Dragon Ball are relieved when they learn that Frieza is gone for good. Still, "being gone" in Dragon Ball can mean several things. In this case, he wasn't really gone. He was in hell living his best life, or something like that. Later in the series, Frieza changes and becomes crucial to the universe's protection. 

We learn all of this and more in the Fusion Reborn movie. In the film, the reign of Frieza during his stay in hell is narrated. That is until he goes back to Earth, and once again, everything is in chaos.

Frieza Annihilates His Army

You should never trust someone like Frieza. Even if you feel like you are on his team. At the end of the day, that is probably not true. People like him will not hesitate to kill you if it means an advantage. If the villain is really out of his mind, maybe they will kill people just for fun. That seems to be the case for someone like Frieza.

Like any powerful villain, Frieza has his own army. Still, he is perfectly fine with killing them if he wants to. Even if he is supposed to take care of them. He does it in a very radical way in the Resurrection F movie.

Frieza Kills Vegeta

One of the most horrendous things Frieza does is kill Vegeta. Today, we are still shocked that he actually did it. This has repercussions for Vegeta's psyche and evolution as a character. It's sad because, at the battle, Vegeta thought he was achieving a new transformation. Of course, Frieza makes fun of him and tells Vegeta that's far from the truth. After that, Frieza kills Vegeta. It's one of the evilest things he has done. Especially because of the situation both characters were in.

That is everything for today! We hope you have loved the Best Frieza Moments in Dragon Ball Z. He is a great character, even if he is the main villain in Dragon Ball.

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