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Best Dragon Ball Ki Attacks

Best Dragon Ball Ki Attacks

Best Dragon Ball Ki Attacks

While it is not uncommon in shōnen manga for action movies to showcase incredible strength, Dragon Ball has become synonymous with exaggerated storytelling. We all grew used to intense and aggressive fights where the characters flew from one point to another, and the only moment where the audience could know what was happening was when the characters collided.

Dragon Ball constantly introduces new obstacles and enemies to destroy, with characters gifted with literal godlike powers getting stronger and stronger. So, of course, their techniques and those fights tend to be very enthusiastic.

Dragon Ball's power is exciting, but it can be a drawback. This anime is full of amazing transformations and terrifying moves. Even if there are physical attacks and we have already talked about them, most attacks in DB use ki energy to deal massive damage. The several characters in Dragon Ball are adept at these techniques, and today, we will talk about some of the most influential ki attacks in the Dragon Ball series. Keep up with us!

Several planets have already been destroyed by Frieza's supernova.

Dragon Ball has many memorable villains, but Frieza is known for his authoritarian nature of abusing and controlling planets. Frieza destroys the planet Vegeta and most of the Saiyans with his powerful energy attack "Super Nova." The missiles are essentially the same size as the planet, so they appear to be threatening right off the bat. A similar attack that is almost as devastating is the Frieza Death Ball.

Fans believe that this attack could destroy the Earth in a single blow.

Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta 100x the pure power of Big Bang Kamehameha.

In the Dragon Ball universe, fusions stand out. They can be positive or negative, but they still do. Goku and Vegeta are great fighters on their own and when they are separate. Because of that same reason, they're unstoppable when they fuse together. The idea of them being excellent fighters even extends to combining their specialties. In Dragon Ball GT, there is a big fight between Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta and Shin Shenron. This incredible fight ends with Kamehameha's 100th big explosion. It's the only technique that can stop the Shadow Dragon's chaos.

It doesn't matter which character you prefer more: a Goku and Vegeta fusion is something we all love.

Broly tries to destroy Earth and Goku with the Omega Blaster

Dragon Ball movies are full of fun ideas, and Broly, the legendary SS, is one of the most favored enemies in the Dragon Ball movies. Broly's physical strength is unmatched, and that's not everything. If we talk about his energy attacks, that's an equally dangerous ability.

In "Broly Reigns," Broly's special move, the Omega Blaster, has been enhanced. Broly launches an attack to literally destroy the planet, but luckily, our heroes get to fight off Broly and return to the sun. How does that happen? Broly attempted to use it as a final attack to destroy the Earth. However, Goku, Gohan, and Goten countered with the Oyako Kamehameha. 

Goku X10 God Kamehameha

Goku is strong, but DB Super introduced gods like the God of Destruction, who took his power to unprecedented levels. Goku is now a Super Saiyan Blue and SS God. If that wasn't enough, he also has a new level of energy attack: the X10 God Kamehameha, a combination of Kaio-ken Blue and Kamehameha. All of this makes Goku have a mighty move that is almost impossible to stop. Goku uses this strategy against Hitman. In the fight, Goku releases lots of power. This results in Goku nearly destroying Hitman's body. The energy shakes the Earth's environment, and a direct hit to the ground would result in an apocalyptic-like situation. If there was a ki attack that could destroy the Earth, this could be an excellent opponent for the role.

Vegeta's Gamma Flash is the pinnacle of Prince Saiyan's power

It's always interesting to see the differences between the original Dragon Ball and the manga, even if they are relatively minor. The Dragon Ball Super manga is still in development, and it's common for the anime to have some differences when comparing it to the original source. Don't kill us, manga fans! We're sure both of the sides are totally valid. Some people prefer anime, and others the manga.

Why are we talking about the differences, anyway? DB Super contains some satisfying divergences from the anime. And also artistic scenes.

In the fight against Zamasu Fusion, Vegeta introduces a new ability that only occurs in the Dragon Ball Super manga. It's called Gamma Burst Flash and destroys Zamasu. Even so, he is protected because he is immortal. Vegeta also was using only a part of his power. We think that the ki attack could be worse if he had used his entire strength.

Vegito's Kamehameha is too impressive, breaking laws of physics

Goku Black Saga is one of the most exciting anime games of all time, and fused Zamasu proves to be part of the most intriguing and complex villains ever.

Zamasu gains immortality, forcing Vegeta and Goku to fuse together once more. We, as viewers, love that, though. Two of the most strong characters fused together? Bring all of that! As you probably know, this form is called Vegito. The thing that happens this time is that Vegeta's final Blue Super Saiyan Kamehameha is so severe that it breaks the combined transformation. Just that is enough to tell us how powerful that ki attack was.

The Divine Kamehameha

Tre transformations of the main characters are still one of the most crucial aspects of the Dragon Ball characters' powers. Dragon Ball Super recently showed us a new power level, Ultra Instinct, a divine power that Goku will have access to for the first time in the Tournament of Power. This divine Kamehameha is Goku's signature attack but filtered through an inferior form of Ultra Instinct, which he will use against Jiren for the first time. We believe that Ultra Instinct is one of the most effective ki attacks in the Dragon Ball series.

Jiren's Omegaheat Magnetron represents all of the best in Universe 11

The biggest opponent to Goku and the universe where he lives is Jiren. Of course, this is not in general, but more like in the Tournament of Power. Jiren is the absolute best man from Universe 11. One of the most frightening things about this villain is how stoic he is. Jiren is a patient fighter, but in reality, this makes his aggressive outbursts very intimidating. Imagine someone quiet and shy who doesn't show any emotion, ever. Someone like this can be very frightening if they get mad, and that is what happens with a character like Jiren.

Jiren's brute strength is what allows Goku to acquire Ultra Instinct. Goku has a hard time with Jiren's power, particularly when he uses powers like the Omegaheat microwave. This wave of energy can destroy the Ultra Instinct, although Goku will eventually be able to counter it.

Gogeta's cameo is the only way to overcome Broly's anger

This time, a classic character appears. Yes, you heard us right. We are talking about Broly. Dragon Ball Super brings this famous Dragon Ball Z villain into the confirmed theories, with the legendary SS and other characters, all significantly stronger than other movie interactions.

This also appropriately introduces Gogeta's fusion into the franchise. Its blue Super Saiyan form reveals the full power of Kamehameha as the winning move in a tough battle. It's the only attack powerful enough to defeat Broly, which in other circumstances, it could be the reason behind Earth's destruction, not its salvation.

Today, talking about Goku's Kamehameha is talking about the pinnacle of supernatural power.

The Kamehameha technique has to be one of the most iconic techniques to ever exist. In the anime "Dragon Ball Super," part of Goku's successful moments is when he uses his Kamehameha to demonstrate his superpower. What's even better, he uses the Supreme form of this technique while being in the Ultra Instinct form.

This technique is known as "Super Limit Kamehameha'' and basically is an enhanced version of another technique our hero uses: The Divine Kamehameha. He used it to destroy Jiren's Omegaheat Magnetron. The extra power generated by the attack is unrealistic, but using this attack drains Goku's physical strength and causes him to lose his Ultra form.

We think this was a productive day. Dragon Ball is the type of anime that changes lives. You might think this is exaggerated on our part, but think of it this way: it's been decades since the first Dragon Ball episode aired, and today it is still relevant. Maybe not as relevant as before, but this fanbase is a strong one. You will see Gohan vs Cell fanart or merchandise like Dragon Ball backpacks or Dragon Ball statues. The possibilities are endless. We don't know what Akira Toriyama put into this story, but it has prevailed over the years, and we are thankful for that.

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