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Master Roshi Street Style Dragon Ball Z AirPod Case

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Master Roshi Street Style Dragon Ball Z AirPod Case

Introducing the Master Roshi Street Style Dragon Ball AirPod Case. Show off your love for the iconic anime series with this unique and stylish design. The case features a dynamic illustration of the wise and powerful Master Roshi in a street style, captured in a relaxed and casual stance, wearing his iconic sunglasses and a nice fashionable hat

Master Roshi is one of the oldest and most experienced characters in the Dragon Ball series, known for his wisdom and his vast knowledge of martial arts. He is the master and teacher of the protagonist Goku and many other characters. He is known for his perverted behavior and his love for women, but also for his strong sense of responsibility and his willingness to help others. With this street style design, it captures the laid-back and casual personality of the master Roshi that we all know and love.

This case is perfect for fans of the series who want to add a touch of personality to their AirPods and a perfect way to showcase your love for Dragon Ball while keeping your AirPods safe and secure. Show off your love for Master Roshi and Dragon Ball with this stylish and protective case.